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$61,249 pledged of $144,000 goal
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$61,249 pledged of $144,000 goal

“The Future is ours!”


After Nazi Germany was defeated in Berlin, all efforts where made to make the CCCP the dominant power of the world. Based on research of a classified Nazi operation and it's combined scientists, a secret program was born...

Raindrop was a project that was inspired by, but not triggered by the fundamental breakthroughs in science and technology during the end of World War II. The United States of America, was on its rise to become a super power and it displayed how it can override its constitution in times of war and global distress. Werner Von Braun, among other Nazi scientists, where captured by American forces in order to establish NASA and other scientific organizations.

Buried deep in a hidden and rugged valley, Raindrop, the complex, was divided into separate sections that would all together form a self contained community. Every single aspect of human life (defined by the projects' scientists) had been acknowledged, implemented and carefully analyzed so that Raindrop could satisfy all the needs of its inhabitants. Each separate city section is scattered in a radius of 50-100 square kilometers. In one section, residential living blocks promise of shelter and day to day life activities. On the other side, 50km away, remains the factory and other vital sections of the complex.

Raindrop was described as a community or city, which was fully self sufficient. This meant that everything needed for its survival is also produced by the residents themselves. The official goal of this long term social experiment was to gain knowledge about the human physique, when confronted with the bearing of isolation and survival instinct. If such project would succeed, it's results and discoveries would then be adapted to the whole country, in order to create the perfect secular socialist state...

Until the following classified document from a high ranking official was discovered:

From this short description it is highly likely, that the scientists at the complex have tried to explain something in an understandable and easy way. In other words, Raindrop is or was capable of creating parallel universes. If this is true, then the question must be raised: Was Raindrop successful? If so, does it relate to the incident?

The official statement regarding the “incident”

A loud, buzzing sound was heard in the entire area. It was miles away, though it could be heard clearly. This is more or less the collective description of the residents that day. Many diaries and journals have been found and analyzed. The noise was described in many different ways, but in a similar manner. Almost all the residents have heard the “sound” and witnessed a blindingly bright, and strange light in the sky. One resident said; “it was as if someone just turned on the sky at night”. The complex was evacuated in the same week that the incident occurred.

Residents have never seen or couldn’t have imagined such a sight. The local internal “newspaper” tells its residents, that they witnessed a massive Unidentified Flying Object siting. When the sirens went off, people began to panic. They thought that they where under attack from unknown forces.

Before the news caught on and began to spread, the officials ordered the immediate evacuation of all residents. The “UFO” sitting, was in fact a meteor that struck near the complex in a rural area. The meteor, emitting an unknown amount of radiation is lethal when exposed to it for a long period of time. At least, that’s what was explained by the officials in order to coverup and repel trespassers. The project was canceled shortly after, due to the meteor strike….

That was the official report on why Raindrop failed. That was the end of the line. No word on the fifty thousand citizens or where they have been taken. No official investigation of the meteor or the complex was ordered.

The government knows: Raindrop worked fine and just as expected…

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    1. Shannon on October 22, 2013

      I reeeeeeeally hope this game becomes a reality! Sounds really intriguing so far.

    2. diego reig on October 21, 2013

      Yes, creepy and intriguing as well. Hope this project achieves its funding goal! Best of lucks for everyone.

    3. ElGigolo on October 20, 2013

      That was creepy! Love it!

    4. moro on October 19, 2013

      I like the sci-fi vibe in this! It definielty has me curious.