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12 in 2012 is a one-a-month short film project wherein Daniel McCord will write, direct, shoot and edit 12 unique films in 2012.

UPDATE (2/23): New (limited) reward! Zach Landrum of Olde Soul Print Shop is making 4 original 8x10 drawings for donors at the $250 level! Check him out.

UPDATE (2/23): Check out Leah Loves Local for more of my story!

UPDATE (2/21): Meet Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun.

I shot film #2 last Thursday. It follows Atlanta band Today the Moon, Tomorrow the Sun for a night as they embark on their current tour. (This polaroid will be sent out to one lucky backer...) We also shot a few acoustic songs. Take a look.


UPDATE (2/11): January's film is now posted for backers! Check update #2!


I'm making films. At least 12 this year. That means one a month. And I need your help.

Each month I will write, shoot, direct and edit a short film to be released the following month. Right now, I'm putting the finishing touches on January's film, a short narrative about the daily life of a process server currently titled "Don't Kill the Messenger," starring Matt Hagan of Lighter and Solid Country Gold fame.

I'll shoot another this month. Right now it looks like it's going to be another narrative from a script I wrote a few years ago called "Congratulations." But that all may change. That's the beauty of this project. I don't know where it's leading me. But I do know I will make films. Narratives, documentaries, music, films about food and drink, experimental ethnographies. I'm trying to document culture as it exists right here in 2012.

With your help, I'll be able to travel and document what it's like competing a beard competition. I'll show how passionate people make food. I'll reveal what it's like to be in a band or raise livestock. These are just some of the ideas I have, but I need your help to make them a reality. With just a few donations, I'll be able to keep my actors fed. I'll get my hands on better equipment and add production value to each film.

The films will be posted on and screened locally (and where ever the hell else I can) at the end of the project.

One last thing - take a look at an example of the shirts being offered below, as modeled by my lovely assistant:

(I'm also wearing one in the video!)

Song "Football Season is Over" used with permission from East North.


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    Deluxe package! I'll make your short film or music video. Got an idea? Write it down. I'll shoot and edit it for you. You can even direct it. (Ideas filtered for goodness. Production costs not included.)

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