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A stop-motion short film about a robot whose best friend is a plant.
A stop-motion short film about a robot whose best friend is a plant.
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We're Almost There! Also, Happy Holidays from Planted!

Posted by Elliot K. Goldman (Creator)


30-04 30th St, Astoria, NY 11102
(Backer who got the Loud Somethings reward, but seriously one of the best coffee shops. If you're in NYC: Go. If you're not in NYC: Make a pilgrimage there.)


That's RIGHT!

Planted is just a couple of months away from being finished! This means I'm putting the final touches on things as we get closer to the end! I'm so thankful for all of you who have come along for the ride. I'm so excited to show you what Planted has become, but unfortunately it'll still be a while before it can glisten before your eyes.


(What I Imagine Will Be Frequently Asked Questions)

  • Why can't I see Planted super soon?
    Well, the plan all along was to submit Planted to film festivals and often times a film can't be released in order to be included in a festival. That means that even though Planted is close to being done, it'll still be a while (probably about a year) before you can see it (hopefully at a film festival near you!).
  • Why has this thing taken so long?
    Films take time and naive-Elliot at the beginning of this project would have said pish-posh. You've seen all the soul-searching therapy updates before this, but also films just take time. I've always refused to cut corners so everything made for this film is the best I can do under the circumstances. That means the best film possible for you and jealousy of giant studios with lots of people and fancy equipment for me. I'm just one person and if a giant studio can keep postponing the due-date of a project then so can I!
  • You say Planted is "close" to being done. How close is "close"?
    All the sets are made, nearly all the props are done, the majority of music is written, and all the other words that are synonyms of majority. That means all that's left is some filming and editing. Phew! I'm tired just talking about it, but this is why we train! Like a runner on mile 26, I'll push through the wall!
  • What does this mean for my REWARD?
    See below.
  • I'm so excited for Planted to be almost finished!
    That's not a question, but me too!
  • Where have all of the Planted social media handles gone?
    After a lot of thought, it didn't make sense to keep maintaining specific social media for a movie that will come out and then just exist as something in the world. I didn't want to see those social channels die out once Planted was finished. That means the making-of content of Planted has moved to my social handles. It's always been a difficult balance to strike showing people the ins and outs of making Planted while also not giving away too much of the secret sauce. I'll continue to show the making-of in the final steps of Planted and once the movie comes out there might even be more revealing content that would give away too much right now.
  • What comes after Planted?
    That's a good question! Working on Planted has been a giant undertaking and a real blessing. While I loved a lot of making it, I'll probably be moving more in the direction of art and less long narrative content. Who knows though! You'll just have to follow along to see what happens next.
  • Is Planted good?
    I sure hope so! I'm very happy with how things are coming out.
  • I have a question you didn't anticipate me asking so you didn't answer it in your W.I.I.W.B.F.A.Q.!
    Send me a message! I love hearing from all of you and would love to answer any and all questions you might have. 

Reward Updates

    A digital download of Planted once the film has been distributed.
    As mentioned above, this will probably be a year or more because although the film is going to be finished soon, I can't release it until it has gone through the film festival circuit. I wish it wasn't the case, but it's kind of just how these things work.
    A digital download of the making-of movie.
    The making-of movie should come out soon after the movie is finished. Finishing Planted is the #1 priority right now, but the making-of is still...maybe...#4? So everyone who got this reward and above will be able to download the making-of movie soon after everything is completed, but before you're able to see the actual film! Man, this film festival stuff is crazy.
    A digital download of the soundtrack of the film with exclusive audio, takes, and tidbits not found in the film.

    The soundtrack will come out when the movie is finished (maybe even a speck before). That means you'll get to listen to the soundtrack before you're even able to see the film (if you want to that is).
    A Planted flower packet that you can plant in your own garden!

    Everyone should have received their flower packets! If you did not please let me know.
  • A PIN!
    A Planted pin to wear proudly.

    Everyone should have received their pin already! If you have not received the pin from your reward or have just decided you'd like one and didn't pledge this amount let me know!
    A handmade booklet covering the entire production process behind Planted. Will include photos from set, storyboards, random scribbles and ideas, and may even include a poem or two.

    You'll be receiving this once the movie is done! I've already started working on these and you should receive them in the next couple of months!
    Receive on-screen special thanks in the credits for helping support Planted!

    Pretty self-explanatory, but this will be in the movie so you won't see your name until the movie comes out...

**************HAPPY HOLIDAYS!**************

I hope everyone has a happy holidays, safe travels, and all that jazz. Stay tuned for more updates as things wrap up in the coming months!


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