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A stop-motion short film about a robot whose best friend is a plant.
A stop-motion short film about a robot whose best friend is a plant.
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Ask not what Planted can do for you, but what you can do for Planted!

Posted by Elliot K. Goldman (Creator)

 Have no fear!

Movies take a lot of work! Who knew?! Things are still moving along:

  • We got a green screen to do some cool green-screeny type things 
  • I know how to ride the unicycle (it may not seem relevant, but just you wait)!
  • Sets are being built
  • Props are being weathered
  • Music is being written
  • Checklists are being checked
  • Scenes are being shot
  • Paint is being painted
  • Etc. Etc.

This is where you come in!

I don't want to share too much of the movie before it's done. That would spoil all of the fun! So the question is: What kind of things would you like to see shared? The way things are going, you get to see an occasional prop and some process, but speak up! 

  • Would you like to see more process photos?
  • Are you curious what the Planted workshop looks like?
  • Do you want to see more props/sets in progress?
  • Are you hoping for a peak into the story(board)?
  • Do you wish you could see a snippet from the movie?!

Let me know! Send me a message, comment, or brainwave! I can't make any promises, but I'll do my best!

Merry Holidays!

Send out those holiday parcels to your friends!

Stay Tuned!

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Your good friend & neighborhood animator,

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    1. Valentine D'Arcy Sheldon on

      Sounds great! Would love to see some story boards and shots of the workshop. Good luck!