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Ancient Dragon Aliens overpopulate the planet with humans, then they come and EAT us all. Never fear! A Savior has been sent.

Ancient Dragon Aliens overpopulate the planet with humans, then they come and EAT us all. Never fear! A Savior has been sent. Read More
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Tejun Fowler
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Tejun Fowler

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 The Novel of all Novels, the Book of Books, Twinks Fighting Alien Overlords From Outer Space

What the hell is it?

  'Twinks Fighting Alien Overlords from Outer Space', is a self explanatory title.  A premise born from a gay author where Twinks are the heroes of this grand and epic adventure.

   In today's world we are convinced of our supremacy, so all of our Alien conspiracy theories arrogantly claim that we are a slave race for our Alien Overlords.  I have discovered we were grossly mistaken in that assumption.

  My novel shows how we were actually created, by them, by mixing our sub-species, Homo Erectus DNA with Dragon Alienus DNA thus creating Homo Sapien.  All of us 'normal people' are rocking about 1.3% Dragon Alienus DNA.

   This was not done to create a slave race.  We are nothing but a food and a drug for them. Dragon Alienus is a race as old as the far reaches of space, because that is where they come from.  They maraud around the entire Universe like nomads and destroy planets eating everything on them.  A typical Dragon Alienus ship contains tens of millions of Dragon Alienus.

    About 300,000 years ago they discovered Earth and Homo Erectus, our evolutionary predecessor, and they began to eat Homo Erectus.  The strange meat was the finest they had tasted in 10,000 galaxies.  After further experimentation they discovered that Homo Erectus' brain matter was as potent to them as Heroin is to us.

    In an instant Homo Erectus became the hottest commodity in existence.  Sadly there were only about a million populating planet Earth.  So the Dragon Aliens, one particularly twisted one, began to manipulate the DNA of Homo Erectus.  Creating as a result, Homo Sapien an equally succulent and potent version of Homo Erectus.

    The Dragon DNA infused Homo Sapiens were now smart enough and physically coordinated enough to completely usurp any biological hierarchy that existed before the mutations were released.  This allowed for humanity to grow into the billions.  This process only takes about 100,000 years, and to a Dragon Alien who lives 20-30 million earth years, it is like waiting for a calf to grow up so you can slaughter it.

2. Ok, I get the Alien Overlord part but where do the 'Twinks' come in.

Good question.  One Dragon Alien in particular could be compared to what humans call 'hippies' or 'tree huggers'.  He was appalled by the behavior of his species and so this Dragon Alien went into his own lab, because all Dragon Aliens have their own super labs.

   He constructed a Homo Erectus Dragon hybrid that contained a whopping 16% Dragon DNA.  This pretty much created an immortal human being, not really but he could live about two million years.  The hippie Dragon Alien sends this 'Savior' down onto the planet to mold and teach humanity to resist their 'Handlers'.(The video is this character recreating a scene from the novel)

    The 'Handlers' were also created by the Dragon Aliens, there are 600 of them, they contain roughly 5% Dragon DNA . They also live millions of years and they are here to control us until the Dragon Aliens come to harvest roughly ever 100,000 years.

   The Savior Hybrid has been on Earth battling the 600 Handler Hybrids over the past 200,000 or so years, while attempting to teach us how to cast off the 'Handlers'.  Once we acheive the destruction of the 'Handlers' he will help us fight and destroy Dragon Aliens when they return, hopefully.

    There is only one way to say this without making this ungodly long.  The Savior, who is as brilliant as any Dragon Alien, made Homosexuals to be his own personal army against the Handlers and the Dragon Over Lords.  Read the novel if you want that one explained. 

     He recruits the super capable ones into his gay twink porn companies.  So pretty much all Twinks are highly trained intergalactic super warriors who are here to wage war against the Dragon Aliens and our Handlers.

3. How far along are you?

Passing the 200 page mark.  There is another mass of text that I was considering making a prequel to this one, but I may include it, so if those are added we are talking 300 plus pages.

 4. How do I know it is going to be good and are you going to finish this?

If you want examples of my story telling ability and my writing ability please go here  This is a portal to many of my short stories and poems, plus access to my novel that was published by Xlibris in 2006, Passion of the AntiChrist.

   I am very satisfied with Xlibris' performance, book availability and the book quality.  My goal is to have this book, 'Fags Fighting Alien Overlords from Outer Space', produced by Xlibris again.  The cost for me since I was previously published with them is 5,000.00.  This is the super deluxe awesome package with so many advertising and publishing perks listing them here would be redundant.  Ok redundancy isn't always bad.

Xlibris is a print on demand, 5000.00 buys however many books get ordered from 40 to 4,000,000

Design and image features:

Customization of cover and interior
Consultation with cover and interior designer
Allowance of cover art (unlimited) and author photo (supplied by author)
Unlimited number of allotted interior graphics and tables

Production features:

Availability of your book in paperback format
Availability of your book in hardback format
Availability of your book in eBook format
Author Alterations Service – 2 rounds
Data Entry Service
Copy editing Service
Indexing Service
Citations, footnotes and endnotes
Ability to track book production progress through our website
Author Service Representative who provides support throughout the publication process
Author Learning Center 12-Month Subscription

Post-publication features:

One Paperback and One Hardback Primary Print copy

Thirty (30) paperback copies *
Ten (10) hardback copies *
Assignment of ISBN
Registration with Books In Print database
Worldwide distribution
Registrations with online booksellers through national distributor
U.S. Copyright Registration
Library of Congress
Barnes & Noble See Inside
Google Book Search
Amazon Search Inside
CD Archive
Online book sales and royalty accounting
Book and author webpages in the Xlibris online bookstore – you control the content
Quarterly royalty payments
50 Bookstubs
Bookstore Return ability - 12 months
Set Your Own Price

Marketing features:

Personalized Web Design – Regular service
Press Release Campaign – 100 outlets
50 postcards
50 business cards
5 posters

Newswire service  Thank you so much for reading this and I hope you have enough information to go on.
 My novel will be ready to submit to Xlibris in August of this year.  Examples of my writings are at the website 

Risks and challenges

Unless I lose the ability to type and I lose six different hard drives all at once, i don't think anything will inhibit me from finishing this, aside from catastrophic injury or whatever, but even if I was as disabled as the Stephen Hawking, I would still write the book one puff at a time.

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