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2nd Annual SF Olympians Festival by No Nude Men Productions's video poster

2011 SF Olympians Festival: Heavenly Bodies is the world premiere of 31 original plays inspired by classical astronomy! Read more

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2011 SF Olympians Festival: Heavenly Bodies is the world premiere of 31 original plays inspired by classical astronomy!

About this project

In 2010, No Nude Men Productions, an independent theater confederacy based in the San Francisco Bay Area, produced the San Francisco Olympians Festival- a collection of twelve new plays inspired by the Olympian gods of ancient Greece. Fourteen writers, nine directors, ten artists and over seventy actors came together to create four weeks of exciting new theater staged at San Francisco's Exit Theater. They played to sold out houses, excellent reviews, and three of the plays have since gone on to full productions, establishing the festival not only as a nexus of local talent, but a launch pad for bigger and better things. 

This year the festival continues exploring the world of Grecian deities but leaps off of Mount Olympus and into the universe of classical astronomy.  SF Olympians: Heavenly Bodies will feature 31 original pieces by local writers, fantastic new art work from local fine artists, and will require the talents of over a hundred actors. A bigger, more ambitious festival means more opportunities for inspiring and cultivating local talent, as the roster contains both new writers getting to share their voice for the first time, in addition to established writers honing their craft. 

Money raised helps us cover a variety of costs- from rent on the theater (we help keep the doors open at one of San Francisco's oldest cornerstones of the independent theater scene) to marketing materials (this year's proposed projects include picture books and stunning, full-color prints of our incredible posters) to the photo copies of the 31 scripts being composed even as you read this. Through the support of fans within the SF Bay Area and beyond, this unique and vital festival that brings so many different artists together can continue to grow. 

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Week One (Thursday, Friday, Saturday): STAR SPANGLED HEROES

October 6: HERACLES AND THE THINGS HE’S KILLED- Team Thunderbird (Bryce Allemann, Dana Constance, Kathy Hicks, Sang Kim, Kai Morrison) 

October 7: HUNTER AND HUNTED Full Length: Orion by Meg Cohen Short: Canis Major by Claire Rice Short: Scorpio by Seanan Palmero 

October 8: PERSEIAD SHOWER One-Act: Perseus by Bryce Duzan Short: Andromeda by Helen Noakes Short: Pegasus by Daniel Heath Short: Cetus by Kirk Shimano Short: Cassiopeia by Christian Simonsen

Week Two (Thursday, Friday, Saturday): LORDS OF LIGHT 

October 13: Uranus by Evelyn Jean Pine 

October 14: Chronus by Bennett Fisher 

October 15: A DAY IN THE LIGHT OF… Full Length: Helios by Stuart Bousel Short: Eos by Kendra Arimoto Short: Nyx by David Duman

Week Three (Thursday, Friday, Saturday): FAMILY AFFAIRS

October 20: Gemini by Tom Darter 

October 21: FALLING STARS One Act: Icarus by Jeremy Cole One Act: Phaethon by Ashley Cowan Short: Eosphosphorus by Sean Kelly Short: Boreas by Lise Catherine Miller Short: Zephyrus by Neil Higgins Short: Hesperus by Claire Rice 

October 22: Pleiades by Marissa Skudlarek

Week Four (Thursday, Friday, Saturday): LADIES OF THE NIGHT 

October 27: Selene by Nirmala Nataraj 

October 28: ORBITING JUPITER Short: Metis by Maria Leigh Short: Io by Christian Simonsen Short: Europa by Claire Rice Short: Leda by Kirk Shimano Short: Callisto by Seanan Palmero Short: Ganymede by Neil Higgins Short: Elara by Alison Luterman Short: Himalia by Alison Luterman 

October 29: Hecate by M.R. Fall


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