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Harvey steps off an AMERICAN SPLENDOR page & onto a public library desk to celebrate making words and pictures... COMICS!
Harvey steps off an AMERICAN SPLENDOR page & onto a public library desk to celebrate making words and pictures... COMICS!
805 backers pledged $38,356 to help bring this project to life.


To ransom my car from emergency repair at an out of state dealership last month, I raised enough funds by selling near-complete sets of the original (magazine sized) American Splendor comics, posters, post cards, other souvenirs-- and handmade Harvey Pekar dolls. (These same dolls were Kickstarter rewards for the Harvey Pekar Comics as Art & Literature Cleveland Heights Public Library Statue and Desk.) 

Photos of the little guys having all kinds of adventures: riding the rails in NYC, voyaging to Singapore, goat farming in Minnesota, lounging poolside and-- of course-- hunting for good vinyl in second hand record stores, have since begun to appear on Facebook. 

Harvey farming goats in Minnesota
Harvey farming goats in Minnesota

An online photo gallery ("Where's Harv? Oh...!") is being curated and mounted. Please send me more. They are encouraging.

After torrential downpours last week, our plumbing has backed up. We have not been able to run water down our drains for close to five days now and-- having determined that peeing on the (noxious) Japanese knotweed in the garden is ineffective as an herbicide-- it is time for us to summon mighty Herb the plumber, for a big, expensive fix. (Herb truly is mighty. He used to be a body builder and has skills that would rival Hercules' when cleaning the Augean Stables.) 

While we enjoy washing dishes and clothes under the grape arbor in the backyard, this is not sunny Tuscany. Nor is this Paris, although at night I swear I now hear Jean Valjean lamenting from within our ancient sewers:

People have been writing to me about the dolls and asking me to set prices. After a bit of back and forth, I decided to offer for sale two packages:

[1] Small Box $50: 

A handmade Harvey Pekar doll • 3 comics • Poster • Post cards • Other souvenirs

Add $10 shipping/handling, if in USA; $20 All Other Countries 

2] Big Box $150:

A handmade Harvey Pekar doll • All comics possible, probably 14 or 15 issues • Poster • Post cards • Other souvenirs

Add $15 for shipping/handling, if in USA; $25 All Other Countries

Send money via PayPal to

Or contact me about other means of payment

Post photos on: Joyce Brabner's Harvey Pekar Page [Facebook]

Or e-mail JPGs to

Questions? Write me at

Harvey helps Tiff Hudson move to South Carolina
Harvey helps Tiff Hudson move to South Carolina

Harvey Pekar Dolls Unleashed!


I think everyone  expecting to get a Harvey Pekar doll + various surprises rec'd their brown paper packages by now.  If not, write

People are starting to take pictures of the little guys at work and at play.  My favorites so far include Harvey milking goats (unlikely, but the Pekars did come from a shtetl in Poland), Harvey at a nice blue swimming pool (again, unlikely since our neighborhood has had torrential downpours and temperatures in the 60s.  May want to change that to Harvey brooding about global warming...) and Harvey helping a friend move-- something he often did and even wrote a story about-- and the sighting that started it all, Harvey riding the subway in NYC, most likely in quest of rare vinyl or a new publisher.

Our man riding the rails in NYC, spotted by Gary Dunaier
Our man riding the rails in NYC, spotted by Gary Dunaier

I'm going to post all these sightings in an online album, eventually.  A sort of "Where's Harv? Oh..."

I also have more dolls for anyone who wants to get into the action.  I've been packaging them with a variety of things, back issues, posters, postcards, stickers, toys, music and even Harvey Pekar Library cards as issued by the Cleveland Public Library the same time the statue went up at our branch, in Cleveland Heights.  (You have to a be a library member to activate your card, their first in some kind of Great Cleveland Authors series.)

So, if you want a doll, e-mail me and tell me what would make you happy. And, as Mr. Boats once declared, "I also make a very fine pepper jelly"-- although that won't happen until my peppers and tomatoes get some sunshine...

Harvey Pekar Inaction Figures in Action: Send Me Your Pix!


They're out there-- most of them, anyway, all stitched up and now spotted making mayhem or being mundane or whatever they would be expected to do with their new friends.  Take a picture and let me know what they are now up to and, if you have not rec'd yours by next week, let me know.

"Our Man" Riding the Rails (in NYC by Gary Dumaier)
"Our Man" Riding the Rails (in NYC by Gary Dumaier)


Postcards Sent

I just sent everybody-- and I do mean everybody, even the $1-3 donors-- these postcards, because I was feeling so good.  OK, this was not exactly good fiscal management but someone made a surprise donation to help with some last expenses I have yet to cover.

If you, too, want to make another donation, it's best to use PayPal (call it a donation or they take some for themselves.)  Send to

You can write checks and send them by snail mail.  Or just send me a holiday card.  I'd like that.  After Harvey died I got dropped from a number of lists by acquaintances.  No actual friends. Just people who thought it was cool to write to the American Splendor guy. 

My friends and family and new people I've been meeting all know how, like Harvey, I count on my mail box to help me feel connected.  They're pretty good about making and sending cards, except for the brother who is still arguing with me.  As soon as he understands that I am absolutely, 100% right, as I always, always am, I'm sure everything will be fine and I'll get another picture of his cats dressed as elves or something.  

Please use this address, unless you already know my home address:

Estate of Harvey Pekar / PO Box 18471 / Cleveland Hts / OH 44118

Some things I mailed have come back "address unknown," etc.  If you were expecting posters or stickers and they have not arrived, let me know.

My living room still looks like a mail order clearing house but our Danielle is now visiting from her home in Finland-- she married a guy from Tampere-- and it's great to have the help.  It's always great to have Danielle.  If she had been around in the 60s, someone would have written one of those "who can make the sun shine on a cloudy day" songs about her and given her a TV series called "Dani!" 

Sorry to still be slow but then, again, RoboCop Detroit is probably still waiting for his other ankle and at least the most important stuff is done. People have been seen sitting at the desk, writing and drawing.

Look at the photo I'm posting.  Those are YOUR names under the glass panel.  I will someday start adding pages from scripts, original artwork, etc. but you came first because you all came through.  Many Thanks.


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A Closer Look

Here's a video tour of the Harvey Pekar Comics as Art & Literature Memorial Sculpture and Desk that you all helped make happen.  

I'll have more to show and tell, later.  It was a hit, a hit, a palpable hit.

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