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$8,695 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Stephen Bell
$8,695 pledged of $100,000 goal

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    1. Mr Anderson
      on May 19, 2015

      More updates and interaction would have been great also. This would have been a good alternative to the Iota tracking device that successfully funded here.

    2. Missing avatar

      Jack Schlott on May 19, 2015

      You should try again... I heard about it only at the end... need more time to share the kickstarter page. Try again and we will share it on all socail media.

    3. Ash Burgum
      on May 16, 2015

      I concur with the comments below, but please don't give up! It's an amazing idea and I hope you can find a method of producing this! Perhaps a reassess of the required funding goal for a smaller prototype production run? Good luck, we look forward to hearing from you!

    4. Heather K B
      on May 16, 2015

      I certainly hope you can find a way to communicate to people this really does work and the technology is real. I also hope you can do something about the shipping costs. I love this for my fur babies, please come back and try again.

    5. Tobias O.
      on May 16, 2015

      okay so two things why this probably failed:

      a) nobody will understand the technology and won't trust it. I'm in tech for forever and I can't figure out how this is supposed to work. a real love example video and some sort of explanation would help a lot. bottom line you want people to trust in your new technology and looking at it without an explanation it sounds like magic pixie dust...

      b) the intl. shipping is bonkers. even $40 is way above what I would accept for shopping even to Australia. this thing probably weights nearly nothing and the packaging can be minimal.

    6. Missing avatar

      Cheri Leong on May 1, 2015

      Hello Steve! Where's Nellie is a really great product and we congratulate you on it! We wish you all the best with the campaign and we're sure to share it with our dog loving friends!

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Carter on April 20, 2015

      Disclaimer: I used to work with Steve and we are friends.

      I want the entrepreneurial efforts of all my friends to do well, but I'm not usually the target market so I feel awkward promoting something only because someone is my friend. Fortunately for me, I am exactly the target market for this Kickstarter campaign. I can honestly say I love this product and I know the market pretty well.

      Unlike everything else on the market, Steve's product has no monthly fees and works equally well at home or when traveling with your dog to events, hiking, etc. You get alerts to your cell phone when you can get them, yet you can also take the base station hiking in areas where there is no cell phone or internet service. The part which goes on the dog collar is totally waterproof and the battery should last about a year.

      I've researched many competing products over the years and never liked one enough to purchase it, but I think Steve really nailed it with his product so I just purchased several for me and several more to give to a few friends. I don't expect anyone to blindly trust me but assuming everyone with a dog loves their dog, you should really check this out and decide for yourself.

    8. Stephen Bell Creator on April 20, 2015

      Hi Nick - thanks for your comment.

      Yes - the Nellie Base plug is 220/110 compatible and will work in Europe/Asia. The Base also can connect to any USB charger.

      As for shipping - we have found a new carrier that will do it for $42 globally - I have adjusted the shipping costs on some of the awards and will be happy to refund you the difference.

    9. Nick Martin on April 20, 2015

      I'm also finding the international postage a heavy pill to swallow! It's the most I've paid for shipping in over 400 Projects. I hate it when a Project Creator profits from Postage - or at least that what it seems like. If you go to the USPS Web Site & use their calculator you need Nellie to weigh allot to get the total to $60 bucks! Normally a Project would make its postage a loss leader to encourage overseas custom not the reverse, like this Project. You know there is a whole world outside of the USA. I know 86% of Americans don't hold passports but I think that the postage question will leave a large elephant in the room!

      Also, will the Plug In Wall part of Nellie be compatible with the UK, Europe & other countries sockets? Like Apple supplies it's wall socket plug-in connectors? I look forward to hearing from you. Many Thanks For Your Time - Its Much Appreciated.

    10. Stephen Bell Creator on April 18, 2015

      Hi Ash - We will work to reduce the international shipping charges and if we find a savings - we will certainly pass it on. Thanks for your support!.

    11. Ash Burgum
      on April 18, 2015

      Excited to back this project, it sounds great!

      Who are you guys using for international shipping? It's on the expensive side! Have you investigated/looked at using Amazon Fullfillment Parteners? They offer great international shipping rates including EU friendly shipping - it may just open up Where's Nellie to a larger international market? Best of luck with the campaign!