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A young man deals with the interplay between art, romance, pain, and intoxication in the electronic age. A romantic rock melodrama. Read more

Lowell, MA Shorts
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This project was successfully funded on September 16, 2012.

A young man deals with the interplay between art, romance, pain, and intoxication in the electronic age. A romantic rock melodrama.

Lowell, MA Shorts
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Festival Award List!

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Elevationism was a big winner at the 2015 Stories By The River Film Festival!

Here is a list of all the awards Elevationism took home:

Best Wardrobe 

Best Score 

Best Editing 

Best Sound Mix 

Best Use Of Color Correction 

Best Ensemble Performance 

Best Cinematography 

Best Screenplay 

Best Picture 

Audience Favorite

The hosts and audience were incredibly warm and gracious, and a wonderful time was had by all. Paul and I left happy campers:

Interview at 2014 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival

Funny what one finds when googling themselves! I just discovered an interview I did months ago at the Massachusetts Independent Film Festival, talking about Elevationism.

Judging by my proximity to Maria, I thought the shot would be tighter!

More Festival Updates

Hello all!

Just writing to update you on Elevationism's recent honors.  Turns out that there are people outside of our little movie family who appreciated the work done on this movie; who woulda thunk!?

The Rhode Island International Film Festival selected the screenplay for Elevationism as a semi-finalist in their screenplay competition.

At the 2015 Stories By The River Film Festival, Elevationism has been nominated for: Best Color Correction, Best Wardrobe, Best Makeup, Best Score, Best Production Design, Best Sound, Best Cinematography, Best Editing, Best Performance By Whole Cast, Best Screenplay, and Best Picture. 

There will also be an audience favorite award, so please come and vote! Admission is two bucks! 

Friday, January 30th, 7PM.…

Film Festival Acceptance


Hey guys!

Some Elevationism news for ya!  The screenplay for Elevationism was accepted into the 2014 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival.  I was interviewed by the host, Maria Natapov, at the afterparty, and will definitely share the link to the interview as soon as it's out!

Elevationism Special Screening Party Pictures

I know you're all dying to see them, so here they are!

Here is the link to the pictures from the Elevationism Special Screening Party.  A big thanks from the bottom of our hearts goes out to the lovely and talented Judy Zamora, official event photographer.