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Help get GonKiRin the Light Dragon to Burning Man 2012!

GonKiRin is a giant steel firebreathing dragon art car created by Teddy Lo and Ryan C. Doyle, and we are trying to get it back to Burning Man this year.

Sixty feet long, twenty three feet high, twelve feet wide. She's an art car that can hold twenty five people. Made from a '63 Dodge dumptruck base and covered in materials scavenged from the jungles of Detroit and Oakland, with a massive propane cannon powered by two accumulators larger than many propane tanks, covered with more than 750 meters of color-changing LED product, GKR is notable being the most awarded project in the history of Maker Faire, and the word of her power and majesty is growing. 

This year at the Burn, we are trying to add in more special features for GKR and we need extra support to make this happen. Our goal with the Dragon is to provide inspiration and impact for the attendees of this innovative, dynamic and loving annual event. Please support this ever-evolving creative dream of ours. Thanks a million. (No puns intended!)

Until this time, support for GKR has come from private funding sources, to whom we remain incredibly grateful. However, we're looking at a pretty overwhelming bill for the Burn this year, so we are turning to you, our friends, to help us with a few key expenditures. GKR is in Oakland right now, at American Steel, but we'll need to get it to the desert. Trucking it out there with a lowboy is $1200. We need to rent a box truck to carry the parts of the dragon that keep it from being truly streetlegal, and that's going to be $2000. Our insurance for the desert is going to be close to $2600. We need $2000 of propane and $1000 of gasoline to keep going for the whole week... and finally, we're going to put an RGB fire cannon on the beast this year and the estimate for that is looking like around $2200. All told we're asking for ten thousand dollars.

There are other costs, as well, but we're reaching out to you to help us out. We hope that the premiums we are offering for your generosity are exciting enough that you can help us with this final push- you've got an original Teddy Lo glowstick made for fire dancing, original patch designs by Ryan Doyle, T-shirts, stickers and some pretty amazing on-playa experiences, including the ability to make this car your very own for a few hours and host the party of a lifetime. 

Any gift is appreciated, no matter what, no matter how small. We love our fans and we love Burning Man, and we hope to help make this year an amazing experience for anyone who even sees us out of the corner of their eye, rolling out in the deep playa.

Thank you!  

--Teddy, Doyle and the whole GKR crew.


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  • Pledge $10 or more
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    12 backers

    Two GonKiRin stickers

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  • Pledge $50 or more
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    12 backers

    An original GonKiRin T-shirt with art by Teddy Lo and Ryan Doyle. Custom run after funding; we'll contact you for size requests. Plus the stickers!

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  • Pledge $100 or more
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    5 backers

    A Ryan Doyle iron-on patch original. Plus the stickers and a T-shirt!

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  • Pledge $300 or more
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    Teddy Lo's hand-held SOAP glowstick- perfect for spinning on playa. Plus the iron-on patches, a T-shirt, and the stickers!

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  • Pledge $500 or more
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    4 backers Limited (6 left of 10)

    Getting sleepy from all of that fun? Let GonKiRin wake you up. We'll deliver coffee for you and your friends to anywhere we can legally go on playa! (In 2010, they restricted us to deep play and Esplanade, just so you know.) Plus a SOAP glowstick, the patches, a t-shirt (hope we can accommodate size on playa!) and the stickers!

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  • Pledge $2,000 or more
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    The ultimate reward for the most generous. Run the dragon! Three hours of controlling GonKiRin. You pick the DJ! You set the destinations! You control the door! It's yours for three hours! (Hours available: 3PM-11PM from Monday-Thursday, 3PM-6PM Friday-Saturday). Plus a coffee delivery, two SOAP glowsticks, the patches, the stickers, t-shirts for your whole crew and our eternal gratitude.

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