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I'm creating a wonderland of animals who just want to tell you what day of the week it is! Will YOU give them their dream? Read more

Cleveland, OH Crafts
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This project was successfully funded on November 23, 2012.

I'm creating a wonderland of animals who just want to tell you what day of the week it is! Will YOU give them their dream?

Cleveland, OH Crafts
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PHEW! Goal raised in 20 minutes? That is crazy. Thank you.

Still want a calendar? Contact me at with your name, address and email - and we can make that happen.


Hi. Thank you for even checking this out. With the myriad of other things you COULD be doing, you are reading this! So thanks.

Put simply, I want to start making my designs and illustrations into products available to YOU, the common slob!

My first project: A 12-month calendar, illustrated by animals who's inner lives we cannot possibly imagine.  Here they are now!

Each page will be printed on heavy cardstock, and ready-to-hang with alligator clips and wire for a very DIY-trend-o look that will tell your friends you are "with it"!   Like this:

I want to make a limited run of 80 calendars - Help me get the materials to MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Risks and challenges

The risk? I am basically starting what could be a small business! I have had years of creating my own projects, but never with the intention that I start creating product lines. Finally, after years of people telling me that I should give it a shot, I am.
My financial goal is $200. This will cover the printing, assembly materials and shipping. If I could front this money myself, I would. But right now I cannot. I am asking for ten people to pledge $20.
In return, you will get the calendar shipped to you, or dropped off at your door, and I can start my new venture into future projects possible with the profits of selling these calendars online and at the upcoming Last Minute Xmas sale in Cleveland in December.
Thanks again for reading this, and hopefully we can go into the future TOGETHER!!!

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