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The Mayan TRIcycle is my version of the Mayan Calendars, expressed using a treadwheel within a larger wheel rotating under human power.
The Mayan TRIcycle is my version of the Mayan Calendars, expressed using a treadwheel within a larger wheel rotating under human power.
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What time IS it, REALLY?

(I'm posting this on 6 May 2012 on the Gregorian Calendar)

Today is 7 Muluk 12 Wo (G3) in several of the Myan calendars IF you go to the source I have been using until now at this url:

However, a few days ago, I decided to send off an email about the Mayan Tricycle to several Mayan foundations, institutes and colleges of mayan studies just cuz I thought they might be interested. In one of their statements of purpose it said 'to help spread knowledge on the pre-Columbian cultures of the Americas, with an emphasis on the study of the Maya', and in a way, so am I. 

 On a couple of them, I saw the date in the Mayan Calendar, and it didn't match with the one I've been keeping track of at the above link. So now I'm changing my point of reference to the one being used more broadly on sites that should know better. (I still think is one of the most valuable sources of mayan info on the web!) This new revision also means I'll be changing the Stela a little in the next week or so. 


 Today is REALLY 9 Chuwen 14 Wo (G5)* in several of the Myan calendars. 

 Does it make a difference? I want to say something here that is going to be prominently displayed somewhere on the Lengend Board for the Mayan Tricycle. EVERYTHING I UNDERSTAND ABOUT THE MAYAN CALENDARS IS PROBABLY WRONG

New Stela

The incoming European conquerers and the Priests that came with them wanted to oblierate the mayan culture and impose their own language and beliefs on the locals they found in the new world, and were very effective in destroying neary all of the paper records the mayans had. When people re-discovered the mayan temples and stone-works and went looking for more info, very few scraps of paper were found in far flung libraries. Our understanding of the Mayans of old is spotty at best. 

 A question from a donor 

We had a good question from a recent donor that in part reads: 

 Q: 'I signed up for the postcard to be sent from BRC. But would like to have it sent to someone internationally. I included the extra $10, but I did not see where I could put the address. So what do I need to do?' 

 A: Once the deadline is reached, and assuming we reach our goal, Kickstarter sends us a list of who gets what rewards and gives us the opportunity to ask or donors any info we need to get those rewards to them. At that time, you will get an email (i'm guessing) that asks where you want the card sent.

Build Update

Got all the teeth cut for the smaller wheel in the 1:6 scale model. Cutting the other set of teeth and the plywood rings to hold the teeth togheter.

Remember, in 2012 the Man burns on: 10 Muluk 12 Mol (G4) (wizzard's new standard) -wizzard * is the long count 9 Chuwen is the Tzolkin date 14 Wo is the Haab date (G4) the day is watched over by the 4th lord of the night. NEW STELA


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