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The Mayan TRIcycle is my version of the Mayan Calendars, expressed using a treadwheel within a larger wheel rotating under human power.
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125 backers pledged $4,378 to help bring this project to life.

6 days since launch

Today is 12 Lamat 11 Pohp (G9)* in several of the Myan calendars. 

Six days after we launched we've reached almost a quarter of our goal toward bringing the mayan tricycle to the Black Rock desert this summer. I want to thank all of you who have donated and hope you've had a chance to visit my web site at: Check out the page of 3d models of the latest prototypes. 

You can also go to to view the latest

Build Report
I'm working today on a 1/6th scale model of the tricycle that will sit around 4 feet tall and let me really learn how to build the real thing. The smaller ring is a laminate of multiple parts including 104 individually made gear teeth. The larger has 146 seperate teeth all laminated to make the gear. The model has the same number of parts. I've been sweating out making the pattern-it has to be far more perfect than the individual teeth I make for the model. I made several templates yesterday that I wasn't happy with, but I'm switching from clear plastic which is very durable to heavy weight cardbord which I can cut far more accuartely.
I think I can make the 250 teeth relatively quickly when I finish the perfect patterns. Then cut several rings of thin plywood to connect them all together. and then, and then...

I have other needs
I'm still looking for a few people with some specific skills to help with this project. For this update, I'd like to see if any of you might know a Potter (clay worker, not child magician), preferably going to burning man this year, preferably living near San Jose, CA. Since most of what is left of the Mayans are stone monuments, it seems natural to make the Legend Board that will explain this project be made to look like sandstone, Indiana Jones-feel rather than a steam-punky panel of gears and levers. There are also going to be stairs to get up and into the Tricycle. It might be nice if they look like steps up a mayan temple.
Do you know anyone who sounds like they fit the bill? Have them contact me at:

Remember, in 2012 the Man burns on: 8 Manik 10 Mol (G4)


* is the long count,  12 Lamat is the Tzolkin Date, 11 Pohp is The Haab date, and (G9) means the day is watched over by the 9th lord of the night