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The follow up film to the cult classic "Manos: The Hands of Fate."
The follow up film to the cult classic "Manos: The Hands of Fate."
420 backers pledged $31,750 to help bring this project to life.

A New Premium Perk Plus a Challenge

Posted by Jackey Neyman Jones (Creator)

Happy Friday, MANOS Returns Family! 

Weekend Update Time: It’s a great end of week here at Valley Lodge. With 11 whole days left to go we’re already 81% of the way to our first goal of $24,000. We would not be here without all of you. Thank you. We thought this weekend was a great time to have some fun, so we’d like to introduce a new premium perk PLUS issue you a challenge.

Picture Yourself in Valley Lodge 

Maybe you’d love to be in MANOS Returns, but traveling to Oregon is a bit much for you to swing right now? If so, our new $400 level perk may be just what you’ve been waiting for: We’ll hang a picture of you on the walls of Valley Lodge, and your picture will be referred to and visible on-screen in one of the scenes. This Reward level also includes lots of other goodies: your choice of a DVD or Blu-Ray of the movie, a T-Shirt, digital downloads of the movie and “Forgetting You,” your name in the credits, a poster, and, of course, exclusive backer updates once we get into production.

The 4-Day “Get Us to Goal!” Funding Challenge 

And now for our challenge to you: If you can help us Reach our First Goal a Week Early we will add TWO FREE BONUS REWARDS:

1. a 4x6 photo signed by Debbie and The Master (for all pledges at $30 and up) That’s right, if we can get to $24,000 by 9pm PST Tuesday, February 23rd, we’ll upgrade the rewards for all pledges at $30 and above with a Thank You picture of Little Debbie signed by both Jackey Neyman Jones and Tom Neyman.

2. Hand-pick a Prop (or 5) that will appear in the movie (every backer) If we can reach goal by Tuesday, we will also invite every single backer to vote on 5 different props that will appear in MANOS Returns. Get your MANOS on the movie as part of our creative team and see your chosen props on screen!

- If you're at a lower level, and have been thinking about increasing your pledge,
- If you’ve been waiting to tell people about us,
- If you have friends who are on the fence about supporting us, and you want to bring them over to our side, 
…..THIS WEEKEND is a great time to Do All the Things!

Why We Want to Hit Goal Early 

The $24,000 that is our Kickstarter goal is really just our base goal. After fees and perk fulfillment, we’ll be left with something like $20,000, which is the bare minimum we feel we can make the movie with. Our production team’s goal is actually $55,000. For $55,000 we’ll be able to hire a costumer, craft sets and props specifically for the movie, and give the whole project a larger scope with a bigger cast and better locations. Oh, and pay everyone. The sooner we get to $24,000, the sooner we can start stretching beyond it, and the better the final film will be. To put these numbers in perspective, the original MANOS was made for $19,000 which, adjusting for inflation, would be about $138,000 today. We’re asking for a lot less than that.

TL;DR - The difference between $24,000 and $55,000 is the difference between our being proud we’re making a movie, and our making a movie we’re really proud of.

We hope that you are up for the challenge of helping us reach goal in 4 days. If you are, you'll be guaranteeing the existence of MANOS Returns by helping us reach 100% funded on Kickstarter and you’ll unlock the bonus rewards! Everybody wins!

- Jackey

p.s. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to help spread the word. Just post one (or all) of these message to Twitter or Facebook (or both): 

If we reach $24k for @ManosReturns by 9pm PST Tues, all backers @$30+ get a free signed photo. Pledge now!

If we get @ManosReturns to 100% by 9pm PST Tues, _all_ backers get to help Hand-pick a Prop. Join us!

NEW PERK! Have your photo featured in @ManosReturns. Check out the Kickstarter for details!


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