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Four teenagers must face an amazing and dangerous reality when they are mysteriously granted the super powers they made up as children
Four teenagers must face an amazing and dangerous reality when they are mysteriously granted the super powers they made up as children
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Denver Comic Con - What a SHOW!

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The Pantheon Project will be at Denver Comic Con this weekend!

Denver Comic Con is this weekend!  

The Pantheon Project will be there on Saturday and Sunday. We are setting up with the Denver Entertainment Arts & Design (DEAD) Academy at Table #723 in the Exhibitors Hall:

Leila del Duca will be at Booth #127 in Artists' Alley!

If you can't tell from this picture, I'm pretty excited!

I'll have a good round up and pics after the Con. If you can make it, see you there!


- Erik

The Campaign is a Success!!!

Thank you to all of you who made this possible! 

Sorry for the slight delay in sending this out but as soon as the campaign ended I stayed away from Facebook, Twitter, etc. I needed a break :)

These updates won't end as we have a first issue to produce. Denver Comic Con is coming up (06/15-17) and, although we don't have a dedicated table (whoops), The Pantheon Project will be present. We're going to be printing the 8 page preview to distribute amongst comicdom.

If you no longer wish to receive updates (which is a clear sign you don't love us), you can unsubscribe to them. If you want to keep receiving them, they won't be so frequent. Just when there's cool news to share.

BTW - Here's that 8-Page Preview

I want to thank Kevin Caron, Leila del Duca, Kit Seaton, Rus Wooton, Jason Burchard, Nils Taylor, Wayne Winsett and Lonnie Allen. You all had a part in getting The Pantheon Project this far! Let's keep it going!

Special thanks to my girlfriend, Sarah, who put up with me while I obsessively checked on all fund raising efforts and fiddled with the script - even in the wee hours. She's a patient gal! Love her!

Special thanks to my mother and family over in Norway. Without your love and support, the Pantheon Project would not have been possible. Uncle Gunnar, your character is going to be fun to write!

Special thanks to my brothers, father and Brenda. I appreciate all of your support and advice on... everything!

And thanks to Darcy, who convinced me when I was little kid that creating stories would be just as much fun as reading them. Well... here goes!

If I didn't personally thank you, I apologize. You and I know who you are and whatcha did! :)

Here's an inked page from Leila. Milton's fate takes a dramatic turn!

And for those of you who see it - Yes, that's Greenfield, MA in the lower right hand corner. Liberty is the "Simpsons' Springfield" version of my home town. ...Which is down the street from a real Springfield. Weird.


WE'RE 100% FUNDED!!!

Words can't express how grateful I am to all of our generous backers. You're all part of making a this dream a reality. Now Leila, Kit, Rus and myself will be hard at work to finish the issue and deliver on our promise to make a great comic book adventure!

Please remember - People can bail last minute and inadvertently cancel the whole campaign (if it drops below 100%). If you know anyone on the fence,  let's keep bringing it over the top to protect The Pantheon Project! 

Thank you everyone! 

This is awesome!!

- Erik

Interview with & Get to know Dr. Gunnar Nilsen

Please follow the link for the interview between Russ Burlingame and myself:

And here is a final character profile for Dr. Gunnar Nilsen:

Dr. Gunnar Nilsen, Ph.D. is a psychologist who operates his own private practice in downtown Liberty. He is tall and thin (not skinny) with a proud stature. He loves his half-zip formal sweaters, polo shirts, dress shirts w/ ties and jeans/slacks (pressed, either way). No matter what his attire, he's always rocking a pair of Converse or some other low top sneakers. Gunnar carries a well-worn leather messenger-style bag (brown) that's usually filled will assuredly important papers.

How is he involved? 

Dr. Nilsen is Milton's psychologist who comes looking for Milton when he doesn't show for an appointment. As the story unfolds, it is revealed he knows more about what happened to Milton than he lets on.

It's also shown that within that messenger bag of his he carries around a folder labeled "The Pantheon Project". Hmmm….