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The BoomPro is a helmet mounted extension rod that easily allows for a unique third person filming angle for the GoPro camera.
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Daniel Madsen

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18" BoomPro on a Snowboard Helmet

Hey everybody.  I'm super excited the project has been funded, thanks for your support!  I wanted to post some images of an 18" BoomPro used on a snowboarding helmet.  Once the project has officially ended, I'd like to hear what you all will be using the BoomPro for so I can provide you with the optimum length extension rod for your activity.  And thanks to Chris at Steamboat Guides for the images!


    1. Creator Daniel Madsen on November 11, 2012

      The shorter the rod, the more "claustrophobic" the shot may be; however, it will be more manageable to wear on something like a snowboard helmet. I have not tried a 28" rod on a snowboard helmet myself, but I imagine it will pull the helmet down substantially unless you cinch it up tight.

    2. Creator Charles Rzadkowolski on November 11, 2012

      I plan I using it for snowboarding. Whatever length extension you were using on your dirt bike looks appropriate. Your snowboard shots look a little claustrophobic to me, however. Was that the extension length or FOV that caused that?