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HARVEST is a Graphic Adventure similar to Snatcher, Phoenix Wright. Set in the future, you play as a detective searching for answers.
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    1. Alexandre MANGIN on

      Some ideas :
      - localization ;
      - new voice over + 1
      - nice booklet (digital version at least)
      - color mode (you can change the color of some characters)
      - alternate ending
      - cosmetic pet

    2. TwooGiz on

      I've always liked customization so maybe have some unlockable new voices for the main character after you've finished the game once. Cool or comedic voices would be welcomed. It would make replaying the game that much more of a reward. Maybe change some of the dialogue as well to reflect more of a different personality with each voice. I'd play over and over again to hear all the new dialogue. I don't know how much that would cost and even if it is possible but I'm throwing my two cents in. Hope you guys are able to finish the game. I love the soundtrack and art style.

    3. GondeFire Productions 3-time creator on

      We don't plan on announcing stretch goals untill we get to that point, just something to think about and get ideas so we can price things and make the most out of the extra income toward the game.

    4. S.D. on

      I agree with more content, but only for everyone (i.e., no special "backers only" bits). Localizations may be nice.
      That said... please do not announce stretch goals before nearing your funding goal. That frequently backfires, and I've seen poorly conceived stretch goals actually sabotage a project early in it's funding by stirring controversy and killing momentum. We all can easily see what the approximate daily pledge average is (on Kicktraq). There is no reason to consider posting stretch goals until you're about one day from reaching the base funding target. If you do, you risk backers pulling their pledges and leaving if they feel a cool goal is unreachable, or worse, if they disagree with it.

    5. Karashata on

      I, too, would love to see the soundtrack available for certain pledge amounts (and possibly as an add-on for lower pledges), I already have the Shadowgate soundtrack (by the same composer) and it's very well done, so it would be awesome to have the soundtrack to this game be available as well.

    6. Missing avatar

      delfrickintree on

      Extra Quality Assurance before release

    7. Sir Jordi

      mm..too early to talk about strech goals?
      well, adding to what other backers have said,
      - full story manual, like the one seen in the big box Police Quest
      - FMV intro, and animated cutscenes
      - love the detective costumes any wardrobe to change clothes during gameplay?
      - weather effects while in street (rain, wind..) with its complex sound effects
      - comic book (printed and digital) as a prequel

    8. Marius Dagestad on

      Full soundtrack on cd if you pledge a amount(?), personally i love getting the soundtrack with games :-D

    9. Yazorius on

      French, german, italian and spanish version ^_^
      Subtitled, and, why not, dubbed too ^________^

    10. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      More Content - specifically an expanded storyline. Other options could include optional sidequests (assuming the detective has to earn money, having a few other cases to complete might help open up alternative paths for the main one - e.g. bribery).
      What I would vote against is any "exclusive" content available to backers only (this should be about making a new game available to the general public) unless the exclusivity was time-limited.