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The best and most iconic Super Mega comics from 2004-2015 with foreword by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics!  +Guest Comics +Doodles +More
The best and most iconic Super Mega comics from 2004-2015 with foreword by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics! +Guest Comics +Doodles +More
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Physical Proof + Actual Concrete Shipment Date

Posted by Brett Brimmer (Creator)

Quick overview: Physical proof of book is here and I will receive everything and ship it out in AUGUST for reals!  Shirts are here and getting printed soon.  I luv u

What I've Been Doing

Hey guys I've been working hard so let's recap what's up!  I finished creative work on the book about two months ago, then spent about a month going back and forth with the printer getting the files right.  Several times over I had to get back and edit every single image in the book to adjust for color or quality issues.

But all that stupid work is over!  The files were finally approved a couple weeks ago, and the physical proof for the book is here:

This is basically 8 pages printed on a large sheet of paper.  Its purpose is so I can check quality and color issues.  Everything looks great so now the books are going to press!

What Happens Next? (Shipment Dates)

The books take 2 weeks to print, then 6 weeks to arrive via boat.  That means about two months from now, early-mid August, I will have the books.  After that I will hopefully get some friends together and we will ship them out ASAP.


Tell Me Stuff About The Shirts

I just got all the blank shirts in the mail the other day, and I'm hiring someone locally to screenprint them for me.  Here's a picture of a box with blank shirts in it.

Printing Stories: Printing Different Shades of Black

You guys can skip this part if you want, it's just info of the design process.  I spent about a week and a half trying to figure out what shade of black I would use in the comics (Flat Black, Warm Black, Cool Black, Golden Black, Photoshop Black). It turns out that since they print using four colors (Black, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan) that there are different types of black. Basically you print with the black ink, but you can add the other colors on top to make a darker black, or a black that feels "warmer" because it has more red ink.  If you use only black ink then your black will look kind of dull (Flat Black) and so no one does that. Whoa! But if you add 100% of every color then you'll have the darkest black possible but your text might get blurry. So you have to pick a good black.

I chose "Designer Black" which has 70% Cyan, 50% Magenta, 30% Yellow, and 100% Black. I spent a lot of time printing out different pages in different shades of black so I could decide which one would work best.


Whao!  Hahah!  Hey ther!

-Brett Brimmer

Oh yeah if anyone wants to know where to pre-order more books/shirts, go here!!!:

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    1. Brett Brimmer Creator on

      @g0m Hey! I'm going to post an update soon but the books will be here August 16th. I have a few expedited copies and they are really awesome and have met and exceeded all my expectations! I've had the t-shirts screenprinted and they're here at my place. I'm ordering the stickers and magnets and they should be here about the same time as the books. Some friends are going to help me with shipping once the time comes so yeah, hopefully everything will get shipped out from August 16th through the end of the month! 8)

    2. g0m on

      It's august! The books could ship at ANY TIME and I'm FREAKING OUT