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The best and most iconic Super Mega comics from 2004-2015 with foreword by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics!  +Guest Comics +Doodles +More
The best and most iconic Super Mega comics from 2004-2015 with foreword by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics! +Guest Comics +Doodles +More
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Update on Book Progress!

Posted by Brett Brimmer (Creator)
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Hey guys!  The book is still on schedule, and I thought I'd post an update about the progress and my journey so far.

Short version

I've spent a lot of time learning about software programs and typography, have set up the layout for the pages, and am filling everything in right now.  Everything is on time and I should get the printed books by early December, then will ship them to you.

Post here or message me if you've made fan art for Super Mega pre-2012 that you'd like to get in the book!

Long Version

The first thing I did was make a file with a list of EVERY Super Mega Comic, sorted by comic number.  I read through every comic and gave a personal rating on each one.  I also recorded how many Facebook Likes that comic had gotten on the main Super Mega page.  I used this criteria to decide which comics from the past 12 years would be best for the book.  It wasn't a strict process based on numbers.  I also gave weight to Laser Day comics and comics with classic characters, so that you would get the full Super Mega feel from the whole book.  All of the most iconic stuff like SOAPFOOT and PLANET TO THE MOON and HEAD IS A DINOSAUR and LASER DAY are in there!

So, I had to make the files.  I started by setting up the page spreads in Photoshop.  However, this would mean I'd need a separate file for every page spread.  I soon found out about Adobe InDesign, which is made for books and print, and lets you make huge files with tons of pages.  The cool thing is that you can use "master pages" to make layouts that can be copied to many other pages, ensuring the book is consistent.  I read a book about Adobe InDesign and did the exercies within to learn how to use it.

Though I've set up print files for a card game before, I wanted to make sure I knew everything about doing it for a book.  I read two Typography books, one was called "Thinking With Type" which I was not a fan of, since nothing was explained in much depth.  The other was "Grid Systems in Graphic Design" which was a very technical guide but did help me with a lot of information.  I also did Google searches like "Basic Typography Rules" and "Typography Margin Rules" to make sure I had all the basic knowledge filled in.  The pages will not be terribly different from what you saw on the Kickstarter page, but reading these books has cemented the validity of certain design elements, while helping me avoid some dumb mistakes.

As for the book's content.  I've received the foreword from Ryan North (it's cool!) and all three guest comics.  I have written and drawn most of the "bonus frames" that will be below each comic. For the "Fan Art Moments", I've got a contract set up on an e-signature website for the rights to use people's fan art, and will be contacting people shortly and post on Facebook to try to get more people's fan art usage permission for printing. Please note I only want old fan art, at least pre-2012. If you have any fan art you made a while ago you'd like to get in the book, please post here or message me!

I'd like to get the book files sent in to the printing company by mid September or slightly later, and this should get me the printed books by early December.  Then I will immediately ship them all out to you.  I already ship 100 items a week for my personal business, and people will be helping me ship out the Kickstarter books, so everything should run pretty smoothly for shipping.

So!  That's what I've been doing.  I wanted to give you guys an update now that I have a lot of relevant information about the whole scope of the project.


-Brett Brimmer/JohnnySmash

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    1. Missing avatar

      Ian Willett-Jacob (Frontwing) on

      Very interesting and informative update! Can't wait for the book! Peachrings!

    2. Missing avatar

      awsgames on

      Hey cool! An update! Cool! Glad to hear everything is going smoothly. I eagerly await the book and other assorted goodies. Thank you for all your hard work.

    3. Brett Brimmer Creator on

      @Madison Yeah you're on the list of people I'm going to be contacting soon, I'll message you on Facebook when I have everything set up. Thanks again!

    4. Madison Stemm on


      Thanks for the update! I'm excite. I would love to make sure my fan comic makes it into the book, should I send it to you? Or do you know which one is mine? It's the weird about about two people waiting for forever and then the one guy gets stuck in a dark room inside the other guy's eye.