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The best and most iconic Super Mega comics from 2004-2015 with foreword by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics!  +Guest Comics +Doodles +More
The best and most iconic Super Mega comics from 2004-2015 with foreword by Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics! +Guest Comics +Doodles +More
280 backers pledged $12,460 to help bring this project to life.

Project complete! Wow, that was crazy! (Big Update!)

Posted by Brett Brimmer (Creator)

Hey guys, my head is rushing full of thoughts!  $12,460!  This has been an amazing experience for me.  I found out that there are so many more Super Mega fans in the world than I thought possible.  On Tumblr and Twitter, I found fans that had been around back in the days of the Laser Days.  I found fans that had seen my comics but never knew where they came from.  I also talked to fans who have been around all 12 years of Super Mega's existence!

In those years that Super Mega waned and disappeared (2013-2015), all I had to go by was's Webalizer traffic numbers which seemed to grow lower and lower.  But through interactions on social media and Kickstarter, I've found that Super Mega Love didn't die at all and is still very much alive.  This whole project has been a life-changing experience for me!  For so long I thought of Super Mega as that thing I made back when the webcomic fad was cool, but now I see that people still want it in their lives.  This project has been way bigger than a book for me.  Thanks to you guys, sincerely!

Okay okay okay, let's talk about some post-Kickstarter Q&A!:

Post-Kickstarter Q&A

How Do I Pre-Order After The Kickstarter? - People that missed the Kickstarter can pre-order the books, t-shirts, and PDF here:  (People can also click the blue button that's now on the Kickstarter page.)  They will get their items about a month later than Kickstarter backers.  These pre-orders are for the physical objects only, I won't be selling any more comic dedications or personalized comics post-Kickstarter.  Stretch Goal items are still included with each book and/or t-shirt but that may change, though not for at least a month.

What If I Got A Reward That Lets Me Be In A Comic? - I will be contacting people about their comic-related rewards as soon as next week.  I will not contact you all at once, just as needed.  I will try to make sure everyone who has a dedicated comic or is in a comic is fully satisfied with the comic they are attached to.  I don't want someone to have a comic dedicated to them that they don't think is funny!

When Will Surveys Go Out? - The Kickstarter survey is where I get your address information as well as any options (like shirt sizes.)  These surveys will go out as close to the shipment date as possible to avoid problems with address changes.   This probably means October or November.

What Happens Next For Making The Book? - The plan is for me to finish the book in the next month and a half, order it for printing, then ship the books and everything else out in December.  For my self-employed business I ship out 50-100 items per week, so once I have the products in my house I believe I will be able to fulfill them very quickly.

Can I Continue Supporting Super Mega For As Little As $1/Month On Patreon? - Yes!  As you guys know Super Mega doesn't have any ads on its website.  I know you just gave money to the Kickstarter so sorry if this is rude!  Patreon lets you support creators for a small amount monthly, and Super Mega's Patreon:is here:  I am planning some cool stuff for Patreon in the coming months, like live drawing sessions where people can help me make a comic.  Right now there are only $1 and $3 levels, but every bit counts!  The support on Kickstarter and Patreon has helped enable me to update Super Mega more and more often, so thanks for all the support!

Okay guys, that's it!  Thanks for an awesome project and for bringing Super Mega back!  I luv u!

-Brett Brimmer/JohnnySmash

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    1. g0m on

      congrats brett. can't wait for the wonderful stories kickstarter!

    2. Brett Brimmer Creator on

      Okay actually I got a Shopify store up where you can pre-order the book and t-shirts. Check it out here or click the blue button the Kickstarter page!:

    3. Brett Brimmer Creator on

      Hey guys, I'm changing the store platform I'm offering pre-orders on since I found out the one I previously chose had huge outrageous fees. The link will be at but right now it just points to a text file. Once I get the pre-order page up it will link to the store, so that should be in the next few days!