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Can you survive a journey into the world's most feared swamp? A perilously fun card game for 2-4 adventurers.
Can you survive a journey into the world's most feared swamp? A perilously fun card game for 2-4 adventurers.
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Swamp Tigers, KS Bonus Card, and Lonely Jungle

Posted by Dennis Hoyle (Creator)

There is a LOT in this update!

Swamp Tigers:

Firstly, thank you so much for your continued support of Swamped! We've UNLOCKED the Waterfall Mini Expansion and now we're on to the Swamp Tiger Expansion. In the Swamp Tiger Expansion we'll be adding four Swamp Tiger "Pounce" Cards and adding tiger icons to all the existing map cards. 

Pounce Cards act like regular Coordinate Cards. When you play a Pounce Card the Swamp Tiger attacks the surrounding spaces in the Swamp. If your boat is attacked you'll need to feed the Tiger to escape alive! Pounce Cards are also like wild cards and can be played on any color pile or even change the color of a pile! The tiger icons on the maps represent the locations the tigers are located in the swamp. These icons are only necessary for play with the Swaped Tiger Expansion.

This stretch goal will be unlocked if we can raise $17,000 by the end of the campaign!


Voting is live now for the next stretch goal! Go here to cast your vote.

There are four options: Artwork Variants, Endangered Species Expansion, Rugged Survival Expansion, or Croc/Boat Meeple Silkscreens

Consider discussing the different options in the campaign page comments section.

Kickstarter Edition Bonus Card:

If we reach 800 backers (only about 40 away!) we'll add a Kickstarter Edition Bonus Pilot Card. This Pilot Card acts the same as the current Pilot Card but will only be included in this first edition of the game as a "thank you" to our early supporters like you!. In case its hard to see, the side of the engine says "Kickstarter" in the chrome.

Rules Update and Lonely Jungle (Solo Play) Rules:

So we've received a number of comments and edits for the Print and Play Rules and took the time this past week to complete the updates. I've uploaded the new set of rules to the website and the campaign page. Remember if you're a backer to go back to Update #1 to find the link to the Print and Play files.

Please note: We fixed a rule in the book that confused several people by seeming to indicate a round in Swamped ends with the playing of only one Let's Move Card. This is not correct! Each round ends after three Let's Move Cards. This has been highlighted in the updated rules.  

Also included in this updated rule set is a set of rules for a variant we're calling "Lonely Jungle." These are rules that allow you to play Swamped as a solo-game instead of with other players. Its a little bit more contingent on the luck of the draw, but you will still experience a lot of similar decisions as you would with the 2-4 player game. Would love to hear your thoughts about it after you play it!

Thank You!:

That's all for this update! This is the last week for the campaign! I really hope we can reach the Swamp Tigers!

Thanks for backing!

-Dennis Hoyle

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    1. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      Eric: You're welcome! Enjoy!

      Don: Thanks for the comment! Its something we've considered. Fortunately, players in our tests have not experienced any issue or confusion with the tiger icons during non-expansion play and I expect it will be this way for most. In addition, if we are able to reach the Endangered Species Expansion the tigers may also be collected as a treasure so they will need to stand out in the same way as the other treasures.

    2. Don Riddle

      Or maybe provide us with a set of "tiger head" tokens to be added to the cards when using the expansion?

    3. Don Riddle

      If the Tiger is to be on ALL the cards, but only played when using the expansion, personally, I'd like to see the icon reduced in size and posibly changed to a white "sketch" icon instead of the fully-colored one you're using now. It's so prominent as to be distracting during a "regular" game of Swamped.

    4. PerfectVirus

      Thank you so much for the solo rules.