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Can you survive a journey into the world's most feared swamp? A perilously fun card game for 2-4 adventurers.
Can you survive a journey into the world's most feared swamp? A perilously fun card game for 2-4 adventurers.
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5 Stretch Goals Unlocked & More!

Posted by Dennis Hoyle (Creator)

5 Stretch Goals Unlocked!:

In just three days we've unlocked 5 stretch goals for Swamped! Great job everyone! Now we will be able to add the following: Croc and Boat Meeples, Alternative Starting Map Card, Create Your Own Adventurer Card and Spot UV for the box cover! 

Now, if we reach just $13,500 in funding we'll add The Engineer!

New Goal Voting:

We've also started voting for the next possible stretch goal. The three options are: Heartroot/Mooncap Variant Artwork, Silkscreen for Boat/Croc, or Waterfall Mini Expansion. 


We've got two add-ons available! You can add-on our two earlier games Antidote and Drop Site for the pledge listed on the campaign page. Adding-on increases the total funding for the campaign and helps us reach even more stretch goals! These will be shipped out within about two months after the conclusion of the campaign.

Last Call For Thunder!:

We need about 45 more people to join the Get #Swamped Thunderclap by Friday. If we can't get that number, our Thunderclap won't go out. Basically it just sends out a social media post on your behalf simultaneously with everyone else, saying that you've supported Swamped. Cool!

How to Help:

Voting: To vote for the next stretch goal, go here!

Add-Ons: To add-on to your pledge, go to the campaign page. (Add-ons section for details, then go to the top and click the pledge button again to manage your pledge amount.)

Thunderclap: To join the Thunderclap, go here before tomorrow!

We're so thrilled to be part of this adventure with you! Thanks for all of your amazing support! Only 9 days left!

-Dennis Hoyle

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    1. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      Abraham: Thanks! Yep, it looks like we didn't make it! I appreciate the time and help though!

      David: Thanks for voting! We've moved on at this point and are now voting here:

    2. Missing avatar

      David Bresson

      I vote for the waterfall mini expansion

    3. Abraham Hunt

      Dennis I added Twitter, looks like we still have a ways to go though.

    4. Missing avatar

      Daz Moore on

      1 for waterfall

    5. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      Eric: Thanks for the vote!

      Abraham: Yep, it counts as more than one for multiple outlets. Good catch!

    6. Abraham Hunt

      On the thunderclap does using more than 1 outlet count as another person? I used facebook, but if it would help count as more people I could add an account.

    7. PerfectVirus

      1 vote for Waterfall