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Flick for a hole-in-one in this 3D golf game for your table! Includes 27+ crazy holes for 1-4 players to conquer! (+Commissions!)
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    1. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      @JonT: Thanks for posting such a great review! Glad you enjoyed the game and hope you get a lot of opportunity to play more in the future!

    2. Missing avatar

      JonT on

      It was easy to setup and learn (not everyone playing was a board game aficionado) and we immediately got right into it and had a blast.

      The trick shots are easy to learn and pull off and are satisfying to use in the right situation. The skill level is balanced just right and even those who aren’t the most dexterous managed just fine. We spent a bit of time experimenting and found quite a few other tricks shots not listed in the book - which is also a nice surprise.

      It’s easy to House rule the game for individual tastes (e.g. we decided “off the table tee-off shots” result in a penalty point and a return to the tee off rather than playing from where it went off the table), which is good for different skills levels and ages.

      Overall an amazing game that we will be playing whenever we get the chance!

    3. Missing avatar

      JonT on

      Hi guys. UK backer here and the game arrived yesterday!

      We set it up with a bunch of friends and played the first nine.

      I never normally comment on Kickstarter stuff - but I have to say that we had probably the most fun with this game than we have had with a board game for ages!

    4. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      @Riely: Correct. Rest of the World will be going out this upcoming week from Chicago.

    5. Riely 'Stilts' Molloy on

      So ROW is shipping from Chicago too??

    6. Jonas on

      ( ゚∀゚) ノ♡

    7. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      @Mini Mee: I can almost hear your tiger roar from way over here!

    8. Mini Mee

      The excitement level has just gone from golf clap to a Tiger roar! Can't wait to see how it all turned out and see how much practice it will take to shoot under par. My flicking finger is ready to tee off!

    9. Peter S on

      Great! I'm looking forward to it!