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Flick for a hole-in-one in this 3D golf game for your table! Includes  27+ crazy holes for 1-4 players to conquer! (+Commissions!)
Flick for a hole-in-one in this 3D golf game for your table! Includes 27+ crazy holes for 1-4 players to conquer! (+Commissions!)
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    1. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator about 10 hours ago

      @All: Rest of the world shipments are now scheduled to go out Monday. Later than hoped, but I'll let you know as soon as I can that they are actually leaving the warehouse!

      @ThomasDN: Glad it arrived in great shape!!

    2. Missing avatar

      1 day ago

      Everything has arrived in good condition here in Denmark. Everything is there. The component quality is very nice.

    3. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator 2 days ago

      @yobErt: Great!!

      @All: Expecting the rewards for the rest of the world to be going out tomorrow hopefully!

    4. yobErt
      3 days ago

      yo received bubble foil protect and pink mars box, 10/10.


    5. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator 4 days ago

      @Chris: Fulfillment is going a bit slower for the US and RoW. All the games are currently at our fulfillment center, but they are not packaged or labeled yet. I'm told the soonest they will be mailed is Friday. I wish you could have had Mars Open for your vacation!

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Miller 4 days ago

      Anyone in the US receive theirs yet, or do we know if they have started shipping yet? I am leaving on Thursday for a week vacation with family and thought it would be cool to have this for the rainy days :)

    7. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator 5 days ago

      @Szchifo: Enjoyed the video! Looked like you all had some fun! It may take some practice to become an expert on some of the alternate shots.

      @Jason: Awesome!

      @JonT: Thanks for the great review! Glad you all had such a good time playing!

    8. Jason 5 days ago

      Received in Belgium :)

    9. Missing avatar

      JonT 5 days ago

      Hi guys. UK backer here and the game arrived on Saturday. We set it up with a bunch of friends and played the first eighteen holes. Here are my initial thoughts.

      It was easy to setup and learn (not everyone playing was a board game aficionado) and we immediately got right into it and had a blast.

      The trick shots are easy to learn and pull off and are satisfying to use in the right situation. The skill level is balanced just right and even those who aren’t the most dexterous managed just fine. We spent a bit of time experimenting and found quite a few other tricks shots not listed in the book - which is also a nice surprise - including a rather useful thumb flick chip shot to get over those nearby tall obstacles.

      It’s easy to House rule the game for individual tastes (e.g. we decided “off the table tee-off shots” result in a return to the start rather than playing from where it went off the table+a penalty shot), which is good for different skills levels and ages.

      Overall an amazing game that we will be playing whenever we get the chance!

    10. Missing avatar

      JonT 5 days ago

      Great game! The trick shots are easier than I thought they would be :).

      Here are some of the “hole in one” challenges.

    11. Szchifo 6 days ago

      Good game, but directing the thing is near on impossible. Tips in the book for aiming are, well, liberal with the truth...😂 Just hit and hope, but that no problem...still had a blast.

      Here's our silly playthrough in 4K

    12. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator 7 days ago

      @Dale: Something we will consider!

    13. Missing avatar

      Dale Rowe 7 days ago

      Received my copy this morning and already set about creating some interesting holes. The insert is a really good tool. DO we know if there will be any sort of app to share our holes with the graphic design of the rulebook?

    14. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator 7 days ago

      @WeAreGeek: Your's is the first to arrive! And yes, the extra ball marker token is a mistake on our end. Not needed for gameplay.

    15. WeAreGeek on

      Just noticed there’s an extra Kickstarter ball marker with the punchboard.

    16. Missing avatar


      Received "shipped" email from GamesQuest. Live in Denmark.

    17. WeAreGeek on

      Game just arrived this morning (UK) gonna start practicing my flicking arm straight away!

    18. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Szchifo: Awesome!!

    19. Szchifo on

      Shipped in the UK will post playthrough on when it arrives.

    20. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Jonathan: In part, yes. The few weeks surrounding a freight shipment arriving to a destination city is always a bit amorphous feeling to me. A lot of things happen that are hard to see, such as separating our pallets from the others in the container, booking truck deliveries and various other details the freight company handles. It is always hard to wait during this time period!

    21. Jonathan Hollingsworth

      Ok good to hear. I'm guessing the intermittent time has been eaten up by customs

    22. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Jonathan: Glad to hear how excited you are! UK/EU shipment has arrived and could begin going out to backers next week. Still waiting to hear about arrival of US/world shipment.

    23. Jonathan Hollingsworth

      So I know I’m sounding a little impatient but please know I’m just really excited to get this in the mail soon- how is the customs and delivery process going now?

    24. Szchifo on

      Hurrah! Salivating...

    25. Jonathan Hollingsworth


    26. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Jonathan: Ships have arrived to land! The games are in process at customs in both the US and the UK!

    27. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Jason: Ships have arrived to land! The games are in process at customs in both the US and the UK!

    28. Jonathan Hollingsworth

      Hey what’s the word on those ships? Looking forward to flicking paper golf balls around the house.

    29. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Rainer: You can do this by clicking "Manage my pledge" on the main Kickstarter page or by emailing me directly at

    30. Missing avatar

      Rainer on

      I need to change my shipping address. Do I do this in the Kickstarter survey that was sent out earlier, or will there be another link send? Thanks

    31. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Chris: Thanks for saying! We are excited too! We are going to focus first on getting everything produced and high quality, but this would certainly be fun to make. You might take a look at this 360 video that Tantrum House made. They played through a couple holes in 360 degrees:…

    32. Missing avatar

      Chris Miller on

      I'm super excited for this game : ) If time allows, at some point I'd love to see an in depth game play video, maybe a few holes start to finish or even a full round. I'd just really like to see a variety of shots being made to spread interest in the game!

    33. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Jake: Thanks!! SO excited!
      @Jeff: Noted!

    34. Jeff Neely

      Just wanted to say +1 on the add-ons! I'd add on more if you offered anything in a post-campaign pledge manager.

      Heck, I'd love to buy a few more terrain cards too -- wink, wink ;-)
      (easy enough to flat pack outside the box if you offered them as an add-on)

    35. Jake :: Draft Mechanic

      Congrats on an awesome campaign Dennis! So excited to get out on the course again :)

    36. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Joel: Thanks for the comment! We're exploring some different options here. Would love to get GTRs out sooner rather than later and we may do something like you suggest. We'll keep everyone posted.

    37. Joel on

      In regards to giacOmO's comment, would it be possible to like, do a poll for how many backers would be interested in an add - on for giant terraforming robots, and if enough backers were, making an add - on through pledge manager for it?

    38. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Bruce: Thanks!!
      @Giacomo: Thanks! We were too!

    39. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Kenrick: 10 balls, yep, and really you could play 10. We say "9" because one of the balls is the Leader Ball which goes to the player who won the previous game to use. We think 10 is a really good number for the game and we'll be holding there. The higher player the higher the downtime between turns.

    40. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @Fred: Thanks for the comment! And thanks for being part of this with us!

    41. Bruce Heroux on

      Congradulatiions, I can't wait to play!!!

    42. giac0m0 on

      Congratulations on a great campaign and I'm very excited to be getting my game. Super disappointed about the Giant Robots not making the cut, fingers crossed for an expansion pack....

    43. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh

      I read below that the number of players can reach up to 9. Isn't it supposed to be 10 because there are 10 golf balls?

      Since we weren't able to reach the giant robots stretch goal but managed to reach 26.5k, could you please atleast give us the 2 additional golf balls stretch goal? Would be awesome to accomodate 12 people since this is a party game.

    44. Mini Mee on

      Congratulations Dennis, Bellwether Games, and all my fellow backers! We unlocked some great stretch goals...sand trap, obstacles, extra balls, and an extra 18 hole course. A VERY solid package for the money. We didn't get the Terraforming Robots but that is just the beginning of where this game can go. (In the meantime, put a coaster or 2 under one side of the green and create your own version of a tilted green).

      Now the work begins for Dennis and team! And the painful waiting for the next 8 months for those of us eager to play. Keep us posted on how things are progressing Dennis, I know we will be talking at some point.

      - insert golf clap here -

    45. Dennis Hoyle 8-time creator on

      @All: Thank you!!! Could not have done this without all of you and we are superrrrr excited about making the game and sending it to you!

    46. Overworld Games

      Congratulations! This will be another awesome game by an awesome company. I look forward to seeing paper golf balls flying all over my FLGS! -Brian

    47. Tom Roy on

      Can't wait to hold in space!!

    48. William Baker on

      I'm excited to see your game. I hope that the robots expansion could be another add on that we could buy, maybe another kickstarter for it? It seems that people in the comments want it.

    49. Missing avatar

      Matt Granger on

      Please make the robots an extra upgrade to purchase as an add on to the game. I need some Terra forming :)

    50. David (Jester's) Craft

      A wee bit short of giant robots, but still a good run. Congrats!

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