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Flick for a hole-in-one in this 3D golf game for your table! Includes  27+ crazy holes for 1-4 players to conquer! (+Commissions!)
Flick for a hole-in-one in this 3D golf game for your table! Includes 27+ crazy holes for 1-4 players to conquer! (+Commissions!)
740 backers pledged $26,537 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on January 11

      @Chris: Thanks for saying! We are excited too! We are going to focus first on getting everything produced and high quality, but this would certainly be fun to make. You might take a look at this 360 video that Tantrum House made. They played through a couple holes in 360 degrees:…

    2. Missing avatar

      Chris Miller on January 10

      I'm super excited for this game : ) If time allows, at some point I'd love to see an in depth game play video, maybe a few holes start to finish or even a full round. I'd just really like to see a variety of shots being made to spread interest in the game!

    3. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 6

      @Jake: Thanks!! SO excited!
      @Jeff: Noted!

    4. Jeff Neely
      on December 5

      Just wanted to say +1 on the add-ons! I'd add on more if you offered anything in a post-campaign pledge manager.

      Heck, I'd love to buy a few more terrain cards too -- wink, wink ;-)
      (easy enough to flat pack outside the box if you offered them as an add-on)

    5. Jake :: Draft Mechanic
      on December 5

      Congrats on an awesome campaign Dennis! So excited to get out on the course again :)

    6. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 5

      @Joel: Thanks for the comment! We're exploring some different options here. Would love to get GTRs out sooner rather than later and we may do something like you suggest. We'll keep everyone posted.

    7. Joel on December 5

      In regards to giacOmO's comment, would it be possible to like, do a poll for how many backers would be interested in an add - on for giant terraforming robots, and if enough backers were, making an add - on through pledge manager for it?

    8. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 5

      @Bruce: Thanks!!
      @Giacomo: Thanks! We were too!

    9. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 5

      @Kenrick: 10 balls, yep, and really you could play 10. We say "9" because one of the balls is the Leader Ball which goes to the player who won the previous game to use. We think 10 is a really good number for the game and we'll be holding there. The higher player the higher the downtime between turns.

    10. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 5

      @Fred: Thanks for the comment! And thanks for being part of this with us!

    11. Bruce Heroux on December 5

      Congradulatiions, I can't wait to play!!!

    12. giac0m0 on December 5

      Congratulations on a great campaign and I'm very excited to be getting my game. Super disappointed about the Giant Robots not making the cut, fingers crossed for an expansion pack....

    13. Missing avatar

      Kenrick Carlson Keh
      on December 5

      I read below that the number of players can reach up to 9. Isn't it supposed to be 10 because there are 10 golf balls?

      Since we weren't able to reach the giant robots stretch goal but managed to reach 26.5k, could you please atleast give us the 2 additional golf balls stretch goal? Would be awesome to accomodate 12 people since this is a party game.

    14. Fred Parrow on December 4

      Congratulations Dennis, Bellwether Games, and all my fellow backers! We unlocked some great stretch goals...sand trap, obstacles, extra balls, and an extra 18 hole course. A VERY solid package for the money. We didn't get the Terraforming Robots but that is just the beginning of where this game can go. (In the meantime, put a coaster or 2 under one side of the green and create your own version of a tilted green).

      Now the work begins for Dennis and team! And the painful waiting for the next 8 months for those of us eager to play. Keep us posted on how things are progressing Dennis, I know we will be talking at some point.

      - insert golf clap here -

    15. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 4

      @All: Thank you!!! Could not have done this without all of you and we are superrrrr excited about making the game and sending it to you!

    16. Overworld Games
      on December 4

      Congratulations! This will be another awesome game by an awesome company. I look forward to seeing paper golf balls flying all over my FLGS! -Brian

    17. Tom Roy on December 4

      Can't wait to hold in space!!

    18. William Baker on December 4

      I'm excited to see your game. I hope that the robots expansion could be another add on that we could buy, maybe another kickstarter for it? It seems that people in the comments want it.

    19. Missing avatar

      Matt Granger on December 4

      Please make the robots an extra upgrade to purchase as an add on to the game. I need some Terra forming :)

    20. David (Jester's) Craft
      on December 4

      A wee bit short of giant robots, but still a good run. Congrats!

    21. Liam Charbonneau
      on December 4

      @Dennis, Congratulations on funding your game. Can't wait to try it out!

    22. Stockpile on December 4

      Is there a picture of what these robots look like?

    23. JBARR
      on December 4

      2 hours to get $2400. What are the odds of getting the robots if we are just shy?

    24. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 4

      @Liam: Yes! A very good chance!!

    25. Liam Charbonneau
      on December 4

      @Dennis, Is there any chance of their being future expansions in another Kickstarter? Please?

    26. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 4

      @Steve / Jeff: Really good ideas! The sleeve and something we will consider, but probably not something we are going to get to at this time. We need to focus on getting all the base components and stretch material produced and delivered in good condition and on time first.

    27. Steve on December 4

      @Jeff I mentioned this to a bit back in a private message. I was hoping to see something similar or had hoped for some sort of print yourself option to solve this. I get the feeling doing this would have required more funding. It was said they do not plan on offering a digital art package, but I hope they change their mind and maybe offer one piece of art or 2 that can be printed out to cover all the wording on the boxes. I know this isn't a huge issue, but it would be great!

    28. Jeff Neely
      on December 4

      PS - I know the top/bottom of the box are already intended to be used as props, my suggestion below (sleeve) is a way to keep them free of any text and other content that would interfere with the art while being used in the game as terrain.

    29. Jeff Neely
      on December 4

      You've probably already thought of these, but thought I'd propose them anyway:

      1) Consider adding a sleeve to the box. That way you can move all of the outer box info to the sleeve (title, info, bar codes, contents, etc.), leaving the top and bottom of the box mostly clear and covered purely with the thematic art for them to be used as plateaus and other in--game scenery).

      2) Small expansion boxes! This game screams for more props and thematic terrain. Plus, if you treat the small boxes with a sleeve, their tops/bottoms too can serve as smaller plateaus or other obstructions. These would be perfect for adding more varied holes. Perhaps a martian vegetation pack, a buildings pack, a mountains pack, ...

    30. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 4

      @ThomasDN: Awesome! Hoping that pulls in a few more backers for us over the last couple hours!!

    31. Missing avatar

      on December 4

      This is the first game listed right now when sorting by "Magic"!…

    32. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 3

      @All: Got another amazing review today, this time from The Cardboatd Stacker who said "I think Mars Open will be the next essential party game and family game everyone wants". Check out the complete review here:

    33. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 3

      @JBARR: The "UFO"s would be similar to the current "balls", but would a different typical flight path. These would add the challenge of choosing the type of "ball" you want for a specific shot.

    34. JBARR
      on December 3

      The robots are my number one right now, but ufo alternative flight ball pack...sounds like that is where we want to be? Sounds like different shaped “ball”.

    35. Fred Parrow on December 3

      @Tom - I believe I saw the penalty is that you can't move/position your ball when you land in the trap. Fairway shots you can move your "ball" about to get the perfect flick but in traps you play it as it lies.

      Let's get those terraforming robots!

    36. Missing avatar

      Tom Herman on December 3

      What is impact of sand trap other than aesthetic?

    37. Blurp on December 3

      Giant Terraforming Robots?! It would b a crime not to unlock those!

    38. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 3

      @All: We just hit the 8th stretch goal! Now we can include 2 more golf ball cards in the game! These extras are going to effectively increase the number of payers to 9, plus they will give you more opportunity to make practice shots when you hit the "driving range". The stretch goal and components graphics have been updated below!

    39. JBARR
      on December 2

      Awaiting the arrival of the terraforming robots in 6 hours...

    40. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on December 2

      @BigTom: Thanks for posting this! Very awesome!

    41. Big Tom Casual on December 2

      If anyone is looking for a quick and easy way to show your excitement for this game I composed a tweet that includes the cool skill shot gif from the campaign page. Lets retweet it all over the place!

      There are many other wonderful options here:…

      Lets get this wonderful game in the hands of as many family rooms, dorm rooms, break rooms, bar rooms as possible!

    42. Liam Charbonneau
      on November 30


    43. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on November 30

      @Liam: Yep! Every copy pledged for gets everything with it.

    44. Liam Charbonneau
      on November 30

      @Dennis Hoyle, I recently switched to back for 3 copies which i can't wait to receive although i do have one question? When we back for more than one copy, do we get the stretch goals for one copy only or 3x the stretch goals? Not to be greedy, i'm just wondering.

    45. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on November 30

      @All: Thanks for the comments and feedback about stretch goals. I think we will leave it as is. We are starting to move again and may be able to unlock the $21k goal by the end of the week. If you are wanting to share this project, we recommend you tag someone specifically who you think would like it. Thanks everyone!

    46. Dennis Hoyle 7-time creator on November 30

      @Alfieri: Unless we unlock the GTRs (Giant Terraforming Robots) we won't be able to offer them as a separate add-on.

    47. Fred Parrow on November 30

      I will chime in with others and say leave things be and let's get the word out for the stretch and make the number. Everything I have seen points to this game being great fun for families, parties, and creativeness.

      Speaking of creativity...I had just had this thought about adding a box fan to the side of the table to add a "Winds of Mars" challenge to a hole or even a whole round. I look at what is in the box as just a starting point for what can be done with this game.

      Spread the word, share the videos on facebook/twitter/etc. Let's do it!

    48. Big Tom Casual on November 29

      I think when people come here for the final 48, see an engaged creator and a lively community, they will have any reservations put to rest and join in the fun.

    49. Matt Groznik on November 29

      I'm inclined to agree with Daniel and say just leave things as is. Once you start messing around too much with what you have set up, you're likely to just confuse people and alienate as many people as you may make happy. Don't get me wrong, I want to see the robots as well, and any other sort of obstacles that can change up the holes, but you're already running a great campaign and there hasn't even been the 48 hour rush, yet, I think we'll get to the robots easily.

    50. Daniel Robison on November 29

      I'll throw in a vote for leaving things as is, especially if it's only going to lower the goal for the robots to 27k. Personally hoping to blow through all of them. You guys are running a great campaign and I can't wait to play it!

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