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Select actions rondel-style with a reel that spins in this puzzley quest to score the best combos. A dice-drafting game for 1-4 players
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    1. Missing avatar

      Klaus Schrempf on

      A little booklet with multiple adventure maps might also be a nice idea.

    2. Draxon Fly on

      Nice but Not a fan of the one time use thing though. Probably wont get used if that the case. :(
      Reference cards are a must, hope we make it. :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Klaus Schrempf on

      If not as a stretchgoal, how about multiple adventure maps or a laminated version as an add-on? I would immediately buy 2.

    4. Garet on

      I hope you do add a pdf version. I would want to keep the rule book one forever and just use paper. Alternatively I guess we could just make a copy of the page(s) in the rule book.

    5. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      @Jason: The Adventure Map is a one time use. We may create a downloadable version to print.

    6. Missing avatar

      Jason on

      Is it one time use in the rulebook, or can I use say dry erase and play the 7 days multiple times?

    7. Missing avatar

      Klaus Schrempf on

      I do hope, you will add more. My wife wants to play the campaign, too.

    8. Russonc

      Fantastic... as a mostly solo player this is awesome.

    9. Missing avatar


      @Dennis: this looks like one will fill in the double page during campaign play. Will there be multiple pages of this campaign included, to try it again? Or will it be downloadable?

    10. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      @Klaus: Just the one map for now. Most likely we will have a download link for more.

    11. Zach W. Lorton on

      Finally, I can talk about this! Brian asked me to playtest the solo mode, and it's AMAZING! Like a miniature campaign in a dungeon crawl, the Adventure Mode allows you new bonuses, availability of Momentum tiles, the ability to start at certain Finesse levels, and gives you a real sense of progression throughout play. It's fun, it's challenging, and it's rewarding . . . it's probably one of the better solo gaming experiences I've had.

    12. Missing avatar

      Klaus Schrempf on

      Great reveal! How many adventure maps will be provided? Might be a nice stretchgoal to have more or even a laminated version.