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Elegant expansion to the acclaimed 2017 board game. Smooth, strategic, worker-placement for 1-4 players.
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Lend Us Your Thumbs! & Final Week!

Posted by Dennis Hoyle (Creator)

Full-steam-ahead into the final week of the Coldwater Crown: The Sea campaign! This campaign has been such a joy to experience with you so far. Thanks for making it great!

Lend Us Your Thumbs:

Friends, gamers, people everywhere... lend us your thumbs! As part of the final week of the campaign we're pushing a "Thumbs Up" effort on Board Game Geek. Join us by clicking the green "thumbs up" next to this image of The Sea game box on

If we can get a lot of thumbs all at once, this image may be featured on the front page, which can draw some extra attention to Coldwater Crown: The Sea and the Kickstarter!

Final Week:

As part of the final week we've increased our advertising budget a little bit to get some more eyes on the project, and we can see this already paying off in an increased rate of new backers in the past two days. We expect to see another influx as we pass the 48 hour mark and further expect to hit another 1-3 stretch goals before the end.

Speaking of Stretch Goals:

As of this writing we are about $600 short of unlocking goal #3, the player aid cards, which we discussed in the previous update. Anticipating we will reach this goal soon, we would like to share a few more details about Stretch Goal #4, the bait discard box, illustrated below:

Imagine the great joy of discarding your bait gems into a small box by the side of the game board! When the clear "refill" gem appears, this box will make refilling the bait bag a super-quick and refreshing experience. If we reach $29,000 in funding, all backers for a copy of Coldwater Crown: The Sea will receive this bait discard box.

Reviewer Highlight:

Let's take a moment to highlight some of the reviewer content for Coldwater Crown: The Sea! Reviewers spend considerable time and energy producing content and I think it is important to help direct more eyes and ears to their work. Next up is Roll To Hit Gaming's very clear and thorough explanation and review of Coldwater Crown and Coldwater Crown: The Sea respectively.

I expect you will be receiving another Coldwater Crown: The Sea update in the next 2-3 days and then perhaps a final one just before or just after the campaign comes to a close. Thank you for braving the frothy seas with us!

On behalf of the team,

-Dennis Hoyle

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