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Elegant expansion to the acclaimed 2017 board game. Smooth, strategic, worker-placement for 1-4 players.
648 backers pledged $30,430 to help bring this project to life.

Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked!

Posted by Dennis Hoyle (Creator)

Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked!:

Great news! We've already unlocked the first stretch goal for Coldwater Crown: The Sea! This means we will be adding the Mean Species Challenge Variant Tile to every copy of Coldwater Crown: The Sea, at no extra cost to backers. Thank you for helping us get this far! There is more to come!

New Pledge Level:

Several backers have asked for a way to pledge for more than one copy of Coldwater Crown: The Sea so we decided to open up a "x2" pledge level. If you were thinking about grabbing a second copy of The Sea for a friend who owns Coldwater Crown, this might be a good option for you

We are able to offer a (somewhat small) discount on shipping for this option. If you have previously already added-on to your pledge for a second copy of The Sea after discussion with us, instead choose the new pledge level since we were able to knock-off another dollar or two in shipping (depending on your region).

Stretch Goal #2:

We've revealed another stretch goal on the campaign page, and highlighted another one below:

The Kickstarter Edition Color Board Back Wrap upgrades the traditional black backing of the game board to a full-color design like the one shown above. It's just a small touch to give your game an overall slightly better look and feel. (Please note the design is not final and is still subject to change.)

If we can reach $21,000 in total funding we will upgrade every Kickstarter Edition copy of Coldwater Crown: The Sea to include this style of board back wrap.

Reviewer Highlight:

Let's take a moment to highlight some of the reviewer content for Coldwater Crown: The Sea! Reviewers spend considerable time and energy producing content and I think it is important to help direct more eyes and ears to their work. Next up is Shawn Smith from the Arch Gaming Network!

That is all for this update! You'll hear from me again soon! Thanks for joining us on this adventure out to Sea!

On behalf of the team,

-Dennis Hoyle


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    1. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      @Christopher: Sure! There are four cards and a rule card. Shuffle the four cards and discard one randomly back to the game box. Then shuffle one of each of the remaining three cards into each fishing location deck (i.e. Shore, Lake and River). These cards can be "caught" just like any other fish and each offers a different reward: Two tackle pieces, 1 Victory point, 1 Fish from the deck, or Nothing.

    2. Christopher Schenck on

      On the main campaign page, I can't quite make out the text of the Jetsam Promo pack from the image. Could you provide a better picture of the rule card? Or maybe just copy the text somewhere it can be easily read?