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Elegant expansion to the acclaimed 2017 board game. Smooth, strategic, worker-placement for 1-4 players.
648 backers pledged $30,430 to help bring this project to life.

Funded!! Onward to Stretch Goals

Posted by Dennis Hoyle (Creator)


Coldwater Crown: The Sea is funded! This is the fastest we have ever funded a Kickstarter campaign (less than 3 hours!). Thank you to all of you for backing this game! Thank you also to the countless numbers of you who have supported Coldwater Crown and Coldwater Crown: The Sea on social media, at conventions, and at all the places you play and talk about games. Your support has made all of this possible. Thank you so much!!

Stretch Goals:

Two Stretch Goals have been revealed on the campaign page. I'll highlight the first one below.

The Mean Species Challenge Variant Tile is an optional variant for playing Coldwater Crown: The Sea. If you choose, when you set up the game, you can cover the existing Small Species Challenge on the game board and replace it with the Mean Species Challenge. The first player to catch a Pike, a Squid and a Blue Shark will earn the top trophy from the stack, followed by the second player, and so on. 

From a strategic standpoint, players will find this variant increases the appeal of heading to Sea earlier in the game. A skilled player will wisely assess the environment, aggressively taking advantage of scarcity, but only moving to Sea if conditions are favorable.

If we reach $16,000 in funding we will include the above mentioned tile in every copy of Coldwater Crown: The Sea.

Reviewer Highlight:

Let's take a moment to highlight some of the reviewer content for Coldwater Crown: The Sea! Reviewers spend considerable time and energy producing content and I think it is important to help direct more eyes and ears to their work. First up, is a quick preview produced by the friendly and effective people at Tantrum House!

Again, I'd like to say "thank you!" for helping to make this day an incredible one for us! Coldwater Crown: The Sea is an expansion we have been wanting to produce for a long time and it is so exciting to finally be getting the engines running! 

I'll be back periodically throughout the campaign with updates for you. Thanks again!

On behalf of the team,

-Dennis Hoyle


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    1. Dennis Hoyle 9-time creator on

      @gbreden: Thanks for the comment! We have some other stretch goals planned that do more of what you are suggesting in adding more pieces. As for the Mean Species we set out to make a fun and simple alternative way to play, and in playtesting discovered that combining challenges didn't always create the experience we were looking for. Your suggestion is definitely appreciated!

    2. Missing avatar


      Again with removing/replacing the small species challenge? I'm referring to the "Pike Challenge" recent promo tile... So now if you have both, you have to choose one of three challenges to play with, eh? Why not ADD TO the game for people, and just provide enough tokens to play with all three challenges active at the same time? Then you allow people to chart their own strategy rather than be constrained. Seriously, I LOVE this game but would appreciate it so much more if there was the opportunity to compete in more than one of these at the same time -- or, we could still replace two with one other, as we wished. All it would take is a few extra tokens -- now that you are funded, maybe it looks like they could be worked in?