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A young man is unable to recall his dreams. Losing his source of inspiration, he seeks refuge in the home of a desert dwelling woman.

The proposed project is a short film, written and directed by myself. I am a third year film student at the School for the Art Institute of Chicago. Helping me make this film are two of my fellow students Drew Hanks, and Ethan Thibault. The three of us worked together at the end of 2012 to make my first short, Four and a Half Days

Ethan will help me shoot the film, and Drew will star in it.

The film centers on a young man living in poor conditions in a dark city. He is unable to recall his dreams. Previously tapping these dreams as a source for ideas, his budding career as a writer dwindles to nothing. He has a profound love of plant life and nature. In his depression over his failed career, his love of alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine spirals out of control. He retreats from this city and relocates to a home in a sunny location. The home he has come to belongs to an elderly woman, whose relation to the man is unknown, though it becomes clear that this is a place of healing and mental rehabilitation. The man spends his days writing and working in the garden with the woman. Her ways are strict and she forbids him to fall upon any of his vices, but there is a deep tenderness to the woman. This love that the woman emanates begins to brush off on the man after hours spent in the garden. 

The film will have a running time of around 20 minutes, shot at two different locations; two days in Chicago and three days in Palm Springs, CA during SAICs Spring Break. The film has been budgeted for $5000.00 which includes equipment rental, costume and props, crew, location fees, post-production costs, & travel expenses. This also takes into consideration day to day fees such as gasoline, food, and lodging. I plan to shoot this project using a Canon 5D and Zeiss Compact Prime Super Speed lenses. 

Drew, Ethan and myself would like to thank all of you in advance for supporting us. 

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This will be the second film I've made, and will be nearly three times the length of my first effort. Given the amount of time spent travelling, we will only have two solid days to shoot in Palm Springs before classes resume. For the last film, we completed shooting in a single day, having only one weekend to shoot on location. Between two travel days, rapid pre-production, and reliance on school camera availability, there are many possible setbacks that we can encounter. However, we have a finished script and three incredibly dedicated filmmakers working on this project, and I have no doubt in my mind that, regardless of any possible obstacles, we will complete this film. This being said, I do not foresee having any issue with equipment rental or shooting preparation.

I believe that Ethan, Drew, and myself are more than qualified to complete this project by the end of this Spring semester if we are able to fund it. The three of us know that we want to spend our lives making movies, and know that nothing will get done unless we do it ourselves. But we are college students, and we need your help.


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