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BOY: the American release!'s video poster

Bring our coming-of-age comedy—the all-time New Zealand box office champ—to America! We need a laugh! Read more

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This project was successfully funded on March 2, 2012.

Bring our coming-of-age comedy—the all-time New Zealand box office champ—to America! We need a laugh!

About this project

Hey everyone! Kia ora, I’m Taika Waititi. I made this movie called BOY. This is what I tricked Sundance Film Festival into saying about it when I took it there …

“Inspired by his Oscar-nominated short, Taika Waititi offers a charming, funny, and wild coming-of-age story where everybody has some coming of age to do. Never short on laughs, Waititi’s story is ultimately about three boys (one grown) reconciling fantasy with reality.”

I wanted more, so I got Bird Runningwater from the Sundance Institute to say this:

The actor playing Boy in the film, teenager James Rolleston, was mobbed by teenaged German girls wanting his autograph after he premiered at the Berlinale.”

No love for me in Berlin? So I Googled myself and found this from @jackiechan and then I had an idea.

“Every once in a while, a tiny little film will come along so heartfelt and so well executed that you just know if it can find a studio that believes in it or somehow find its way in front of an audience, it will be a hit. All too often that movie fades only to be discovered years later by adoring fans, leaving them wondering, ‘Why didn't I see this in the theater?’ I am holding onto hope that this doesn't become the fate of Taika Waititi's wonderfully hilarious autobiographical film BOY.”

Columbus arrived in America in 1492. In 1964, the Beatles made the trip. It’s 2012 and I am bringing BOY to your big United States and your fancy theatres with 3D and butter for your popcorn and share it with you. You can be my studio.

I made the film in New Zealand where it to become the biggest hit in history. We won tons of crazy awards at the Sydney, Melbourne and AFI Film Festivals. I took it to New Mexico with Sundance and showed it there just for fun. Most importantly to me, it made people happy.

But you Americans haven’t had a chance yet to see it and I just know you’ll love it—and you could use a bit of cheering up, especially since the world is supposed to end this year. 

I want to come to more American cities and show it to more of you. I promise to visit as many places as I can so you can beat me up in person afterwards if you didn’t like it. Thanks for your help, mysterious people.

Sincerely, Taika


  • " Then I say, "Oh my little Smurfies, P&A stands for "prints and advertising", that is, paying for prints of the film which go into theaters and the advertising which gets people to see those prints. Lots of Smurfs think that a film is made and then it is seen, however it is a very expensive process which is why people often say "How come I never saw or heard of that brilliant film?" Big Hollywood films can spend anywhere from $50 million to $100 million on P&A which is why you know that Spiderman 17 is opening next week and you don't know that a brilliant film from Iran is playing too. The more you spend the more people get to know about it and see it."

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    I love it. Thanks for helping us out. I will say your name quietly to myself at night before I go to bed and send you a little hug in my mind. We'll also send you a digital poster you can hang proudly on your computer.

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    Using the power of digital elves, I will send you a link for digital downloads for two of my short films TWO CARS ONE NIGHT and TAMA TU. One of them was nominated for an Oscar, the other wasn’t. I’ll see if you can guess which.

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    I’ll send you the link to the short films you can download and I’ll get you a “Crazy Horse” membership card and jacket patch. In the film, Boy’s Dad runs the “Crazy Horse” gang. You join the posse.

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    I’ll send you the link to download the short films plus a “Crazy Horse” membership card and jacket patch. Then I’m going crazy and sending you an autographed DVD copy of BOY plus an autographed BOY movie poster you can hang up and admire while you watch the film. Full Color!

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    I’ll send you all the goodies so far and one more special one: I’m a good draw’er and I’m gonna make you an animation drawing inspired by you and personally signed by the artist, me. You can see some of my art skills in BOY. My aunty thinks I'm freakishly talented.

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    This one is just stupid cool. I’ll hand paint a “Crazy Horse” gang motorcycle helmet for you plus I will photoshop your photo into a framed portrait of you standing with the “Crazy Horse” gang using magic. Oh yeah, plus you get one of my drawings and everything else above.

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    You’re gonna look so good! You’ll get a “Crazy Horse” gang jacket plus two tickets to premiere event in the US I’m planning right now. I can’t cover your travel, but I will save you two seats next to me no matter where it takes place.

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    I’m going to give you a personal day-long tour of Waihau Bay, New Zealand with some of the cast and crew members, followed by dinner cooked by me and my aunty. This is where we made BOY. We’ll arrange two round-trip domestic airline tickets, food and lodging included. I’ll send you everything else above, of course. Let’s sit on the beach and get to know each other. We can talk about BOY or anything else that’s on your mind.

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