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Help bring to life a tactical whistle, made to military standards and guaranteed to be the most reliable tool of its kind.
Help bring to life a tactical whistle, made to military standards and guaranteed to be the most reliable tool of its kind.
1,373 backers pledged $43,933 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Cybernetic Research Labs 4-time creator on

      Our website is and always has been up and functioning, not sure what you mean? Our site is a part of amazon, we use their shopping cart and sell on as well, so they are connected. Make sure you are using the correct link :)

      We are glad you are enjoying you CRL products! Thanks!

    2. Cerity "Legendary Bottlejak" Silverhawk on

      Your website is actually defunct now. Redirecting to Amazon Stores. ??
      I had great communication for this item and product. Item was received in great condition and functions as described
      Thanks for updating the address

    3. Cybernetic Research Labs 4-time creator on

      The correct the address is: thank you.

    4. Cybernetic Research Labs 4-time creator on

      We have had several comments about our customer service. In order to better serve you we would like to improve our communications. You can message us on here on Kickstarter, or you can send us a direct email to This email is also available on our website . We are stepping up our customer support and you should notice a considerable difference over the next few weeks. We have just completed responding to 100% of our private messages.

      Thank you for all of your support.


    5. Edmund Wong on

      Cross-promotion for a fellow KS creator's project! Amber Rix is collaborating with CRL to produce her 3rd project - the Precision Machined Spinning Top, here:

    6. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on

      Hello checking again, is there any way to check on my item?

    7. Missing avatar

      Chris Bradfield on

      Hello, as to date I have not received anything, any way to chech?

    8. Joe Ternyik on

      Still have not received the whistles for my $76 pledge. Please send a private response with expected delivery date.

    9. Mark Johnston

      Any way to check on status for an order? I'd had two parts, a brass whistle that made it for christmas, and an aluminum whistle and two caches that haven't shown up yet...just somewhat concerned since it was in two parts.

    10. Teemu Masalin on

      Received mine in Finland a few days ago, great quality!

    11. Missing avatar

      GP on

      Hey haven't received my cache yet ... It was suppose to come separately ..... Thanks gp

    12. John Ko

      received my aluminum and stainless steel whistles yesterday in Canada. V. SOLID and nicely built !! .... but takes quite a deep breath to blow it correctly to sound the loudest .....

    13. Mark Bacas

      Got my black whistle, titanium whistle, and stainless steel cache. Everything is awesome! Thanks!

    14. Missing avatar

      Darren Benford-Brown on

      Hoorah...mine arrived today..quality is ace n they are loud!
      The OD whistle n cache set I got for my son will suit his military career that he's about to embark on 8)

    15. Missing avatar

      Ben Marshall on

      got mine, excellent quality yet again!

    16. Raymund R DeAsis on

      Whoo-wee! These whistles are LOUD!

    17. Missing avatar

      Darren Benford-Brown on

      Dang mine still haven't arrived 8(

    18. Chawanat Nakasan

      Aluminium couple pack has arrived, as well as a stray black one for my friend. I will test it from the top of the department tomorrow. (Will I get arrested for blowing a 110db whistle? Let's see!)

    19. Adrian Cercenia on

      Just received my whistles. The look amazing and function even better than expected. Thanks!

    20. Henk on

      just got them... happy : D

    21. Missing avatar

      Yuri Savguira on

      A beautiful Ti whistle arrived to Canada.... Happy camper count +1

    22. Missing avatar

      Crotha on

      I Just got mine =)

    23. Joanna Chia on

      Hmmm... I still don't see my whistles yet! Wondering if they were posted or held up by the coming CNY holidays post crunch....

    24. Missing avatar

      gz33 on

      Just came back from sea to find my Ti whistle had arrived. Great work guys, it's beautiful.

    25. Missing avatar

      Revenantus on

      I'd like to voice my interest in any potential accessories for the whistle, in particular some type of rubber sheath for the tip, if and when they should become available.

    26. Brian Fawcett on

      Please can you advise delivery ETA for my 7 Ti Whistles and 7 Tactical Cache's?
      Please also confirm if you have the correct address?

    27. Steven Harper on

      I just pisted here last night about not receiving my green whistle and cache ... Well I got them TODAY in the mail!!! Really fantastic ... Very pleased!!!

    28. Missing avatar

      Bill Lisse on

      I received my reward which included one of everything. They are truly amazing! The workmanship and design are very nice; no flaws and visually appealing. Everything functions as described; the whistle is loud. The communication, except towards the end, which was understandable with the number of shipments was very good. I am backing another project that has been abysmal, so I appreciate your efforts. Nice job!! Good luck with commercializing the product! Can't wait for your next project.

    29. korehisa fujine on

      Received my Titanium Tactical Whistle yesterday.
      It looks and feels great!
      Thanks, CRL!

    30. drazed on

      Almost forgot about this kickstart, and today recieved my Ti whistle, very nice matches Ti nano-cache well. Great job!

    31. Steven Harper on

      I did not have a survey error ... I ordered a wistle and cache in green and I have received NOTHING. Like others, I would really like to know if my order was ever received. Discoueaged.

    32. Cybernetic Research Labs 4-time creator on

      Hello everyone!

      We are still shipping! The only people yet to be shipped are those who had errors with their surveys, and we going through all of them contacting them directly (keep in mind we have over 100 errors, so contacting every person may take a little while) If you do not have an error than you should be expecting it soon. For International backers, We have sent the majority of them, with the remaining going out today (well, except for those with errors) But keep in mind we can not provide an accurate delivery date for international, we've had some people not receive it for almost 2 weeks after the circle date stamp on the envelope. They just get stuck in customs. But we are positive by next week everyones order will be out of our office!

      We are glad you all enjoy your whistles, and for those who wish to order more they will be available on the website. :)

      Thank you!

    33. Raymund R DeAsis on

      Hi, it has turned February today and i would like to know personally if my shipment is or ever was on its way.

    34. Fewy

      Any one in Australia get their whistles yet ? Still waiting for mine

    35. Missing avatar

      Ben Marshall on

      Still waiting for Delivery of Black Aluminium Whistle and Cache in UK... a bit disappointing but I'm sure it's on its way

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter Aweeky on

      Still waiting for NYC delivery of OD Green whistle and cache, can you please look into this ? Thanks

    37. Missing avatar

      Revenantus on

      My apologies for my impatience. I received my titanium whistle this morning (UK backer) and can attest to the fact that it's superbly finished and fantastically loud. Absolutely delighted.

    38. Missing avatar

      Yuri Savguira on

      Has anyone from Canada received their titanium whistles? Still waiting for mine.

    39. Missing avatar

      James Clark on

      @Darren @Revenantus You're not alone. Still waiting for 1 Brass and 1 Titanium whistle here in the UK. I'm sure they're on their way.

    40. Missing avatar

      Revenantus on

      Any updates on whether you're still shipping titanium whistles to international backers? Can't wait to receive mine! Thanks.

    41. Nick Schmitt on

      The (titanium) whistles are really, really loud!
      Great looking piece too!

    42. Missing avatar

      Darren Benford-Brown on

      Anyone from the UK received there's yet? My messages aren't getting responded to unfortunately 8(

    43. CJ Siano on

      My items arrived. VERY VERY nice. The Titanium whistles are a work of art and I was right about the usability in the cold. Was -2 Saturday night here and I took the whistle with me when I walked the dog. I purposely kept it dangling in the cold and then at the end of our 15 minute walk, I brought it to my lips and blew a nice long note. Yes, it was cool, but nothing uncomfortable. In fact, handing it with bare hands once inside was also not at all an issue. I'm NOT trying that with the aluminum at -2. (^_^)

      I added it to my keychain which rides in my pocket all day long (car has keyless operation) so I doubt the whistle will be that cold again, but its nice to know that I can.

    44. Eric Costello on

      Items arrived today. I was impressed by the cache; it's very light, yet it seems very strong, and it's machined very well. Haven't given the whistle a full try, but visually it looks very nice. So while it was a bit slow in coming, the products were well-made.

    45. Yusuf Gunawan on

      Got mine 3 days ago. I used it yesterday during hiking. It works well. The titanium is lightweight and well built. The aluminum and stainless steel are great too.

      Love the green color on the stainless steel. Perfect for some camoflauge.

      Thank you so much.

    46. Jon Cheuvront on

      I got my whistle and cache and love them. Amazing sound and I haven't been able to give it a true real full volume test yet.
      Where can I order another one? My son really wants one now.

    47. Raymund R DeAsis on

      Any reasons for tracking numbers not being given? Sorry to sound impatient...

    48. Missing avatar

      Peter Aweeky on

      no sign of mine in OD G yet either....

    49. Missing avatar

      Darren Benford-Brown on

      Still no sign of mine...

    50. Wabice on

      Just received them (Ti, SS, and Al-blue) in the mail today via USPS for those in the US wondering which carrier is delivering them. Blew it as hard as I could and I can say that the sound WILL hurt your ears but of course this is NOT a toy as is said in the disclaimer, so use common sense. Having earplugs or even earbud headphones in your ears is recommended if you plan on blowing hard on this whistle.

      This product came out smaller, lighter, and better than I expected. Well done folks and thanks for the whistles!

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