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Help us to self-publish a Zine on functioning Worked-Owned Business & Collectives through a collective Distro and Worker-Owned Printing Press!
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I'm working with a group of artists on building a collectively run Zine and Music distro called Never Give Up!! (!! - Not only do we find written and audio content to distribute, we highly encourage each other to make our own media to add to the pot! So, help me print this Zine at a worker-owned shop and we'll be making the world that much better! The more funding, the more copies and distribution!

Here's some links to 'Zines I've done in the past;
"SQUART" Radical Art Zine #1 & #2:
and there's more zines there that we distro
want some? donate!

I've been working with many different volunteer collectives over the years; various Community Bike Shops, Wayward Council (a Record Store & Venue), All Ages Venues, Books for Prisoners, Food Not Bombs, a Cafe Collective, Community Info Shops, and more. All the while learning skills and trades and perfecting hobbies and crafts, and working 'real' jobs with bosses and managers and the like to make ends meet in the 'real world.'

Worker Owned businesses are functional examples of the goals many of us share; working together towards equality and freedom in the workplace and our communities that is unprecedented by any other model.

Minnesota has a particularly vibrant history of co-ops and collectives, inlucding land and food co-ops facilitated by northern euorpean settlers in the 1800's.

I went into the Seward Community Cafe and Hard Times Cafe in Minneapolis several years ago and asked if they could produce any publicized material on how they conducted business as a collective, with the intentions of finding working models to structure future collective projects. Neither spot could provide me with the information, most of the it are in folders and stacks of old documents in the basement, and both expressed that it would be a good idea to have it available in a way that was more understandable by other like minded folks that were interested in the Collective Process and possibly starting up a collective business or few in their own communities.

So I decided to be the one to do just that.

I've talked with some of the collectives and co-ops that I am already familiar with and I am working on getting information on how they work, how the business model is structured, policies they use and have disused, what makes them sustainable, what they could do better and mistakes they've made, and of course, why they do what they do; with a focus on collectivism.

I also hope to provide a brief history and map of collectives in the Twin Cities Area.

The Business/Groups will include, but not be limited to;
-Seward Community Cafe:
-Hard Times Cafe
-The Hub Bicycle Co-Op:
-Bedlam Theater
-Grease Pit Community Bicycle Shop
* If you have any other suggestions on collectives I should visit, please post it on the comments board!

The cost of film, photos, printing, and distribution are the main goals of funding for this project. In the past I've released zines I've done in Black and White and in small limited amounts. This time I've set the bar higher:
-High Quality Color Photos
-printed professionally by a Worker Owned Print Shop!
-using eco based inks and recycled paper
-printing at least 100 copies on the first run

I am also working on contacting distros, such as Microcosm and No Idea!, so that I can send a bunch to to distribute across the world.

To do all this takes money, and a good chunk of it. So please, donate to pre-order a copy and help make the project happen in its fullest.

The Photo and Interview documentary stage of the zine should be done by September so I can start working on Compilation and Layout and have the first round printed by some time in October

-I will be posting better pictures and a video as soon as I can make that happen!!
-feel free to email the project -
-I'll be posting progress reports, photos, thanks and such the blog! -
-for web stuff I have a crappy digital camera, BUT for the actual Photo Documentary portion of the Zine i use a 35mm Nikon that I had mailed from Florida!

By supporting this project, you are effectively supporting Worker Owned Business and Collectives everywhere, and even the ones that will grow from these seeds...


thanks so much for your time & support!
-Joe Bridge

No Bosses, No Managers!

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