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A game anyone can play and for Android, iPhone, iPad and Kindle. With challenging, entertaining and intrinsically enjoyable levels.

The Game

This game will be among the most addicting games on mobile platforms. Picture yourself running from a pack of hungry dogs and avoiding a few obstacles along the way to safely get to the finish line. Your character has a life bar and another bar for the amount of food he collects. When he walks over food, it sticks to him like a magnet and can accumulate to get to the size of a giant mass. Your character needs this food so when the hungry dogs bite at him, they eat the food off of him instead; so if you pass up a lot of items then you won't have much of that extra life bar. You can also shoot the food at them and they will consume it and get bigger and slow down a bit. After the hungry dogs run a while they will get back to their normal size and speed. Each level has its goal and unique game play.  

A Customizable Game 

Hungry Dogs is extremely interactive and has amazing game play in different views like left to right view, and front view. You can also customize your game play to have just donuts or whatever food you like and use unique upgrades and downloadable characters and animals to switch out your runner. It's a race to survive Hungry Dogs!

What Will The Funds Be Used For?

If this project is successful we won't just stop with one game. There will be more versions released. We will use the funds to expand in publishing, merchandising, web services and media broadcasting. We also want to integrate the game with an online community to improve the look, feel, usability and function of Hungry Dogs to make a huge impact across the globe. All of your funds will go directly to the project; If we exceed our goal all of the extra money will be used to hire more full time employees and create the next version of the game with amazing animations. We hope that all game designers, programmers, developers, producers, critics, and players will drop their jaws when they play Hungry Dogs!

How Kickstarter Makes This Possible

For those of you unfamiliar with Kickstarter, this website is a fundraising platform for creative projects. Developers describe what they want to create, set a monetary goal, decide on a deadline for the fundraiser, and offer rewards for certain levels of donations. No money is actually transferred unless the monetary goal is met and the fundraising period has ended.

How Far We Are In The Development

We have an excellent team. We are currently filling out the game
design document. Our designers: Gerran Kohn, Natalie Horn, and I are
creating the characters and scenery for the game. Gerran is great with
sound and is working on that as well. Andy Warmack is also on our team
as a professional programmer working on the game engine, user
interface, and networking features. We are working on our website and
we're also putting together a story board for the programmers to work
with. We are deciding whether to make this game in both 3D and 2D.

Find Us Online

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The expected delivery date for Hungry Dogs and everything else is November 2013.
We would like to have it all ready by that time but it is very likely that it may go pass that time so please understand that we have a lot of weight on our shoulders and we will do our very to give you backers everything on time.

Thank You,

The Third Fox LLC.


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    This will get you a standard edition of Hungry Dogs with some upgrades unlocked and PDF version of concept art.

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    You will get a code for 10,000 in game points for upgrades, characters and more and a Hungry Dogs wallpaper of your choice, plus everything above!

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    Send us your Idea with drawing or paragraph for a unlockable upgrade or a place a level takes place like a jungle or desert and we will include it in the game! This pledge includes all other rewards offered! We could also do a video chat to better understand your idea!

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