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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Technical Update #17: The Reign of the Smug Duck Continues...

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

You have unlocked Stretch Goal 7 - soon the world will know the origin of the Smug Duck!

Yes! You have helped to bring to light one of the legends of the World of Twelve... The creature that causes even gods among man to groan in frustration, the force that obscures that which you most wish to see, the protector who tirelessly shields the eyes of the innocent from that which could scar their tender souls for life; truly, the entire project has only been a prelude to this moment when we can glorify the Smug Duck as he properly deserves!

In fact, we are giving you a chance to continue the meteoric rise of this famous fowl with a simple social experiment that is absolutely free. We're asking you to let us know if you want to see a Smug Duck cameo in the new Special episode funded by this campaign by using the hashtag #WakfuSmugDuck on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or a mashup of all three (Tumtwitlrbook for short).

You can also use this hashtag to protest the ascension of the Smug Duck if you choose, but have a care, you may be angering a force that cannot be reckoned with.

Thanks to our fans!

With just a few hours left, we wanted to take a moment to deeply thank all the fan communities across the world that have been tireless in their support and instrumental in getting the word out to the rest of the internet, from the campaign page, to all the different social medias and the Wakfu website, words are just not enough to express how much we have been touched by your dedication and support to this campaign.

First of all, thanks to the members of /co/ from 4chan and plus4chan! We've enjoyed reading your theories and discussions about the show and the project, and we apologize for the lack of hips in this update. You really came through here in the final days of the campaign, thank you!

Next, we have to thank the members of Tumblr, who were early and avid supporters. For most of the campaign, the largest source of traffic to the campaign was Tumblr, and we can't thank you enough for your posts, your cosplay, and your fanart!

We'd also like to thank the members of Deviantart, who have warmly encouraged so many members of our artistic team and who also helped to bring the series to thousands of eyes through fanart and favs. Thank you!

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    1. masamunemaniac on

      Update #18 "Q: Will the content of the Blu-Ray be uncensored? A: Yes, it will be uncensored."

      I would be surprised if this meant the banishment of the duck, steam, etc, but one can hope :3

    2. Dayaan Scarborough on

      Ankama saw my animation! And posted it! D8

      I would say that I could die happy, but I have to watch the new episodes of Wakfu before that happens.

    3. A Lonely Weeaboo on

      Major-Caligari on the Wakfu website pls stop

    4. Simon Do on

      For me, its more if the smug duck will be in the special episode, i would like more saucy scenes like the bath scene. Ahem, despite
      My rage of that part, theres just not enough of it.


      We wouldn't have known about this KS if it wasn't for 4chan!

    6. Tyler on

      By, "Do you want the duck in the special episode," are you really asking, "Do you want us to censor the special episode?" If so, then leave out the duck.

    7. Woelke on

      @Yuchen Y.
      im pretty sure by uncensored they mean, as broadcast in France, English channels might remove some stuff. But hey, if the duck is gone in the blurays all Anime style.. I don't actually know what id do.. die of a combination of surprise an happiness i guess.

    8. Nathan Peck on


      Yeah that Duck has seen some things, hence its smug look. :P

    9. Yuchen Y. on

      So that duck is getting a full backstory eventhough it only appeared once in the show? Damn lucky duck.
      Also didnt I read in one of the FAQs that the bluray was uncensored? Are they referring to this?

    10. Katie & Jess Sosebee on

      @Cat's Meow ...well with that said I'm very curious as to what they draw over there.

    11. SpacemanHardy on

      @Yuchen The duck's not famous for how many times it appeared.

      It's famous for what it..."obscured". -_^

    12. Woelke on

      Damn that Duck to the darkest pits of hell!! It has wronged me an those like me (young men) on a deep and personal level!!

    13. Yuchen Y. on

      How many times has the duck appeared in the show? I can only remember once. Didnt think it was that famous (or infamous).

    14. Cat's Meow on

      @ Chris Safey
      They draw stuff that "will not leave their studio", according to one of the behind-the-scenes art books. I think they can handle 4chan.

    15. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      #WakfuSmugDuck !!!

      That duck is growing on me lol hated it at first with its troll face, like some possed shushu duck xd but now it makes me laugh

    16. Missing avatar

      Elena on

      Holy cow, you put my fanart on here! That's so cool!!!! I'm really glad you liked it that much <3

    17. Missing avatar

      Jean-Baptiste Brouant on

      @Zachary Bryant Yeah that's true ! Because iop means "poi" in french (the correct spelling is "pois") or "peas" in english which refers to the expression "avoir un petit pois [dans la tête]" fort "being stupide" in english and in fact a iop isn't very smart and like fighting. Another exemple is "cra" referring to "arc" in french/"bow" in english.
      PS : I'm french so please forgive me for my spelling mistakes ^^'

    18. Missing avatar

      Miguel Borges on

      Can I pay extra to get the episode with Smug Duck removed?

    19. Michael Long on

      I totes want a rubber Smug Duck for the bathroom.

    20. Sheldon Towey on

      Wow! This is amazing!

      #RemoveSmugDuck :P

    21. Chris Safey on

      Ankama is aware of /co/ wakfu threads?....I hope they weren't too weirded out by what they saw there

      or maybe it was exactly the kind of thing they were looking for....

    22. Missing avatar

      Zachary Bryant on

      @Gordon, iop, not lop. I know, "I,l". But, it's iop, sorta like yoplait.

    23. Junior Gordon on

      Hehe I like that Lop girl smashing through 400K X3

    24. Katie & Jess Sosebee on

      Lovin the Goultard art up there, very nice~

      and heck yeah for tumblr, that place was what got me into wakfu to begin with :V

    25. Aeon Cor on

      so, is it the same hashtag for support and protest?
      cause I kinda doubt the feasibility of reading every post with that tag.

    26. James Patrick Michael Corrao on

      No, no duck in the special XD
      I don't want him to block any part of it! I don't trust that duck.

    27. DalisDL on