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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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The Transmedia World of WAKFU: The MMORPG!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Beyond the borders of WAKFU: the Animated Series, let’s dive into the transmedia world of WAKFU by first showing you the work of our animation team on the WAKFU MMORPG trailer:

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Thanks to the Kickstarter campaign we are also offering you to link both worlds of WAKFU: The Animated Series and WAKFU the MMORPG through the redeemable pledge reward: Nox’s Hat!

Don’t be fooled by the name of this item as it is actually a whole new costume for your WAKFU MMORPG character! See for yourself below:

 Now let's show you how it will look like in-game with our fellow players:

(Special thanks to the WAKFU MMORPG Community for posing)
(Special thanks to the WAKFU MMORPG Community for posing)

Since this exclusive Kickstarter item is going to possibly make you discover the game for the first time, we felt that it was necessary for us to properly introduce you to WAKFU the MMORPG: an original world which puts the LOL in tactical combat (what do you mean, you don't see it, even after watching that trailer?).  

The WAKFU MMORPG truly places you at the heart of a colorful transmedia universe, by allowing you to discover or rediscover the World of Twelve's best-known places and characters, including Astrub, Amakna, Bonta, the Miss Uglies and the famous Black Crow!  

(Illustration made by Xa)
(Illustration made by Xa)

Almost 1,000 years after the start of the Age of Dofus, new heroes are emerging to bring hope to a world in ruins. Everything must be rebuilt, and whether you're a fighter or a politician, a merchant or an artisan, in WAKFU, everything depends on you!

Here are also some of the main features of the game:  


From Iops, the thick-skulled but sturdy warriors, to Cras, the elite archer class, and from bomb-loving Rogues to psychotic Masqueraiders, you're sure to find your perfect character with 15 original classes to choose from.  

Then, alone or as part of a group, you'll have to arm yourself with courage and foolproof strategies to defeat the shadiest monsters in the World of Twelve, in turn-based battle!


Choose your Nation and wear its colors proudly! Once you've become a citizen, you can vote in the elections and become an Army General or even a Treasurer for your Nation. Whatever you feel like doing, you have the chance to become an important political figure in the world of WAKFU! 

Perhaps you'll make it to the top and fill the role of Governor… or perhaps you’ll end up in prison. In fact, there’s no reason you can’t do both.


For the first time in an MMORPG, the flora and fauna in the game form a real, living ecosystem managed by the players: you are free to protect it or to exploit its natural species to the point of extinction!  

It's up to you to control the monster population, the variety of plant life and even the climate. You decide the future of your ecosystem!

We hope that you enjoyed this little dive into the transmedia world of WAKFU and we very thankful to continue this adventure with you! Let's finish by reminding ourselves that in WAKFU, everything depends on you!

See you soon in our next update!

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    1. Derrick Sturgill on

      Been playing this game before I even heard of the show.

      And I agree with Xiang, bring it to Steam!

    2. Xiang Qin on

      Wish This Game On Steam XD

    3. Grimack Reapum on

      Will the costume give something more than just nifty looks? I mean, will it increase stats or allow some exclusive emote? I would love to see that...

    4. Henry Charles Young (Spazturtle) on

      With the new update a potion was added that lets you change your appearance, its currently undroppable but expect it to be added to the game soon.

    5. Missing avatar

      deepkinder on

      That MMO trailer is wonderful! Will it be on the Wakfu BD too? Sort of under the extras section?

    6. Scarlerwing on

      I am a current Wakfu player, I want change and more hair style than this outfit costume.

    7. Crystal on

      @Chama I heard about the MMO first too. :P I remember finding Wakfu and Dofus and thinking the designs were nice, but I didn't have a good enough computer, so I forgot about it. Then years later one of my friends told me about the series. So glad he did.

    8. Missing avatar

      Martin Koreneef on

      Would it be possible to get the hat for Dofus too? I play that only:$

    9. Missing avatar

      Anyone00 on

      Haven't played for a while... and I see my characters from the open beta are no longer there.

    10. Bri on

      I agree with Kyle Kreezer 10000000% on his last sentence!

      Anyway, is it strange that I actually had heard of the MMORPG first and then the animated series?

    11. AfroRyan

      I like Islands of Wakfu for XBLA. I'd like to see another single player game like it.

    12. Kyle Keezer on

      I gotta say that trailer got me excited. I then realized the MMO could'nt look or work as good as that though that would be awesome! Maybe a Wakfu side/off series or concept for season 3? xD

    13. David Christensen on

      Just signed up for my first month yesterday. Still kicking the wheels.

    14. Annalouisa Lopez on

      Will we have to wait until June to get Nox's Hat as well?