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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Meet the Team: Introduction Interview

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Thank you everyone for your great support, we cannot express enough how much this campaign is dear to us and the whole team at Ankama, which brings us to share something a little special for you today.  

As our journey continues with over $280,000 CAD and 3,300 Backers, we wanted to start sharing a series of behind the scene short videos to introduce you more to some of the members of our team here at Ankama.  

Meet some of those who created the WAKFU series!  

Xa, Kim and Kim (no, there is no typo) work on animation at Ankama as Character Designer or Traditional Animator. Today, we are sharing the 1st part of a 3 part video interview in which they talk about their work, their passion for animation, and the series! Pay close attention as they are also using this opportunity to give us some anecdotes.   

Here comes the first chapter: Introduction...

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    1. Justynn Palmer on

      2 Kims? AGHHHH! *brain explodes*

    2. Missing avatar

      Anti Grav on

      well, nice to see what Xav and the other talent behind the show look like IRL. looking forward to seeing this happen.

    3. RocketWonderland on

      I love interviews... I'm happy to see them!

    4. Missing avatar

      Milinda on

      Mr. Houssin, my fiancee and I share this account. We're proud to back this project and I want to say you're my hero!
      -Jon McGregor

    5. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      Its nice to meet the people behind scenes!!! Dont worry Kims, i have same problem often xd

    6. Efrath on

      WELL, you guys sure are up late! It's a shame this project isn't getting as much as some of the more popular kickstarters, especially with such generous backer rewards too (Bluray with Season 1, 2 AND possibly all the OVA's and Mini wakfus for 40 CAD? Quite a bargain).

      Will be nice to see more of the people behind the animation.