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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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New Challenge and Stretch Goal for our Kickstarter Campaign!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

How can we describe the excitement at Ankama right now?

We can tell you all about employees frozen in front of their screens while looking at the Kickstarter page during their break, or those who are talking about your comments in the hallways, or even those who still can’t believe the excitement generated overseas by the series

But we will talk more about Tot, who every day, has done all the things we just mentioned...

Tot is the passionate kind. While devoted to his community, he also knows how to be frank with them. And we must recognize a quality in him, which is that he knows how to "rise to the challenge," when he gets the chance to do it. 

He has seen all your comments and responses and like the rest of us, at first he found it hard to realize that this is really happening... But as the wonder and amazement of your support sunk in, he proclaimed that it is our turn to show you how much we believe in our series and our heroes.

So how about giving Tot the opportunity to make another lasting impression, to create something new that will be part of WAKFU’s history

OK, so let’s go further! And what if we offered you a new stretch goal, this one more ambitious than the previous ones

As you know, our dream is to keep our creative freedom and let our characters evolve beyond the rules of people with their eyes on the bottom line. We also think that Kickstarter is a very powerful tool that can help us achieve this goal. 

So here it comes! Drum rolls…

We are offering you the chance to participate with us in creating a new exclusive episode of Wakfu, without being tied to any broadcast television constraints.

You may wonder what the background story will be. We have several ideas in mind, including a prologue to WAKFU Season 3…!  

For this new stretch goal, we are raising the stakes up to $450,000 CAD. Will you be part of this new challenge?  

And here is our shiny new stretch goal board!


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    1. Missing avatar

      k8207dz on

      I think reaching $450,000 is quite doable. The project is trending towards around $393,000 on Kicktraq, so if funding remains steady and there is the normal last minute surge in pledges (or if existing backers up their pledges) we could definitely make it. Stay positive, people!

    2. Justin Gensel on

      Might be we get a mass surge from all backers toward the end. Another $75 from everyone now would net $243,150. Added to the current total, that's $521,345.00. So it could be done :)

    3. Girls With Guns on

      Heh, it's going to be a struggle just making it to $300k in just 9 days... so that next tier is totally dreamland... I'll eat my PDF Artbook if we actually break $450,000... ;)

      (think that'll help spur anyone on?)

    4. Grimack Reapum on

      Well, I would love to see this happen and since you're now offering something new for the French fans as well, we might reach this seemingly impossible goal. Here's hoping.


      This BD is such a value on it's own already. You're piling so much on top I can't believe how much I'm getting as a backer.

      Keep it up everyone!

    6. James Gwinnell on

      I'm not surprised by the 450,000$ threshold. Remember, this is a brand new production from the ground up. So you lose 10% off the top for Kickstarter plus some for rewards / shipping. After that, you need to get a story team in and start planning. After that, you need get the animation and audio mixed for French and English and get the subtitles setup. Also, don't forget you need to pay the actors. That 150,000$ makes a lot of sense when you consider all the pieces that it takes from pre-production, production, and post production. We can hit it though at the pace we have now with hopefully the normal boost in the last 48-72 hours. Of course, to help the case, spread the word through your Social Media accounts too!

    7. Dennis Price on

      Man you guys just raise the stakes, I can see you guys getting $300,000 but man $450,000 it won't be easy I'll say; hope you guys get it I really do.

    8. Crobdan on

      "Without being tied to any broadcast television constraints."
      *Wink* *Wink* *Nudge*

    9. James Kavanagh on

      AAAAAAAAND there goes my bank account.

    10. A Lonely Weeaboo on

      Donating another $20.

    11. Missing avatar

      Jørgen Bjørkan on

      This has made me make up my mind to get that Quilby pledge after all!

    12. Ian Miller on

      @Michael; Regarding your earlier post. From the quotes from Tot here and other places on the web.

      “could cover a huge part of the financial cost. But it is a fact that we couldn't produce 26 26-minutes episodes. That would be too large of a budget for us to fund without a partner to help us.”

      “..we fund the OVA's since those are only 3x 45 min and not 26x 25 min like the episodes.”

      I Take it as Ankama funded the OVA's in house, but they need a co-backer to make a series. I take this stretch goal as they can't get funding for a Season 3 as they would want it and are using this as a "proof of concept" that there is a audience for their vision of it.

    13. Michael Michaelides on

      @ Michael
      Agreed, I much rather have delayed even more to get a good quality dub, rather than rush it and it sound not so great.

    14. Xiang Qin on

      Lets Wait Till The Last Stretch Goal :D

    15. Michael De Marco on

      KS usually has one last big surge of money in the last few days, so I dont think its impossible to make the new goal. Though I wouldnt be surprised if we dont make it in this short time we got left.

      I still think we got a really good chance to get the $300K goal though.

      Im curious though, you said you were pushing back the release date a couple months so you could dub season 2, also. That still doesnt seem like a lot of time though, you'd REALLY have to rush that. Do you have a plan for that?

    16. RogueDarkJedi on

      I wanna see this department dressed up in tofu outfits pecking the rest of the studio. I feel like that would be hilarious.

    17. Cat's Meow on

      I think it would naturally be delayed due to not being in production or even pre-production yet.

    18. Jared MacPhee on

      on second though, maybe you could make that eps. in time cause your awesome.

    19. Jared MacPhee on

      Awesome Idea. I, like others, are a little doubtful it'll be reached, but fingers crossed. XD

      In the event it is reached, I can't imagine you can make a whole eps. by the Blu-ray delivery date, how would you distribute it?

    20. Missing avatar

      Severed on

      Won't make it unless there are more add offering more Krosmaster and
      such. Would like to be wrong though.

      Good luck.

    21. Henry Charles Young (Spazturtle) on

      Animation is expensive, the OVAs are already being made, we simply funded them being dubbed. This is a new animated episode.

    22. Michael Michaelides on

      While that's one awesome stretch goal, it seems pretty high. Also, I'm slightly confused about it. Aren't the 3 OVA's also not being tied to broadcast constraints, or is it only this episode?

    23. Justin Gensel on

      That sounds crazy awesome, but I don't know if that can be done in the time we've got :( Maybe if Ankama was willing to extend the KS we could feasibly do it, but the only other way I see is that all contributors would have to give $100 on top of what they already pledged. That's a pretty tall order in some cases. I will however be adding on to my own order again in the next week to do what I can. Best of luck Ankama!!

    24. D Paul Leiba on

      Good luck with that stretch goal, Ankama. You'll certainly need it.

    25. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      One of the many things we can do as fans is to advertise the site and the series so we get more fans to help!!! :). So we could advertise the site in wakfu videos in youtube, use facebook, twitter and other anime related sites, like mcanime and try to get as many possible support we can get!! LETS SHOW THEM WHAT WAKFU IS MADE OF!!!!!

    26. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh!!!!! OH-MY-GOSH!! by enutrof! this is AMAZING!!!! First time i see a group so dedicated to fulfill their dreams! you are an inspiration and this series is well worth it!!! i really hope we get to 450k...!!!

    27. Viktor Vidovic on

      You should include those "pictures that will never leave ankama drawers" of evangelyne, to motivate the people a little bit more!

    28. Saranuu on


    29. Cat's Meow on

      Trigger got parts of Little Witch Academia episode 2 funded through KS. Maybe if this one doesn't reach that goal, Ankama can do another at a later time?

    30. Raymond Gardener on

      Would be great to have a network free exclusive episode… but $450K in 10 days is one hell of a stretch goal :)

      That in itself could be it's own kickstarter…

    31. Cat's Meow on

      Shit just got real.

    32. RocketWonderland on

      450K in ten days is difficult but... I hope is happening ;__; I want that new episode!

    33. Xiang Qin on

      That's It We Need 450k NOW!!

    34. Silvernis on

      So we'd basically need another 200k in ten days? I don't really see that happening, though I'd love to be wrong — another episode would be awesome indeed!

    35. Patrick De Kruijf on

      Really great, but ambitious goal!

    36. Caenth on

      Omg omg omg! We need to get $450.000 CAD, fast! Can't wait to see this exclusive episode.

    37. SFG_Dooley on

      Well that's a lofty stretch goal.