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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Meet the Special Episodes

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

We're well over half-way through the campaign now, and with less than two weeks to go and the $250k goal nearly obtained, we wanted to give you a taste of what's waiting for you at $300k!

With that in mind, please enjoy the following trailer for the three special episodes that will be added to every Blu-Ray package if we reach $300,000 before the project ends.

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You may have noticed that the style in these episodes is slightly different from the usual episode style. This is an evolution from our normal animation technique, and one that we would like to pursue further as we look towards the future with the hope of producing more series and, if possible, more episodes of Wakfu.

Our intention is to keep growing and improving as a studio, and you've shown us that Kickstarter can be a vital part of that process. We admit, the overwhelming level of your support has caught us a little off guard (happily so), but we hope that this trailer shows you that, given the chance, we want to keep surprising our supporters and fans, in a good way!

(Not in the way that Master Joris was just surprised...)
(Not in the way that Master Joris was just surprised...)

And these three episodes will certainly be full of surprises (good ones, of course) and plenty of drama and the explosive action you've come to love...

And plenty of explosions action too!
And plenty of explosions action too!

So let's keep going! This trailer is also up on Youtube so you can show it to your friends, share with your favorite people, and help spread the word! We still have lots of excitement ahead of us, and much to reveal!

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    1. Justin Gensel on

      Trailer lacks but one component of pure perfection: Needs some Amalia :3

    2. Missing avatar

      ezKickz on

      If you watch this teaser trailer, frame-by-frame, on second 0:09 (figure chasing Yugo), and 0:16 (right after Goultard), you will see a character that sort of looks like the "secret" villain from eps. 51 of Dofus ("High Temperature Trap"). Could it be him?

    3. Justin Gensel on

      I can't even begin to imagine how audiences in France would not want to see more of this kind of storytelling. If this had been on when I was a wee lad, I would have been riveted in front of the boob tube when this stuff came on :D

    4. Justin Gensel on

      @Ru I kind of miss the richer color palette myself, though I wonder if losing the extra shading allows the artists to express kinetic action in a more vivid way that perhaps the shading might have prevented (requiring extra attention to detailing and body position)?

    5. Xiang Qin on

      Spotted Kerubim Cameo At 0:16

    6. Jesse Dlugosz on

      We need this, BAD...

    7. Crobdan on

      Love the new style, kinda reminds me of a Mamoru Hosoda project.

    8. Ian Miller on

      @Eric No, the OVA's have not been released yet in France. Looking the Ankama's french website it looks like they released the teaser trailer there the same time they released it here on the KS.

    9. Erika Bryan on

      I kinda like the flat-ish style, it's nice. Have these episodes already been shown in France?

    10. Mr Ru on

      Excited for the characters and story but I really wish you didn't get rid of the shading. The style suits a light-hearted comedy show like Dofus but in more dramatic stuff like this, it just feels too bright and flat.

      Whatever money it saves, it isn't worth it.

    11. Xiang Qin on

      Sonic Boom & Wakfu Are Going On My Must Watch List Of 2014 XD
      If You Haven't Heard Of Sonic boom Check it Out Here :)…

    12. Victor Navarro Villgren (Viku-Asakura) on

      @Alejandra Alarcon Santini
      I don't think so, but maybe, but my theory is kinda different but is a bit of a spoiler from the 2nd season. Im going to say one thing: Goultard

    13. Saranuu on


    14. dalton midgett on

      Oh ankama your such teases.... *DONATES MORE MONEY*

    15. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      @ezKickz My theory is that some sort of time travel is at hand, thats why Kerubim and teenage (?) Joris can share screen with Yugo and the Tofu Brotherhood

    16. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      Im with a massive nosebleed!! UGH IF ONLY I HAD MORE MONEY TO DONATE! this special episodes look promising! and little Jojo is so grown up now *snif* papycha would be proud! and teaming up with Yugo?! ultimate team! you can do it guys! lets reach 300k!!


    17. RocketWonderland on

      I really love this trailer, I'm happy to see Joris <3...

      Hope we get $300!

    18. Gordhan Rajani

      If we reach $300k CAD, my head is going to explode, from happiness!

    19. Dean Smith on

      Reaching $300k CAD pledged is a must. This can't go undubbed and unnoticed!

    20. Bruno V. on

      @Anyone00 That isn't entirely accurate. The Wakfu Era begins with Ogrest's Chaos, so in 789, not 1000.

    21. Justin Gensel on

      Man oh man I cannot WAIT for these bad boys!! Looks like things are going to be epic as all get out!! (They have to be to force a Yugo/Joris tag team). Man oh man I am so stoked to be a part of this!! XD

    22. Missing avatar

      Anyone00 on

      @ezKickz I thought that too but I discovered (yesterday) that the French version of the the Krosmoz site has a time line with some dates (things don't seem to translate too well because Google translate isn't that great and Ankama loves puns): the Wakfu Era starts a thousand years after the start of the the Dofus Era and not the end; The Treasures of Kerubim takes place in 397 (non-flashback parts); Ogrest Chaos starts in 789; Yugo is born in 969.

    23. Missing avatar

      Niko Leinonen on

      Yay for Joris and Kerubim!

    24. Victor Navarro Villgren (Viku-Asakura) on

      WTF!? from what I knew from the special episodes were going to be 4 year after the events on the Wakfu manga, but this doesn't show that also the 6 Dofus and Kerubin is there!! Really I want to see this now

    25. Dylan Gregory on

      Reminds me of the animation style you used in Dofus.

    26. Missing avatar

      ezKickz on

      Post-retirement Kerubim and Master Joris?! In the same movie?! Eh?! There should be 1000 years separating the two? (Also, are those the 6 Dofus?!)