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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Technical Update #12: New Blu-Ray Add-On & Answers!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Greetings, dear supporters!

2,700 Backers and over $230,000, stretch goal #4 is near! Thank you so much everyone for your support! And here we are for another session of our “Technical Update” of the day! On our menu today:

  • New Blu-ray Add-on  
  • Questions & Answers

New Pledge Add-on: The Blu-Ray Add-On!

Thank you so much for all your requests and interest in having the Blu-Ray as an add-on to further help you customize your pledge and your wish as now been answered!

Behold the new Blu-Ray add-on!

As we also noticed all your feedback on your chosen cover in Update #15, here is your favorite Blu-Ray cover!

The Blu-Ray is now offered as an add-on limited to 1 per Backer and at the price of $60 CAD / $54.17 USD / €40.08 EUROS.

The Blu-Ray add-on will also include all unlocked stretch goals, meaning as we continue this journey together, thanks to your support, this add-on will grow just as the Blu-Ray offered in the pledges!

And it is now time for our “Questions & Answers”!

Are you ready for another round of sharing with you answers to some of the questions we have received, thanks to your comments and messages? Here we go!

Do you plan on releasing the Blu-Ray on its own after the Kickstarter campaign?

We do not have any plans on releasing the Blu-Ray on its own after the campaign has ended, which is why this is a very special event for us to be able to offer it to you.

Will there be a way to purchase the XA signed and numbered Giclee Print A3 size after the project?

We are happy to see the interest on Xa’s work of art, but unfortunately this is a very limited and exclusive item that is only reserved for this campaign.

Will any of the pledges be sold after the campaign?

The pledges have been exclusively tailored to this campaign, therefore we can only offer them to you during this campaign.

Will you be making the soundtrack available on iTunes?

While iTunes is undeniable great for the music industry, we are keeping the soundtrack as an exclusive item for this campaign as well.

Can the Nox’s Hat Wakfu MMO item be an add-on?

We have been monitoring your feedback on this MMO item and while we understand that having it as an add-on could make sense, we are also looking into the exclusivity that it has to the pledges including it, therefore we are sorry to disappoint, but we cannot offer it as an add-on in order to protect the value of these pledges.

Are you looking into offering extra sizes to the T-Shirt?

We are currently waiting on a quote regarding possibly offering a XXL size option, as we want to try to give you extra options and we will be confirming it as soon as we make a decision on it.

If I donate $1,000 CAD, is it possible to dub a secondary character?

As the limited edition $1,000 pledge is currently full, we are not able to offer extra slots to dub more secondary characters but we are very thankful to all the enthusiasm and interest.

Regarding the $4,000 Nox pledge, can we bring a guest to visit the studios if we pay the extra airfare and hotel?

Yes, that is possible but we will be organizing a Skype call with the $4,000 pledge in order to start organizing their trip and we will be going over this question during the call as well. So Nox Pledgers, please make sure to check your message as we will be reaching out to you very soon :)

And this concludes our Technical Update #12, we hope to continue to share new information with you, but stay tuned as we are also planning exciting news soon *hint hint*!

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    1. safyrejet on

      @ Sean Packwood, Yes that's been confirmed in several places and at several times.

      @ Paul, It seems to me that some people didn't know what to make of add-ons, so I was trying to clarify that for them beyond everything else that explains it. I don't know why Ankama set the second set at $60, although I did state my theory earlier. "I think the higher $60 price is partly to preserve the fact that the blu rays are a limited production thing and to make up the extra production/shipping cost."

      Anyway, whatever the reason it's their pricing. I personally wouldn't want to deal with the hassle of making two KS accounts to do the pledge twice thing. I also wouldn't want two t-shirts (which are gonna be too big for me to wear anyway--no indication of smalls, boo), or two stickers, or two digital fan packs. So if I wanted a second blu ray set, I don't think $60 for another one is a bad deal. I almost feel like it's a steal paying only $40 for what is already in the Eva pledge level.

    2. Sean Packwood on

      was it not said last week those that get season 1 would get season 2 free or did i misinterpret it?

    3. Paul Vrbik on

      @Phil Irwin

      On the main-page FAQ the authors indicate they cannot provide us digital copies because they do not want to compromise their efforts to publish on Netflix.

    4. Paul Vrbik on


      I don't find the confusion surprising. (Because I am confused.)

      None of us are ignorant to what "add-on" means. But when the add-on blu-ray is 50% more than the tier which gives you the blu-ray + t-shirt + sticker + digital awards this will undoubtedly give some people pause.

      I ask (again): why purchase the $60 add-on when one could simply pledge $40 twice?

    5. safyrejet on

      Lauren, that isn't implied at all. Ron's spelled out exactly what this is all saying.

      Does everyone understand "add on"? Add ons don't affect the pledge tiers listed down the right at all. If you have the $40 Eva tier, then you get the blu-ray, t-shirt, sticker, and digital stuff, plus all the unlocked stretch goals (so since season 2 is a stretch goal that's been meet, season 2 is included in all blu-ray reward tiers) regardless of whatever else you do. Whatever tier you've pledged for, that stays put.

      ADD ON means that you simply add additional items to your pledge by adding the value of that add on item on top of the amount you've pledged for your regular pledge tier. Then you get that add on item in ADDITION to the regular pledge tier reward.

      With the regular $40 Eva pledge tier we're getting one heck of a deal, but for anyone who wants a second set of the blu rays, they can add $60 over their standard pledge and get a second bluray set. I think the higher $60 price is partly to preserve the fact that the blu rays are a limited production thing and to make up the extra production/shipping cost. Maybe just because I've used KS a lot this makes perfect sense, but I'm honestly a little surprised to see so much confusion. I think Ankama is doing a good job explaining everything that is going on and updating the home page.

    6. Ron Au on


      Evangelyne tier: you get Season 1 and Season 2 for $40 CAD
      Evangelyne tier + Blu-ray addon: you get 2 copies of Season 1 and Season 2 for $100 CAD

    7. Missing avatar

      Lauren on

      Okay, I'm confused ... this update seems to imply that only pledges of over 60CAD will be getting a blu-ray. Please tell me I'm reading this wrong. Or is it that the Eva pledge blu-ray will only have Season 1 and all over 60CAD pledges will have the blu-ray plus unlocked extras?

    8. Missing avatar

      Phil Irwin on

      @Xiang There is absolutely no word or guarantee of the series coming to netflix or hulu. You're having expectations of something that as far as we know will never happen. You either back at the Eva level, get the add on or don't get the Blu Ray and therefore, don't get access to the show. I don't understand where you have this expectation that it will end up on streaming at some point.

    9. Xiang Qin on

      @ttvp Oh I See ill Wait Till This is On Netflix Or Hulu :D

    10. Yuchen Y. on

      Im also interested in info on the 3 OVAs. But it seems at the current rate we wont reach that stretch goal. =(

    11. Cat's Meow on

      I assume the news will be about the OVAs, given Kerubim just ended.

    12. Paul Vrbik on

      May I ask a dumb, though obvious, question.

      Why is the blu-ray a $60 add on when one can simply pledge at the $40 level twice?

    13. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lesko on

      @Bram Awesome, thanks for the heads up! I completely missed that.

    14. Caenth on

      @Benjamin That is already the case. You can find the OST with the addon information on the main page.

    15. Missing avatar

      Benjamin Lesko on

      Any chance of the soundtrack becoming an Add-On as well?

    16. James Patrick Michael Corrao on

      Not that I was too interested in a second bluray, but I still wish to say thanks and that this is awesome! Hope this propels us closer to those stretch goals!

    17. Henry Charles Young (Spazturtle) on

      Kickstarter rules allow you to have multiple accounts, so you can back twice at the Eva level if you want two Blu-Rays.

    18. Jessica McCrory on

      Just to clear up any confusion I think this creation of the Blu-ray add-on is in response to people who wish to get a second copy (as a gift for a friend perhaps) on top of one they are already receiving with their pledge package :) (Anyone who has picked a pledge with a Blu-Ray in it is already getting all the extra content - See ttvp and Ian's comments below)

    19. Missing avatar

      Katherine Starr on

      Aww can we get the second cover as an option per backer? Or the second cover for the second season??

    20. Missing avatar

      T.J. Pianto on

      Please read what they have to say. It will not be available in stores, this campaign is the only opportunity one has to purchase the physical blu-ray. The fact that you are commenting on this kickstarter is proof that you are already a backer, if so, you are likely already purchasing the blu-ray. If you're only pledging $30 or lower, consider adding a small amount more and switch to the Eva pledge for the most cost-effective way of showing your support.

      @Sam, Omar
      Please read what they have to say. Those who back with a pledge containing a blu-ray will receive all the content unlocked via stretch goals (despite what the pledge text says, they can't alter those once the campaign has started and people have purchased that pledge). The point to picking a pledge over just purchasing the blu-ray as an addon is to receive the item at a significant discount. Trust me, if you have chosen the Eva pledge you are getting a fantastic bargain. It is more cost effective to purchase another Eva pledge, but that choice is yours.

    21. Erik Cheung on

      It has its advantage... for some people who pledge the Qilby Level can now get the Blu-Ray plus all 9 Artbooks (they are saving 40 CAD)

    22. Ian Miller on

      @Omar the Eva pledge is based on if you back a project you should receive the fruits of the project. Like support a book you should get the book, support a set of headphones get the headphone. The add on is for people that what to add to their pledge and are looking for convenience rather than scratching for a bargain. The Eva is the Fruit due, the add on is you've been given addition is extra. But Ankama has stated in the comments it's not against the rules to pledge with multiple accounts, and with that statement it sounds like they don't mind if you do. Yes you get more for cheaper for 2 Eva's. Just getting the add on is more convenient with less hassle and the price helps with stretch goals.

    23. Erik Cheung on

      There is no problem with that... just create another account and pledge it again

    24. Xiang Qin on

      Okay ill Wait For Blu-Ray When it Comes Out at Stores Or Netflix =)

    25. Sam Anderson on

      I also admit confusion: How is this distinct from the Evangelyne level? If I am already pledged at the Evangelyne level, what specifically should I now do if I want to have S2 and the specials? Pledge an additional $60 CAD?

    26. Missing avatar

      Omar Jenkins on

      Maybe I'm missing something here, but the Blu-Ray add-on is listed as $60 CAD, however the Evangelyne Pledge is $40 CAD and already comes with the Blu-Ray. Is there any advantage to simply having two pledges at the Evangelyne level vs one Evangelyne pledge and one Blu-Ray add-on in order to get two sets?

    27. Ian Miller on

      It states "include all unlocked stretch goals" Season 2 is a unlocked stretch goal so it's included. This add on is S1, S2, and both specials as of now, more if we unlock more.

    28. Erik Cheung on

      @Logan @Michael
      The answer is within the update...
      - The Blu-Ray add-on will also include all unlocked stretch goals, meaning as we continue this journey together, thanks to your support, this add-on will grow just as the Blu-Ray offered in the pledges! (which means Season 1 and 2 plus OVA of Nox and Ogrest and maybe be more depending if we reach the next goals)

    29. Dean Smith on

      Wish I knew more about the Nox's Hat item like whether or not it has any stats or if it's part of a costume to go in the costume slot.

    30. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Levine on

      Any chance that the soundtrack could be made available as an add-on?

    31. Missing avatar

      Logan Smith on

      How would I be able to purchase season 2 of Wakfu

    32. Yaanu on

      Question: The Blu-ray artwork image posted implies that this set will be limited to Season One. Will there be a separate release to be sent out for Season Two, or will the final release artwork be changed to incorporate both Seasons One and Two?