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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Technical Update #11: Updated delivery date

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Greetings, dear backers!

Did you have a good weekend? We hope so! According to the Az Mood Poll that we put up on Saturday most of you were feeling like this:

We are so thrilled that the Season 2 stretch goal has been reached and we know you are too, but we do have to temper that enthusiasm just a bit with a spot of harsh reality.

In order to have enough time to dub, produce, and fabricate Season 2, we must push back the delivery date for all pledges that contain a Blu-Ray. Unfortunately, we cannot update the delivery date on the pledges themselves, so we have added messages between most of the pledge images to help keep people informed that...

...All pledges that contain a Blu-Ray are now estimated to be delivered in June of 2014.

We apologize for any issues that this might cause for any of our backers, and we hope this won't disrupt your plans too much! For our Nox-level backers, this change does not affect any trip dates, we will still be discussing those with you on an individual basis.

We cannot promise that this will be the last time that the delivery date will be pushed back, as we are still working on the production of the additional three special episodes that could be unlocked by Stretch Goal 5. If we do reach that goal, we will make sure to clearly communicate any changes and keep looking for optimal production strategies to reduce delay!

In happier news, we have a new stretch goal image showing your amazing progress!

Well done, all of you!

And finally, we know you are waiting to hear about the locked stretch goals. We can't share it with you in this update, but we just want to remind you that we haven't forgotten and we will announce it ASAP!


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    1. Tareica Boufball

      Please don't rush something this important for a delivery date. Obviously we can wait and we don't mind. Just please keep true to the story and characters!!!

    2. Ben Isaac Diskin on

      @SpacemanHardy Well, usually for one 22 minute episode of an anime to get completely dubbed with all the characters takes a combined time of approximately 6-10 hours, depending on how many lines and actors are involved.

      For an episode of a show I'm working on right now, I play one of the main characters and we'll usually get done with just my part in about 2 hours. And that's actually a bit on the quick side, to be honest.

      I'm just concerned that the guys at Ankama will be working around the clock or speeding through it to get everything done and shipped by June.

      Ankama, don't feel like you've got to race; we'll all be patient if it makes for a high quality dub. :)

    3. Chaz Thomas on

      oh, so this means we'll get season 1 and 2 together?? That's awesome!

    4. destiny_seeker on

      @Ankama- Take all the time you need. We love you :)

    5. Missing avatar

      Doc Acher on

      Take all the time you need- I'm happy to wait if it means not sacrificing quality. :)

    6. Rebecca Lucas on

      I'd wait for years for the blu ray! Do what you've got to do, and please take your time. I look forward to the future of Wakfu!

    7. Ray Haughton on

      I trust you guys, but is 4 months really enough time to dub? Getting the right cast and stuff, I would be willing to wait until sometime in the Fall just so can have a high-quality dub.

      Again, I trust you guys. So best of luck.

    8. Alejandra Alarcon Santini on

      I can wait :) most of the awesome and good quality stuff takes time !! its worth the wait!

    9. Ben Clayton on

      Given that your workload essentially doubled with the addition of Season 2, I think a small delay is pretty understandable! To be honest, even if it takes longer than June, that's ok too - I'd much rather see you guys do the best job possible than have the Blu-ray early.

    10. Derrick Sturgill on

      No worries, take your time and make it the best you can.

    11. Justynn Palmer on

      It's all good. June isn't even that far away :D

    12. Gaby GM on

      It's pretty understandable. :)
      I don't mind waiting either. I'm just happy that you are actually giving us the opportunity to get such amazing series on blu-ray. :D

    13. safyrejet on

      That's why those are "estimated" delivery dates. Things change, the project changes and grows. It's cool. I'm happy to wait for however long it takes.

    14. Xiang Qin on

      June 2014 My 18th Birthday Whatever I Might Find it At Walmart Target Or Netflix :(

    15. Missing avatar

      Timur Kurbanov on

      Wait, what? June is delayed date?! It can't be this soon, in fact, I ask you to push back even further, unless you are a magicians, possibility of which seems harder to deny with each day.

    16. Torgamous on

      Where are you getting this release date from? I find it hard to believe you'll actually get it out that soon.

    17. SpacemanHardy on

      @Ben, you're in the business. How long does it usually take a studio like Bang/Zoom or Studiopolis to do your basic anime?

      I'm thinking this might actually be harder, because they're dealing with detailed mouth movements and not generic lipflaps.

    18. Ben Isaac Diskin on

      ... Wait a sec... You guys are going to dub, mix, and finalize 52 episodes and have them delivered to our waiting hands on official Blu-ray disks by JUNE??

      So.... you've started the actual dubbing, right? Because 4 months to produce and ship that many episodes is an EXTREMELY tall order.

    19. Gordhan Rajani

      Hey, as long as I get the Blu-rays, I'll gladly wait as long as it takes for you guys to finish your work.

    20. Tekkaman Blade on

      I never even looked at the release date, but I can tell you I never expected as soon as June. I was expecting 2015 at the earliest.

      You guys are above and beyond the standards set by previous kickstarters, much love and peace.

    21. Patrick De Kruijf on

      Does it still say june the moment we complete the other 4 strechtgoals? ;)


      Gotta see! Gotta know! What are those last 2 stretch goals?

    23. SamuraiMujuru on

      Wait, June is the "delayed" date?! Holy buckets, that's still way sooner than I had expected em anyway!

    24. Missing avatar

      Erik Gonzalez-Hirshfeld on

      I doubt anyone will complain about a slight delay in order to provide twice the content in high quality! By the way, I'm not sure it was ever cleared up whether the Blurays are 1080p.

      Also I'm more interested in the new tiers being hinted at than anything at this point (and whether or not the episode 27 art book will be added to any tiers)!

    25. James Ryan on

      If it helps us get a good quality product, I have no qualms. I've waited a long time to watch this series, what's a bit longer?

    26. Nicole Kiser on

      It's a sacrifice I'm willing to make! ;)

    27. Missing avatar

      richard hadley on

      Don't mind waiting thanks for the update

    28. Michael De Marco on

      Makes sense to me, honestly, I was kinda worried that you were gonna try to dub two seasons worth of show in a matter of a couple months.

      So I'll take it