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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Focus Season 2: Meet Qilby!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

As our adventure continues together in this new session of "Focus Season 2", we will now meet a very special character: Qilby!

A good man this Qilby... Yugo and Adamaï have liberated him from the dimension in which he was stuck. He then started to share the tales that once, as a king, he ruled with wisdom and kindness over pacified and prosperous lands.

It is impossible to not believe him! Qilby went to war against terrible enemies, he lost everything, including his home and even his family! 

Why was he stuck in another dimension you may ask? Well the poor king, helpless, was sent to a parallel world to be saved from the massacre. 

But as you get to know Qilby, you may start to wonder: Why does he have only one arm? Is he really who he describes to be?

Find out more in Season 2!

 As a special bonus here are more of the Qilby sketches just for you!

 We also have one last surprise in this update for you! We are so happy of your support and enthusiasm about the Mini-Wakfu episodes stretch goal, that we decided to make you a new backer profile picture!


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    1. Marie Stelmack on

      what can I say? there's nothing up his sleeve.

    2. Ankama Creator on

      @Marie Stelmack: I'm officially dubbing you "Punmaster General" for this Kickstarter. =D

    3. safyrejet on

      @ Bruno. Thanks. I would have guessed such but I've seen screenshots mirror imaged before so I wanted to check.

    4. Marie Stelmack on

      I've seen the entire series and I can vouch for Qilby: he's mostly armless

    5. Paireon, lumberjack of Brimstone

      I'll go ahead and say it: I haven't trusted this guy since I first saw his picture. I know virtually nothing about the Wakfu universe besides what's been revealed in this KS but he looks way too mellow to be totally trusted; he's got an angle. I'm sure of it.

    6. Erika Bryan on

      @JustynnPalmer justifiably so!

    7. Missing avatar

      Doc Acher on

      @SpacemanHardy Well done. xD

    8. Justynn Palmer on

      Rubilax looks scared in that backer picture lol

    9. SpacemanHardy on

      I don't know though.... Something tells me I should keep him at arm's length.

    10. Xiang Qin on

      Fail His Left Arm Missing For Reasons :(

    11. Bruno V. on

      @safyrejet His left arm is the one that's missing (refer to the screenshots rather than the concept art).

    12. safyrejet on

      Which arm is he supposed to have? Some pictures he has the right, and some the left. I suppose a few pictures must be mirror imaged.

    13. Shannon Sheu on

      Qilby is actually such an awesome character when he's happy and friendly.

    14. SpacemanHardy on

      He seems like a handy guy to keep around. ;)

    15. Marie Stelmack on

      he's so happy, with his flip-flops and pipe and half a shirt.