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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Focus Season 2: Meet the Villains...

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

In this new edition of "Focus Season 2" we would like to shine the light on the villains, but we're warning you now... this is Spoiler Territory...

Continue to read at your own risk!

Still reading?

Are you sure?

Any last thoughts?

Alright then here we go!

...Ok, is everyone ready? Let's spy on some baddies!

No adventure would be complete without its villains. How can a hero prove his worth if there is no evil to overcome? How can a warrior test his courage without danger to face? Fortunately in Wakfu, we won't have to hash these philosophical questions out, because there are plenty of nasty creatures and malicious evil-doers to deal with... Let's meet some of them!

Ruel and Junior come across this over-sized squeaker in the forests of the Sadida Kingdom. It looks like it's trying to destroy anything in its path... but is that really the whole story here?

The Dragon Pig is a dungeon boss without equal. He gained notoriety in the age of DOFUS, but after all this time, he's still spoiling for a fight. Fortunately, Percidal is more than up to the job!

It's true that Remington is not exactly a villain... but he's no hero of virtue either. This Rogue is so good at the dirty double-cross, he deserves at least a temporary spot in this list. Too bad it usually comes back to bite him in the end...

Anathar was once a bound shushu, but when his guardian released him, he decided he liked the freedom and utterly refused to be captured again. With his ability to copy the powers of anyone he touches, it's easy to see how he's managed to stay independent so long.

Anathar's master and the king of all Shushus - Rushu. He loves destruction and mayhem, almost as much as he detests Goultard.

And of course, there's the most dangerous of them all... but we'll talk more about him in a future update...

Thanks for reading! With your help, we're just a hair away from Season 2! We'll have more Kickstarter news for you very soon... including a new stretch goal that some of you have asked for again and again...

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    1. Saranuu on

      ''And of course, there's the most dangerous of them all... but we'll talk more about him in a future update...'' aHAHAHAHAHAHhahaha...ha...

    2. Xiang Qin on

      Dragon pig! I Seen This On A While Ago? :)

    3. Derrick DeWitt on

      In all realness though, these arent even really spoilers lol. It just showcases bosses.

      This fanbase is getting whinier every day...

    4. Derrick DeWitt on

      LOL people it said SPOILERS lie 16 times before the post began. Stop whining.
      If you read something you aint know, its your own fault. this is for the people who dont mind learning about the second season

    5. Zanzarus on

      Awesome spoiler warning! Very cute <3

    6. Missing avatar


      Why would you even send out spoilers at all? That's just stupid. No more spoilers in the updates, please, labeled or not.

    7. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Awesome :)

      Also, that's a pretty cute spoiler warning image :D

    8. Noah Christopher on

      When I quickly scrolled down to the comments I may have seen something. :'(

    9. RogueDarkJedi on

      What's with all the spoilers?