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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Technical Update #8: Page Update and New Pledge!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Here we are back for our daily technical update, on the menu today: Page Update and a new pledge is arriving! So let’s get right into it!

Page Update

As we received requests to update the character line up image for Season 2, here is the new image taking its place:

Add-on list Updated

As we informed you during update #12, we are now offering you the Original Soundtrack (OST) as an add-on for the following price: $13 CAD / $11.65 USD / € 8.53 EUROS

New $300 CAD ★Qilby Pledge – Limited to 50 People★

As the limited $300 CAD ★Early Bird – Grougal Pledge★ was successfully backed, thanks to your support, we have decided to offer you a proper new pledge that would rightfully take its place. This new pledge was also created with the idea of having a pledge focused on the artistic aspect of WAKFU, which is why it features all 9 artbooks with the collector box, as well as a personalized autographed official poster and doesn't contain the Blu-Ray.

Here is the list of the rewards which are limited to 50 Backers:

Physical Rewards

  • 9 series artbooks w/collector box
  • Personalized autographed illustrated official poster
  • "Wakfu Backer" sticker

Digital Rewards

  • Digital fan pack
  • Your name in the end credits of every English episode in the "Special Thanks" section
  • Season 1 OST digital download
  • Exclusive redeemable WAKFU MMO item
  • Your name on the "Thank You List" on the Wakfu website

And this concludes our Technical Update #8! We hope that you have enjoyed it and we are looking forward to share the next one with you!

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    1. Schadows on

      @Kevin Arruda > The other pledges and add-on also include shipping cost so your point is invalid.
      It's just that a $130 difference for an artbox seems unfitted.

      I completely agree with @ETD, although kickstarter was born as a way to fund original ideas, it is nowadays mainly a pre-order platform with a little risk not to see the project being born (it can also be not as good as promised but that also apply to standard pre-orders).
      Also I'm not really worried about Ankama. They always had the resources to fund the dubbing of the show, but was unsure there will be expectation for it and might be a loss. Now they know, and will be in a stronger position when time will come to be on netflix and make money out of this.

    2. Bruno V. on

      I think it's still reasonable to remind people that if Ankama prices all the rewards at cost and offers free shipping, they won't make any money out of the campaign, which completely defeats the purpose. There have been cases where people were too generous with their campaigns' rewards and ended up losing money or even their house because of a "successful" fundraiser. When you choose rewards, you may think you're pledging a lot of money to the cause, but only a small cut actually goes toward the project after you've paid for the rewards, shipping and Kickstarter's fees.
      The bottom line is that the rewards don't *have* to be fair or accurately priced. They're bundles offered to you if you commit to a certain amount, not items that you purchase at a set price that should add up if you combine them differently.

    3. ET3D on

      @Tareica Boufballת I didn't see anyone but Sch@dows talk about value on this update. Perhaps you're talking about more people, but in that case you might want to post in the general comments section.

      Regarding Kickstarter, sure it's still giving money towards a good cause, but there's an element of getting something for that money, and that has a great effect on what pledge levels people select. People typically select a higher level because they see some value in what it gives. It's possible to give away money on Kickstarter without choosing a tier, but most people don't do that.

      So discussion about value is reasonable. Often Kickstarter projects fail because they don't price the tiers correctly. That's because Kickstarter does have many of the trappings of a pre-order store.

    4. Tareica Boufball

      @ ET3D, I wasn't referring to only one person, but I can see how that came across. And I may be mistaken, but if you're buying an add-on, you're actually buying that item. A Kickstarter seems to be that you choose a level to pledge and you get what they give, if anything. I could be wrong. It's just been frustrating to me to see so many comments about what they are and aren't getting. If it's a worthy cause to someone then they should pledge...but I could very well be wrong. And I meant no disrespect.

      On a positive note: WE'RE ALMOST TO $200,000!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!

    5. ET3D on

      @Tareica Boufball, please don't use "people" when responding to one person.

      And frankly, Kickstarter is pretty much a pre-order shop. It's a risky shop with a "pay what you want" aspect. In the case of this particular project it's less risky and more a shop, since the add-ons are "pay money for existing product".

      That is not to say that people aren't giving money to support the project, but if there was nothing given for the money people would have paid a lot less (barely anything, I would bet).

    6. Tareica Boufball

      People, this isn't a shop. You're giving money to back a project. Ankama has decided to reward that money with other words: they don't really have to give you anything because it isn't a store. I KNOW that the stuff they have is cool but we're supporting the cause.

    7. CJ Thom on

      YES! Glad I can get the soundtrack as an add-on, it was the one thing I really wanted on the Adamai pledge (well, sure I want all the artbooks too, but I can only afford so much)

    8. Zanzarus on

      Man, I am seriously considering this...

    9. Bernd Jankowiak on

      @Sch@dow ifs partly from the box but also from having a signed print and its over all limitation of only 50 available.
      Plus remember, this is still a fundraiser/kickstarter for a project and not a glorified pre-order shop like some projects have treated it specially in the boardgame sector.
      I find it fairly unfair if people try to nickel and dime the pledge levels for value. You either think its worth it or you don't. And if you don't I'm sure you can find something thats more for you in one of the many other tiers that are available.

    10. Kevin Anthony Arruda on

      @Sh@dows There is also the fact that you need to consider that because the Box is limited they cannot add it as an unlimited add-on.

      You are also only considering the MSRP of the Artbooks. There are things like Shipping and the other items in the pack to consider. So the value is more than you listed. Also you need to consider that they are trying to fund something so the cheaper they put the level the less money goes to the actual dubbing.

    11. Schadows on

      I don't really understand how the price of this pledge was decided.
      Why is it so much more expensive than all the artbook as an add-on (9 x $20 CAD = $180 CAD), or even the $30 CAD pledge (first 2 artbooks) + the remaining 7 artbooks (= $170 CAD).
      The artbox cannot explain that much difference, don't you think.

      Is it possible to pledge for the artbox alone as an add-on?

      The same for the $75 CAD pledge which combine the content of the $30 + $40 pledges (which would amount to $70 CAD)

    12. Stephanie Blodgett on

      Why do you LISTEN to me when I say things like "I'd be morally obligated to give you money for this?!"