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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Special Focus on Season 2!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Congratulations everyone on 2000 Backers! And as we are continuing to get closer to Stretch Goal #3 for the dubbing of Season 2, let's take our adventure further together: It is now time to properly introduce to you the Season 2 of WAKFU: The Animated Series!

In the Sadida Kingdom, the Tofu Brotherhood is slowly recovering from the great battle against Nox. 

By using the Eliacube, magical Eliatrope artifact, Yugo uncover the mystery of the disappearance of his people... and finally discover the way to find them again. A new quest begins for our friends. New adventures, new characters, new intrigues, fights, betrayals and friendships, will take us into a new season of WAKFU!

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What would be a proper introduction without presenting to you some of the characters that you may encounter during the episodes, here they come!


Cléophée has more than one string to her bow. Beautiful and rebellious little sister of Evangelyne, she is as good at shooting as fighting with bare hands! She has mastered to perfection the most elaborate fighting techniques, such as the Double Dragon Punch or the Musical Chair Hit!


Released by Yugo, Adamai and the power of the Eliacube in early season 2, Qilby presents himself as the King of the Eliatropes, who has returned to liberate his people. But to help him in his task, our heroes must bring to him his Original Dofus...


To be a mythical Dragon during these epic times, is something quite magical! Do not rely on his physical appearance or his tic, this little Dragon is actually of volcanic nature... and historic! Dragon twin Brother of Yugo the Eliatrope, Adamai comes from the Elistrope Dofus Emerald and may take the form of his choice!


In the purest Rogue style, his hooded face and black outfit gives him a certain charm, enough to delight the hearts and purses, which he prefers to be full. One of his favorite activities is also to rob young damsels in distress... Such a scallywag!

Thanks for reading, we hope you enjoyed this introduction to the Season 2! You're still keeping the daily numbers strong and we are very proud of all of you, so let's keep pushing towards that Season 2 dubbing stretch goal! We are almost there!


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    1. Xiang Qin on

      Cleophee You Spoiled It for Everyone!!

    2. Marie Stelmack on

      20k to go!!! also, those sketches are uh. a very special thing - what's in that book? why is he only wearing half a shirt? the world may never know.

    3. Orian Johnson on

      Ah, my favourite character in the series: Cléophée. <3

      I really hope we make it to at least 200k so we can get season 2 as well!

    4. Xiang Qin on

      Were Almost There only 20k To Go!

    5. Erika Bryan on

      These previews are great, and although it may seem a bit obvious, you might want to post a spoiler warning for some of this stuff.

    6. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Looks amazing. :) We need to make it to these stretch goals.

      And yeah, Cléophée looks awesome. As do the teases at the other characters.

    7. Stephanie Blodgett on

      Oh my goodness, I love those sketches, haha.

      That being said, if you added a ★Qilby Pledge★ I would be morally obligated to immediately switch over to that. ;)

    8. Bruno V. on

      @Katie I know that may not be much help if you don't speak French (although *cough* Internet *cough*), but it is explained in the Remington comics. And since Ankama's philosophy is to never tell the same story twice, that is where you would have to look for it.

    9. Katie & Jess Sosebee on

      are we ever gonna learn why Remington's brother is a cat? :u

    10. Chris Hamlin on

      It's in the FAQ. Everyone who has pledged at a tier that includes season 1 automatically gets both seasons, gratis.

    11. Nick Parish on

      Yeah pretty spoliery
      Awesome imo cause ive seen both seasons lol

    12. D Paul Leiba on

      So how does this work once we inevitably reached the $200,000 mark? Will we see more pledge tiers dedicated to order either the Season Two blu-ray alone, or both seasons on blu-ray?

    13. Chris Hamlin on

      I'm less concerned about the image of Qilby than about the video spoiling a major event of the season 1 finale.

    14. Ankama Creator on

      @ Jake Leonard: Hehe, who knows we might have some surprises in the works for everyone still, as this is only the beginning of this journey for all of us.

    15. RogueDarkJedi on

      Awww I missed the spoiler truck.

    16. Ankama Creator on

      Hi guys,

      A little teasing with images is always a way to build up the suspense on what may happen but from your feedback we also want to make sure that we are careful when it comes to spoilers and while there are so many images that we wish we could share with you, we also would like to continue to share the "behind the scene" art pieces, therefore we have modified a little this update by adding some of the sketches instead.

    17. Sandkid on

      Cléophée!! I reaclly can't wait!

    18. Marie Stelmack on

      wait, is the spoiler truckload intentional?

    19. Chris Hamlin on

      Oh man, the spoilers. Good thing I've already seen both seasons.

    20. Michael Michaelides on

      @Ankama, Sorry guys, but I think it'd be good if you removed a specific picture in this update. It's kind of a spoiler. XD

    21. Missing avatar

      Anfisa Vasilyeva on

      I'm waiting to see more Joris and get more and more disappointed with each new update. Great job though!

    22. Michael Michaelides on

      @Nick, Agreed, give it 2 days or so. We'll get to 200 K!

    23. Nick Porzio on

      I can't wait to hit that $200,000 mark so we can get this. The whole series is just so good as it is, and I'd feel really incomplete without getting this.(even though, there's pretty much no way we wouldn't get to at least the $200,000 mark at this point)