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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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      Bilateralrope on

      >Finding a show's best broadcast slot is an art in and of itself, and it is way more complicated to do with serials. In this way, “animated serials” don't really have a future.

      Well, they don't have a future on broadcast TV. But I'm not convinced that broadcast TV has much of a future. Not when it's competing against video on demand sites like Hulu and Netflix.

      I know I'm sick of having to by ready to watch a show the second its broadcast starts, which usually means stopping what I'm doing a few minutes earlier because my life doesn't perfectly fit their timeslots. VOD sites don't have that problem as I can start playing the show when I want.

      Age demographics are a big thing for broadcast TV. But not for VOD sites as they tailor their adds towards the individual watching.

      So get the dub done. Get it on sites like Hulu or Netflix. Once they see how popular it is, then you can talk to them about making a new season.

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      Eric King on

      If this Kickstarter does not reach the funding required to aid with a season 3, I would say you do what you suggested, and make another Kickstarter somewhere down the road.

      With this Dubbing of Season 1 (and possibly season 2) you will probably gain plenty of new fans. I'd say see how reception goes, and then try a Season 3 Kickstarter!

      I totally agree that many stations do not want to show a more "adult-themed" cartoon, because to most Western ears, the two are mutually exclusive. We all know that isn't true. But in the short-term, I'd say you should reveal the first "???" box to generate more hype!

    3. François Luc on

      If the americans don't want a cast of pure adults in their animated series, remind them of the DCAU (Batman: TAS, Superman: TAS, Justice League, etc) and Transformers, and He-Man, and all the other shows that have a majority of adult characters. And hey, you can always have Chibi, Grougal and the de Percedal kids tag along... (Well, I assume that's their surname, since Evangelyne's surname was never mentioned.) Alternatively, B-plots involving them.

      Also, maybe offer them a portion of profits from merchandising. That might soften their financial concerns.

    4. Rhinne on

      I agree with Chris, Cartoon Network or Toonami might be good channels to aim for. I'm sure if you can get the first two seasons broadcast, the channel will be overwhelmed by the positive response and will be more than happy to find a place for a darker third season.

      I only wish a show like Wakfu had been around when I was younger, so many cartoons are dumbed-down for kids and it's unfair. I live in the UK and my friends and I all adore this series, as does my younger sister. It seems a perfect fit for kids and adults alike and I'd love to see it broadcast here.

      [Season 2 Spoiler]
      Since Yugo will have grown up, is there any way that Evangelyne's child count be the new youngest member of the team?
      [End Spoiler]

    5. Henry Charles Young (Spazturtle) on


      Around the same cost as the other seasons, so several million euros.

    6. Erika Bryan on

      Thank you for sharing! It's wonderful hearing your thoughts and feelings, but don't loose hope! I think this is a great time to be properly introducing Wakfu around the world and building interest. I think season 3 can still happen, and in the older, darker form that you're imagining.

      I imagine a show like this would be right at home on Toonami, and that the light hearted and grim sides of Wakfu would be well received.

      I first heard about Wakfu from a blog listing recommended animations. I'd never even heard about the mmo before that. And with no planned localization, I sought out fan subs of the series. I imagine the majority of the current fans discovered the series along similar veins, or from exposure to the games. Even if you don't find the broadcasting time that you're hoping for, don't loose heart. The internet is a powerful way to spread something. And there are many venues out there that would be willing to help you tell your story.

    7. Jon Klaassen on

      The plans for season 3 sound amazing, and it's great to see the type of passion you have for this series and it's characters. Getting a third season might be a long shot, but I really hope you can get it made.

      Also, the profile picture is awesome.

    8. Patrick De Kruijf on

      This letter is inspiring, a little saddening and beautiful. Your vision, the way that you want to let your children grow up is inspiring. It is saddening that the us and uk culture don't like more mature cartoons. I'm dutch and we get most of our shows (pure crap) from the us, i tossed that all away and started downloading high quality, well written cartoons for myself and my little brother. It of course includes every work you made.

      I'm planning to let my future kids watch art, and therefore hope that you can continue to create it. This kickstarter feels like an investment for me, the bluray is great but my ultimate goal is sending a message: yes, you are doing great, and, i want more, for myself, my brother, and future generations.

    9. Silvernis on

      It's heartening to see that kind of passion, and I really hope season 3 becomes a reality someday. Keep up the good work. :)

    10. Darren Wilson on

      Even if the stretch goal for season 3 isn't reached i'm sure a stand alone Kickstarter Project would succeed! From your update i'm happy to hear how you plan for the story to progress, it sounds like the natural course to me. If only there was more advertisement for projects such as this, sometimes I happen to stumble across them as I don't often check through to see whats there. I'm lucky to have came across this while I have money to pledge, hope more stretch goals get reached.

    11. Missing avatar

      Kevin Dempsey on

      I almost teared up when I read this. I'm so happy to see someone so passionate with their work.

    12. Bruno V. on

      I want to say how much I appreciated this update, but I don't think I have the words for it.
      Thank you, Tot.

    13. Tyler Woodhouse on

      It may be helpful to understand how many in the United States have come to know about Wakfu. For me I learned about the Krosmaster's Arena boardgame first. Then I learned there was this whole world with the MMO's and the animated series. Now I'm playing Wakfu and supporting kickstarters for the animated series and Krosmasters Arena expansions. My kids love the animated series. It's so far superior than most of the trash being fed to us over the airwaves. I can't see any good reason why it will not at some point catch fire in the US and become big. I would love to see a big budget animated film at some point in the future and think that would be the catalyst for it hitting the mainstream. For those of us who know about it, it's already big. It's just going to take some time because it's spreading primarily through word of mouth.

      The direction for season 3 sounds amazing and I love that Tot and Ankama are staying true to their vision. I don't know how much money it would cost to do a Season 3, but I would recommend using Kickstarter to help raise funds. Between its fans in France and the US I think we could make it happen.

    14. Missing avatar

      Aaron Houston on

      Kickstart the third season! We could and want to make it happen!

    15. Chris on

      One network television I can think of is adult Swim late night network that is on the Cartoon Network channel. You can also Cartoon Network, of all other children networks, Adult Swim/Cartoon Network are the ones who have shown in the past to take risk and try new things.

    16. Missing avatar

      Cat Cornett on

      This is such a wonderful post to read. Thanks for all your hard work, Tot!

      For a risk-taking channel, the only ones I can really think of are subscription sites, like Netflix and Frederator's YouTube channel. I don't know if either has the right budget needs to maintain a long-running serial like Wakfu, but both do like to think outside the box, take risks, and they aren't bound to some television rules about target demographics and timeslots. This might be the most effective way to pitch a third season for Wakfu.

      I would love so much to see the third season as you described it, and I will definitely support it any way I can!

    17. Jason Pirone on

      I want season 3 but not at the compromise of what was originally envisioned. I hope you get the means to make a 3rd season. And if not funded from a major studio or financial backer, then there's always another kickstarter.

    18. Jonah Good on

      My god. Seeing someone as passionate as there work as you has givin me hope for the future. You truly care for all these beautiful creations you have made. It gives me hope one day people will be as passionate as you are hen making a show.
      Now as for the rest of whAt you said I am more then glad to see you may have hope for season 3, though its probably gonna be a long road. But with this kickstarter I know we can to it! Here's to the future of wakfu!!!!

    19. Eamon on

      Well that was more of a tear-jerker than I thought it would be. I agree with everything said, networks are too scared to take risks and air shows with more complex themes and varied content, opting instead to just air a bunch of quirky comedy shows. I hope you guys can convince a network to pick up season 3, the network execs have obviously don't know what they're talking about because even outside of Japan there are many cartoons with adult casts that flourish.

    20. Chris Hamlin on

      Very enlightening and heartfelt. It is nice to know that the creators care so much about their vision for the show. I hope they can get season 3 made on their own terms.

    21. Derrick Sturgill on

      Wow, reading that I can tell just how much you care for your creations. Wakfu (and Dofus) is a rare thing, it's a universe I can jump in and experience for myself with the games, read the comics and other literature when away from home or just chill watching the animation. It's that kind of immersion that gets me tied up in the Krosmoz, and Ankama has done a great job putting it out there.

      Here's to hoping we get some good news after this Kickstarter on the three specials and maybe even another season.

    22. BMethods on

      The Wakfu/Dofus fandom outside France may be small but it's loyal and vocal!

      I would absolutely love to see a saison 3, especially with a darker tone, though I tend to be wary of time-skips after seeing too many not work out too well elsewhere. Perhaps there could be a compromise, with the same time-frame but a darker tone? And I've seen quite a few shows successfully take on a more mature tone and show what the future holds for its characters by having the young protagonists - through some magical contrivance or other - travel to that future themselves.