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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Ogrest says: Ogrest wants his new friends to come play!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

AHHH! It's the Ogrest! The bringer of chaos! The beast at the top of the world! We're done for! Run!

Ogrest says: Ogrest doesn't understand... Ogrest is just Ogrest. Do Ogrest's new friends like exploring? Ogrest loves to look for things! Special things, like treasures, and ogrines!

Wait... are you sure you're the Ogrest? Was the Ogrest always so... green and cute?

Ogrest says: Ogrest doesn't remember not being green... You're trying to confuse Ogrest! Ogrest doesn't have time for this, Ogrest is going to look for ogrines for Papa Otomai!

Well isn't that the darnedest thing. I guess Nox isn't the only one who changed quite a lot from his younger years. How in the name of the twelve gods did this:

Come from this...?

Maybe Allibert could shed some light on how Ogrest grew up, maybe then we'd at least understand Ogrest a little more.

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Yes, even Ogrest, who changed the fate of the world, who brought grief and chaos to all the nations... even he was once small, unsure, and maybe even fragile inside.

The Ogrest OAV was made using traditional animation techniques in Japan as a collaboration between Ankama, MADHOUSE, Studio Wyeth, and Studio Ghibli. It is 45 minutes long, and full of colorful adventures and characters.

We'll add the Ogrest OAV and the Noximilian the Watchmaker episode to every Wakfu Season 1 Blu-ray if we reach $150,000 in funding. We're not at the end of this adventure yet and we need you to complete it! Don't forget to tell a friend about this Kickstarter today, we can get there together!

After all, from $150,000, it's not that far to $200,000 and Season 2...

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    1. Xiang Qin on

      Do We Have To Reach 500K


      Studio Ghibli? Color me impressed.

    3. Missing avatar

      Doc Acher on

      We need to up our advertising, I think. The boys at Penny Arcade have plugged Ankama stuff before- they have such a wide audience, perhaps it'd be worth asking them?

      Also, I was talking to some friends in-game and I don't think they know how Kickstarter works/about tthe pledge rewards- I think they're worried they'll lose their investment. Maybe an explanation on the forums?

    4. Henry Charles Young (Spazturtle) on

      I have seen this in french, it is incredible. Absolutely stunning. We have to meet this stretch goal.

    5. Andrew Hartshorn on

      Okay after watching the trailer I really want see this ova, let's keep going everyone only. 30 or thousand till we get to see it