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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Technical Update #3

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Hello backers and future backers! :)

As we have received more questions, which we would like to thank you for, this second technical update will try to answer a lot of these questions simultaneously. So let's go!

Questions regarding the rewards

Will there be male and female sizing? Or just unisex sizing with the measurements?

The T-shirts will be unisex in Medium, Large and Extra Large.

If I back the project and the payment is underneath someone else's name, whose name will be credited on the website?

The name that will appear on the “Thank You List” on the Wakfu website will be your name as it appear on Kickstarter.

For the Krosmaster figurines, will it be both Yugo and Nox specifically, or will one be randomly selected?

The figurines will be both Yugo and Nox together.

Can the official illustrated poster be modified at this time?

No, it has already been drawn and presented in the campaign, but we are open to any suggestions regarding any art illustrations that you would like to see.

Questions regarding the Pledges

Are airfares to/from and lodging costs within France included in the $4000 pledge? What month would the trip to visit the studios occur? Is there a specific time frame and will it be possible to extend my stay at my own expense before returning home?

We are working on confirming the dates and the length of stay, but the lodging and airfares (to/from) will be both covered by the “$4,000 Nox pledge”. If you would like to extend your stay after the period offered to you, then this will be at your own expense but we will update you on the length of stay offered as soon as confirmed and can’t wait to see some of you there!

Will the backers be awarded the available items in their respective pledge after you've reached your $80,000 goal even if you do not reach your other stretch goals?  

Yes, all the backers will receive their respective rewards once the Kickstarter campaign has been funded passed $80,000, which will happen on Wednesday February 19th 2014.  

Miscellaneous Questions  

When will we get a cast list of possible English voice actors for the dubbing?

A list of the voice actors will be available in the middle of February.  

Regarding the voice dubbing, will you be redoing the lip movements for the new lines? Or will the studio have to synchronize to the existing lip-movements?  

That is a very interesting question, we have asked the studio and are waiting for an answer to update you with as soon as received.  

Does this campaign means that Wakfu could be released on TV outside Europe?  

The Kickstarter campaign and the support received by you is actually a good argument to help us propose Wakfu to the broadcasters.  

Will Ankama send a survey to the backers when the campaign is over to ask for their shipping information and T-shirt size?  

Yes, once the Kickstarter campaign is over we will be sending each one of the backers a survey to ask for their physical address and T-Shirt sizes to make sure that we have all the information necessary for your rewards to make it safely to you and again the shipping cost no matter where you are will be covered by us.


We'll also be updating the FAQ with the most frequently asked of these questions.  


Thanks to all of you that have pledged so far and for completing the limited 15 backers edition $300 “Grougaloragan Pledge”! 

We are now offering you a new $300 “Xav The Baker” pledge, which contains the following rewards: 

Physical Rewards: One (1) Season One WAKFU Animated Series on Blu-ray, Artbook 1 & 2, Illustration made by XA (lead character designer) signed and numbered Giclee Print A3, Autographed illustrated official poster, "Wakfu Backer" sticker, Special campaign Kickskarter T-Shirt.

Digital Rewards: Digital fan package, Your name on the end credits of the episodes in the "Special Thanks", Soundtrack download, Exclusive redeemable WAKFU MMO Item, Your name on the "Thank You List" on the Wakfu website.

Thank you all so much for your questions and comments, we hope this update will help you make the best decision for you when it comes to your pledge! Merci beaucoup!

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    1. Missing avatar

      T.J. Pianto on

      I know you're discussing it with your studio, but I honestly believe you shouldn't bother with redoing the mouth movements. As Xelloss said below, this is going to be a dual-audio release and changing it just to match the English script would leave the French audio feeling off. Not to mention adding an unnecessary drain on time to redo the movements, which can't be finalized until the English script is done, which could be better spent on getting the blu-rays properly prepared to maximum quality specs. I just can't see it as a meaningful investment of time for your animators, who I'm sure have their hands full on the projects they're currently working on.

      I'm more interested to hear how certain names and terms will be translated so I can be prepared for them. Real Boitards, Red Gobballs (there's no reason to mask the original signs with english translations), Black Raven (Crow? Seriously?), and stuff like that.

    2. Xelloss33 on

      >>Regarding the voice dubbing, will you be redoing the lip movements for the new lines? Or will the studio have to synchronize to the existing lip-movements?
      >That is a very interesting question, we have asked the studio and are waiting for an answer to update you with as soon as received.

      Du coup comment ça marcherait pour ceux qui veulent voir la VF ? On pourrait garder la synchro française ?
      (So how this would work when someone wants to watch the French dubs? Would they still be able to have the original lip movements?)

    3. Ankama Creator on

      @ Bruno V: Good eyes! Indeed and we have fixed the title, thank you! :)

      @Andy Ing: We will be confirming if we can offer the collector box as an add-on, we are just checking on our stock capacities to make sure to cover any bigger demand other than the pledges themselves, so stay tune! We do think that it would be a great idea though.

    4. Missing avatar

      Doc Acher on

      Ok, good to know.
      Pity about the t-shirts: I usually need an X-small in ladies shirts.

    5. Andy Ing on

      My question about the art box still hasn't been answered :(
      I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering if we could get the box for the art book as a separate add on item (I wouldn't mind paying extra for it). I added enough money to get artbooks 3-9 as addons, and I would like a nice box to put them in, so I was wondering if the box as an add on would be possible or not.

    6. Bruno V. on

      But... this is the second Technical Update #2 :P
      Good news all around, though!