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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Technical Update #2: Let's talk Add-ons!

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Hello again, Kickstarter! 

We are pleased to announce that we are ready to offer up our first set of add-ons! We will be starting with the Making of Wakfu artbooks, 1 through 9 AND the super-cute, super-squishy Tofurby plush toy. You can add any of these artbooks to your pledge for $20 CAD and you can add a Tofurby for $15 CAD.

Example: Volume 1 (Yugo Cover)
Example: Volume 1 (Yugo Cover)

Here's a list of all the currently available artbooks:

  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 1 (Yugo cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 2 (Percidal cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 3 (Eva cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 4 (Ruel cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 5 (Kriss Krass cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 6 (Adamai cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 7 (Grougal cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 8 (Amalia cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR
  • Making of Wakfu: Season 1 Vol 9 (Nox cover) - $20 CAD / $18.24 USD / €13.45 EUR

We have also added a list of all the artbooks (and their covers) to the main project page under the new "Add-on" heading.

Many of you have sent in other suggestions for possible add-ons, and we love your ideas, but since this is our very first Kickstarter, we're going to try to take it slow to make sure that we can smoothly incorporate these add-ons to our process. That's why we're starting out with just the artbooks and the plush toy. But we hope that this will help you begin to customize your pledges the way you want to!

So how do these add-ons work?

To order an add-on, you will need to click on the "Manage Your Pledge" button, then add the dollar amount necessary for the number of artbooks or plush toys that you want to add. 

After that, let us know which artbooks you want when we will be sending an add-on survey to all backers at the end of the project to confirm your add-on choices.

Thank you for your patience with us as we learn, we hope these add-ons will be the start of a more customizable experience for you!

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    1. Rahim Ervin on

      Well i just purchased the rest of the art books, how do i let you know i did so?

    2. Missing avatar

      Karl Robins on

      YES The soundtrack added as an add on! I wanted this so bad but my budget wouldnt stretch for the £100 CAD backer. Will it include the French Opening song?

    3. Jaroslaw Ejsymont on

      How many pages are these artbooks?

    4. CJ Thom on

      About how many pages are these art books? And I'm also curious if getting all 9 (or 3-9+a tier that gives you 1&2) nets you a box or not

    5. Missing avatar

      Doc Acher on

      @Bruno V.
      Awesome, thanks! :D

    6. Kimberley Belle on

      Like Andy Ing I was also wondering if the collector box would be made available as an add-on (evenif it is at an extra cost). Seeing as I pledged extra so as to get all the art books it would be nice to have a pretty box to put them in. :)

    7. Nik Ahmad Rasyidi on

      This is great guys. Thanks for including add-ons. Will this be all or will there be more add-on options coming? I cannot find this info anywhere, so may I know the size of that TOFURBY? And lastly, why is the poster in the Black Crow pledge not SIGNED? Sorry if I am asking too much :p

    8. Ihara on

      @Bruno V. I appreciate the response; my curiosity had piqued enough, so I figured I'd ask. To be fair, this IS my first pledge, so I guess just I'm a bit nervous as to getting everything 'just right,' so to speak. I have already changed my pledge appropriately, however. So I guess now I just wait. Thank you very much! c:

    9. Bruno V. on

      For any addon you want to purchase, you need to add the corresponding amount to your pledge (in Manage Your Pledge).
      So if you want the $75 tier plus an artbook ($20), you pledge $95 total but keep the $75 tier selected. When the survey is sent after the campaign you can specify what your extra money was meant for.

    10. Missing avatar

      Doc Acher on

      Awesome sauce. :D
      Please pardon me, but I'm not entirely clear on how this works. I pledged $75- does this mean I can add on an art book?


    11. Bruno V. on

      @Ihara It's a bit weird that they added it as a separate step, but normally that's how it happens, yes. Anyway you can change your pledge at any time (especially likely if they add new addons), so telling them right away wouldn't be efficient. Plus it would be a nightmare for them to manage all that changing information :)

    12. Ihara on

      When you say "let us know which artbooks you want" for the add-ons, does that mostly mean "don't worry about it until the survey comes around"? I sorry if I come off as selfish, I just want to make sure that adding to the pledge will indeed guarantee that I get artbooks 3-9.
      (Just saying: I want artbooks 3-9.)

      Also, seconding Andy Ing's comment, since choosing the Amalia Pledge gets me artbook 1+2 anyways.

    13. Andy Ing on

      Awesome! I am curious about the collector's box for the art book.. Will it be possible to get it as an add on as well or is it just for the higher tiers? I am currently pledged at the 75 dollar level, but I'm going to add the rest of the artbooks as addons so I would like the box as well. I understand if it is not possible, but I am just curious if it is or not.