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WAKFU is an epic fantasy-adventure series. Our goal is to produce a high-quality English dub to offer English broadcasters.
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Technical Update #1

Posted by Ankama (Creator)

Hello backers and future backers! :)

We've had a lot of questions about certain technical aspects of the project, so this update will try to answer a lot of these questions simultaneously. So let's go!

Questions about the Blu-ray

Will you be offering a DVD version as well as the Blu-ray version?

In the end, it looks like we will be unable to add a DVD version for this project. Our budget for the project was based on choosing between these two technologies, and Blu-ray is the more popular choice at the moment. We are not totally ruling out the idea of producing an English DVD version in the future if demand merits it, but for this project, it will be Blu-ray only. Sorry to disappoint you, DVD users. :(

Will the Blu-ray have 5.1 surround sound audio?

Yes, it will.

Will the Blu-ray be 1080p?

We need to double-check with our production company, just to be completely sure. Hopefully we will be able to confirm this by tomorrow.

Will you be selling the Blu-ray after the Kickstarter is over?

No, at this time, we don't plan to offer it after the Kickstarter is over.

Questions about Pledges

Will there be artbook/soundtrack/collector's box add-ons available?

We are working on this right now. We have a few small technical aspects to work out first, but we will try to have these add-ons available for you before the end of this week, if not sooner! At this time, we are planning to include each Making of Wakfu art book, the special, limited-edition artbook box set, and the soundtrack as add-ons just to start. We may add more as the project advances!

What is involved in the $1000 and $4000 pledge reward "Possibility of dubbing a secondary character"?

In order to add your voice to the Wakfu series, Ankama will rent a professional studio within your area where you can record your line(s) for the series. Please be aware that we will not be covering travel expenses to this studio, and that if you live somewhere without a professional-quality studio for rent or you cannot travel to the nearest studio that we can find, we may not be able to use your voice. We will be working out the details with these backers at the end of the project (if the funding is successful, of course).

How can we choose the t-shirt size that we want? What sizes are available?

We will be sending out a survey to all backers that fund pledges with a t-shirt upon the successful completion of the project requesting them to pick their desired size. We have three t-shirt sizes available: Medium, Large, and Extra Large.

Could the Alibert pledgers also get the OST, since it's the only "normal" thing different between Alibert and Black Raven?

That sounds reasonable! We'll do that.

Will the collector's box of all 9 artbooks be available to purchase after the Kickstarter?

Sorry, but this one is a Kickstarter-only perk!

Do you plan to add any Wakfu MMO subscription rewards to the pledges or as add-ons?

No, we prefer to concentrate on the animated series for this Kickstarter. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

Will you offer digital downloads as pledge rewards or add-ons?

Sorry, but we cannot do that for this project. Part of the purpose of this project is to create a dub that we can offer to streaming platforms like Hulu or Netflix, and we do not want to create a situation where we're seen as being a competitor with these possible future partners! Again, we apologize for the disappointment.

Questions about the Dub

Will there be an English version of the theme song?

If we're funded, yes, there will be an English version of the theme song for the opening.

I'm a voice actor and I would like to apply to be part of the dub! How can I do that?

The casting for the dub will be handled by the studio that we wind up working with. When that studio is finalized, we will try to make their contact information available if you would like to send them your information for the dub casting.

The subtitle stretch goal counts for Season 2 as well?

Absolutely! If we hit this stretch goal, all of our additional stretch goals will include French audio with English, Spanish, AND French subtitles.

Would it be possible to include the Mini-Wakfu episodes?

What you're looking for miiiiiight be found in one of the locked stretch goals... but we have to look into some partnership broadcasting rights first.


Ahhh, that would be spoiling! If we can make it to some of those later locked stretch goals, we might be able to tell you more...

Questions about payment

Will there be a Paypal option available?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer Paypal if Kickstarter does not offer Paypal. There is more information in the backers FAQ for Kickstarter.

I'm having problems with Amazon payments, can you fix it?

This is another technical issue that Kickstarter controls. We have contacted them about some of your questions regarding this payment system, and there is more information in the backers FAQ.


We'll also be updating the FAQ with the most frequently asked of these questions.

And just a little additional FYI, we have limited the $1000 (10) and $4000 (5) pledges to reflect the amount of background characters available for dubbing. Thanks to those who have already pledged, we can't wait to hear your voices!

We've also updated the stretch goal information to make it clear that the subtitle goal includes subtitles for all future stretch goal episodes.

Thank you all so much for your questions and comments, we hope this update will help you make the best decision for you when it comes to your pledge! Merci beaucoup!


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    1. Ashley Kissinger on

      Is there any way to add size small to the shirt selection? I'm 5 foot 100 pounds and it would be a shame not to be able to wear it.

    2. Andy Ing on

      For the limited-edition artbook box set add-on, is it possible to get the box by itself and add the books we are not getting in certain pledge levels as add ons or do we have to buy the entire box set to get the box?

    3. Bruno V. on

      @Kala The soundtrack is listed as one of the addons that will be made available this week, in the Questions about Pledges.

    4. Henry Charles Young (Spazturtle) on

      Can you give us measurements on the t-shirt sizes so we know what they mean?

      @Jeremy: You can get usb blu-ray drives from amazon for around £20.

    5. Missing avatar

      Kala Fowler on

      Will the soundtrack be available as a separate item to buy in case anyone who can't afford the pledge it comes in wants to have it?

    6. Derrick Sturgill on

      Arkillian, the Blu-Ray is region free.

    7. Missing avatar

      Arkillian on

      I've purchased the $75 pledge, but I'm a fan from the southern hemisphere and suddenly realized that I wasn't sure if the Bluray was zoned. Is it open zoned for international supporters?

    8. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Levine on

      Pity about the DVD thing. Though, if the issue is simply budget, maybe it could be a stretch goal?

      Anyway, is there any chance of an iTunes/Google Play or Amazon Video release? I'd like to have some way of watching the show, if DVD isn't going to be an option.