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Imagine a game of mysterious secrets and puzzles where you have to think outside the box. That's Boxen!
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SEK 20,131


Can you think outside of the box? Then this game is for you!

Boxen is a very unusual computer game of logic that takes you on a journey through riddles, historical mysteries and secrets. To solve the challenges of Boxen you need problem solving skills, creativity and lateral thinking!

Test your skills - find code words for here!

Boxen was first released in October 2015, in Swedish only. It was a great success with almost 200 000 attempts and only about 10 persons who managed to solve all 30 levels.

Extra task (in Swedish only): can you find the secret code hidden in this article at IDG.SE?

Boxen is very different from other computer games, because you will have to think "outside of the game" to beat it.

Read more on the Boxen Website or Boxen Facebook.


The funding will be spent on the following:

  • Creating 40-50 new high quality levels, several featuring "special surprises" that I can't reveal yet...
  • Making the game multi-language
  • Supporting multiple technical platforms


As a supporter ("backer") you will get my very big personal thanks! 

  • You will also get a surprise gift of symbolical value. 
  • You will also be among the first to get notified when the new Boxen is launched.

The first people to complete the new Boxen will be featured in the HALL OF FAME.


My name is Johan Åhlén and I'm a Data Scientist and Musician. I'm a big fan of logical puzzles, history, art, philosophy, literature, movies and cryptology.

Making a great puzzle is like creating great music. Anyone can create a very difficult music piece by just writing random notes. Only a very skilled composer can create a masterpiece where there is a musical purpose behind the difficult notes that make them worth every effort.

The challenges of Boxen should be worth every effort!

Risks and challenges

Creating the first game has helped me get a sense of what I can expect from players and what difficuly level I should target. My ambition level has raised and I think everyone who enjoyed the first game will also enjoy the next.

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    You will get my personal thanks and a surprise gift of symbolical value.

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